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Tired of giving your students the same old worksheets for math practice? POKE Activities are what you need! POKE games present practice in a fun and simple format! Bring the excitement back to your classroom. Designed for self-checking, POKE games allow for teachers to provide feedback to students w
Here are three pages of practice and fun with customary units of length (inches, feet, yards, and miles). It includes practice pages and a fun scavenger hunt activity. Please download and follow me. Thanks!
Welcome to The Dollar Store, where our goal is to provide you with high-quality, standard specific products, all for the price of only $1.00! This game is a fun way to practice/reinforce skills after the topic has been introduced. It is also a great tool for test review/test prep. Multiple questi
Converting Customary Units of Length Center Activity can be used to practice converting inches, feet, yards, and miles. It can be used as a center, game, or classroom activity. Some different ideas for using this activity are as followed: 1. Partner or Small Group. *You will need to make several set
This file contains two bump games for converting customary units of length. There is an optional sheet with three tables for students to complete (feet to inches, yards to feet, and yards to inches) that has conversions listed at the bottom. An answer key is included for each game. Directions: Pla
Customary Units of Length Task Cards and Record Sheets, CCS 4.MD.A.1 Included in this product: *20 unique task cards dealing with customary units of length. *4 different recording sheets *Answer Key These cards are great for math centers, independent practice, "SCOOT" and other cooperative learn
Looking to bring some excitement and engagement to your students during math instruction? I Have…Who Has… Games are your answer! Give your students a fun way to review the concepts you taught in a collaborative style. Your class will be begging to play again! How can I use I Have…Who Has…Games? ➥ Ce
This product contains a PowerPoint presentation and corresponding note taker to teach students about customary units of length. It teaches students what customary measurements are, what the length measurements are, what everyday objects are equal to these sizes, the conversion chart, how to convert,
This I have, who has game includes a 25 card set, plus 3 blank cards to print and extend the game as much as desired. Units covered include inches, feet, and yards. I've also included a bonus set of custom made mustache pencil toppers! I like to have the kids write a "cheat sheet" on the back of
This worksheet covers converting inches to feet, feet to yards, inches to yards, feet to miles, yards to miles, centimeters to meters, millimeters to centimeters, etc. Several word problems round out the assignment, and an answer key is included. A table at the top reminds the students of all the co
This holiday themed product is a great activity to use as practice or review for your students. It covers finding converting, comparing, and finding units of customary length. Hang the cards up around your classroom. Have students rotate freely, or in order, around the room to answer the questions.
Converting Customary Units of Length (inches, feet, yards) is done through a literature integrated math lesson. Using the picture book "Actual Size" students will discover the measurement of real life animals and how to convert their measurements to different units of length. An ideal one day less
This Power Point is made to go along with the EnVision Math series for 5th Grade Math. (Topic 12 Lesson 1- Using Customary Units of Length). I include transitions and animations in my Power Point Presentations to keep students interested. My students LOVE the added effects! :)
Did you know there are parts of your body are customary lengths (inch, foot, yard). The beginning of the worksheet has an activity to help your students understand the length of each of these units. This hands on activity will introduce the topic. Then, they will fill out a table and convert each
*This product is tied to the 5th Grade Common Core Standards for math (5.MD.A.1) *These are easy to use interactive notes for math that includes a step-by-step guided example and 6 independent practice questions *Students can cut and paste into their notebook, OR they can fold the paper in half a
Looking for great activities to get you students engaged and excited about measurement?! You have come to the right place! This product includes 4 measurement centers for customary units of length. -Measure Hunt -Monkey Measure, Monkey Sort -Monkey Measurement Challenge -Banana Tool Match
Students work with a partner to explore the customary units of length - inches, feet, yards, and miles. First, they will match objects in the classroom with the appropriate units. Next, they will use a ruler to measure specific areas of the classroom in feet. Finally, they will convert their meas
Do you dread teaching your students measurement? Can your students multiply and divide? Then this set of worksheets is for you. What you are purchasing is 5 worksheets (each is front & back) that build on each other to allow your students to get used to the idea of converting measurements in
Give your students this chart to help them convert between customary units of length: Yards, Feet, Miles, Inches
Converting Customary Units of Length Notes and Activities, Common Core Standard: 5.MD.1Everything you need to introduce and practice converting customary units of length. Included in this product: -Converting Customary Units of Length Notes-Converting Customary Units of Length Practice Page-Converti
This math maze is a great way for students to practice their skills with converting customary units of length using inches, feet and yards. The solution is included.
This anchor chart is great for hanging in your classroom or printing as a resource for each of your students. This file includes a black and white version as well as a colored.
This St. Patrick's Day themed set of 28 task cards is perfect for your students to practice converting customary units of length! The task cards in this set align with:CCSS: 5.MD.A.1 Convert among different-sized standard measurement units within a given measurement system (e.g., convert 5 cm to 0.
The PowerPoints typically include: Tiles/Links to Interactive Videos, Problem of the Day, Guided Practice, Independent Practice, and Agree or Disagree problems. Purchase any of the other PowerPoints for Unit 4 separately or from the Unit 4 PowerPoint bundle in my store! Unit 4 Measurement and Geom

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