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Are you overwhelmed as you try to differentiate your daily math instruction based on “one size fits all” math assessments or exit slips? Don't be! These differentiated 4th Grade Customary Conversions for Units of Weight assessments or practice sheets for converting ounces, pounds, and tons {4.MD.1}
This product contains 2 pages of problems designed to give the students practice making customary conversions. The worksheet meets 6th Grade Standard 6.RP.3d, but can be used as practice for 7th grade or as a challenge activity for 5th grade. I use this product with my other Customary Conversion wk
This product contains 10 problems to practice making customary conversions. The numbers within the problems contain fractions and decimals. This product meets 6th Grade Standard 6.RP.3d, but could be used a review for 7th grade or as a challenge activity for 5th grade. Answer key included.
The quiz is a standards based assessment and would be a good starting point for backwards by design. Students will be expected to identify and apply conversion factors to convert both metric and customary measurements. Conversion reference table is provided. I allowed students to use calculators so
Encourage students to practice and master measurement conversions (customary and metric units) with this no-prep printable. This set of worksheets is perfect for practicing metric and customary unit conversions as test prep, homework, intervention, independent practice, or small group work! *Directl
Use these Google Slides to review or assess your students' ability to convert customary units from larger units to smaller units. There is a slide each for length, capacity, and weight. This is the key. To create your student version, make a copy of the slides. Rename the file. Then delete the answe
Included is the activity called "Measuring Your Home: Scavenger Hunt." This is a great activity to get students moving at home for homework. The activity can also be altered to do in the classroom as well, since it is a WORD document. For this activity, students are to find six different objects. Fo
When teaching customary conversions, I noticed my kiddos needed a more scaffolded guided practice approach. The sheet is a practice sheet that walks students through the process of converting customary measurements (feet, inches, and yards). There are four practice problems. For each problem, studen
This set comes with: -Weight estimation activity for students to guess the weight of certain common objects and then measure or find the actual weight of these objects. In our class, I brought these objects in from home and during centers, had the students pick up each item and then guess its weigh
This is a quick way for students to practice converting units of length, weight, and Liquid volume.

Also included in: US Customary Conversions

This is a great independent practice activity to see how well you students know how to convert customary units. The key is included.
This tool consists of word problems of customary conversions.
Converting between different customary units and different metric units.
5th Grade STAAR Test-Prep and Practice Bundle! Looking for multi-step standardized formatted practice assessments? These assessments could be used as review, practice, mini-assessments, pre-post, state test practice, and small group. Great for RTI! Comes with TEKS and Common Core Alignment. All STA
This CCSS aligned customary measurement packet includes 20 practice sheets to teach/reinforce choosing appropriate customary units, estimating best measurements, and converting units. These sheets can be used to introduce a concept, review a concept, or send home as reinforcement for homework. An an
Measurement Conversion Review at your fingertips!I primarily created this resource to have a ready made resource for re-teaching and reviewing measurement conversions. My students respond really well to the novelty of printable mini-booklets. It still gives them that pencil to paper practice, but in
★ DIGITAL Math Resource★ Are you looking for quality, standards aligned math resources to use with Google Classroom™? This paperless resource if specifically made for fifth grade students to review common core standard 5.MD.1 - I can convert measurements within the same measuring system. I can solve
Inches, Feet, & Yards: Worksheets, Game & Animated Video; Complete Lesson | 3rd - 4th Grade - 5th Grade | * ★ Get The Entire 3rd Grade Year of Lessons 60% OFF ★ ★ Get The Entire 4th Grade Year of Lessons 60% OFF ★ ★ Get The Entire 5th Grade Year of Lessons 60% OFF ★ ★ GET EVERYTHING WE
This CCSS aligned measurement word problem packet includes 18 practice sheets to teach/reinforce solving word problems involving metric units, customary units, units of time, and money. Students must apply knowledge of measurement conversions and the four operations to solve these word problems. The
I CAN Math Games are the perfect way to make math fun! This 5th Grade Math Game focuses on Converting Measurements and Problem Solving, and provides students with practice in the form of multiple choice or short answer questions. QR codes (optional) make this game even more interactive as students
Measurement: Measurement conversions bump games contains five different games to help students practice converting units of length in the customary system (miles, yards, feet, inches) from larger units to smaller units (Common Core 4.MD.A.1). These measurement bump games work great in small groups,
Using this Customary Measurement Conversions Footloose is a fantastic way to get students moving while they are reviewing concepts!Check out the Preview above to see what's included!Footloose cards and problem-solving pages require students to:Complete conversions of capacity (ounce, cup, pint, quar
Looking for a fun, engaging way for your students to practice measurement word problems? Your students will love practicing with these adorable, easy to use task cards. These 32 task cards are aligned to CCSS 4.MD.2: Measurement Word Problems.There are 4 types of measurement included (8 cards for ea
This year go green by saving paper, let Google's powerful engine do the grading for you, and breathe new life into your teaching of common core standard 5.MD.1 (Customary & Metric Conversions).With just a few clicks you'll be saving time while delivering highly-engaging math practice and assessm

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