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Differentiated CVC Blending Cards- offers a differentiated and engaging way for students to practice and master the blending of sounds in CVC wordsWhat are the Differentiated CVC Blending Cards?Thanks so much for viewing my Differentiated CVC Blending Cards. This packet is designed to offer a differ
⭐ Ask and you shall receive! This is a set of 115 cvc word cards. These are great for kindergarten, 1st grader, or as an RTI activity for 2nd or 3rd graders. Also perfect for home-school parents needing guided reading activities!NOTE: These cvc blending cards are part of both my First Grade and Kind
CVC Blending CardsStudents will love sounding out their CVC words with these fun and interactive cards! Each card includes a picture, a CVC word, and three dots to touch while sounding out each letter. Each dot is color coded so students know that they are making the first sound, middle sound, or en
This packet includes 5 sets of CVC cards for phoneme segmentation. The possibilities for these cards are endless. These can be used to introduce phonics words to larger groups, smaller groups, during RTI time, one-on-one instructions, or literacy center activity.  Contents:CVC word cards (with pictu
Early Learning Word Slides is your answer to fun-filled learning! These word slides allow students to blend sounds as they slide the card up and down. The set contains the following families: -ed, -eg, -em, -en, -et, -ew.I also included blanks for teachers to use as templates. They are fantastic
Hello! Thanks for checking out this product! Included is 94 CVC Cards in 2 different sets- 1 set is with visuals. These are great to use little stickies to cover and reveal when the student is reading. The second set includes no visuals. This set also includes a data sheet to track progress!! This i
Full edition of short vowel CVC blending cards. Over 200 short vowel words to practice blending and fluency. Students touch the dots (color coded to know when to "stop!") and say the sounds, then trace the arrow blending the sounds together. Ties in very well with the PALS (Peer Assisted Learn
Word Families: Early Learning Word Slides-Set 1: Early Learning Word Slides is your answer to fun-filled learning! These word slides allow students to blend sounds as they slide the card up and down. The set contains the following families: -ab, -ad, -ag, -am, -ap, -ar, -at.I also included a blank
These CVC blending cards are fantastic to use in your class with students that are need extra practice with creating word. This packet includes: Color and Black and white cards with 25 different images. 5 with each short vowel sound You can use these cards in stations or small groups. This will
Blending Mats: Brick Work Blending Mats 'n Letters preK-3: This is a great addition to your literacy center. Brick Work Blending Mats 'n Letters can be used from preK to Grade 3 for both grade level and remedial activity. The mats can work wonderfully as blending mats and doubled for use as Elkonin
CVC Blending Cards: This is a set of 109 CVC cards. Preparation is very simple. Just print the cards, cut them and laminate for durability. There are three colored dots underneath each letter. Students will touch each dot and say the sound. Then, they will blend the sounds together from left to righ
This is the bundle all my CVC Blending cards. You save 20% by purchasing this one file instead of the individual files! The perfect resource to practice CVC words! Whether you are teaching CVC words or using this resource in an intervention group, students are sure to get practice segmenting and b
Beginning Middle End: Sound Center Cards: This is an editable powerpoint for your customization. Simply edit or remove the text boxes as desired and print selected page. After editing I suggest that you save the file under another name to avoid permanently altering the original file. You can delete
These cvc blending cards use the sound spelling icons. This will give your struggling students extra support when they begin to blend c-v-c words. First, your students will start blending just the sound spell characters. Next, when they are confident, they will blend the character/letter words. Fi
This set of blending cards includes 160 cvc words. First, say the letter sounds with the dots. Next blend the sounds together by following the dotted line. Finally, blend the word together with the arrow on the bottom. Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions!
Get Short a,e,i,o,u blending cards all in one swoop! Bundle includes 10 slides each (20 CVC words) per short vowel, including 10 slides (20 CVC words) of a mixed review!
CVC Cards in 7 different styles for differentiated learning. Let these cards grow with your students! 85 words covering short a, e, i, o, and u. Each word comes in 7 different styles including phonics dots and arrows, phonics dots, word only, and picture only. Almost 600 cards included! Laminate the
These frog-themed blending cards are perfect for beginning readers or for your intervention kiddos. They will help build fluency, as well as make reading fun! It will help build your kiddos’ confidence too! You can use these in small groups or for a center. I use small toy frogs to hop across t
CVC Blending Cards These CVC Blending Cards are great for students who need to practice sounding out letters and blending them together. Each CVC Blending Card has a CVC word and three dots for the students to point to as they sound out each letter. Each card also has a picture that goes with the w
CVC Practice This is a BUNDLE of my iSlide CVC practice cards (Short a, e, i, o and u) These cards are great for helping students to blend words tactically. The activities include the blending of beginning, middle and end sounds using the same pictures. Your students can also use color coding for
Use these cards to introduce the blending routine. Fold the picture back so the students only see the letters to blend. Demonstrate blending by moving finger along the arrows to emphasize blending the sounds together to make a word. Unfold to show picture after students say the word.Also included
Help beginning readers practice sounding out words with these 44 blending cards featuring short vowel (a,i,o,u) CVC words. Just print, cut, and laminate for a great individual or small group intervention activity. These are also great to send home with families for extra practice.Check out the nex
Bust out your old Hot Wheel cars and use them to blend CVC words with your students/children. These easy to make CVC cards can be printed and used to help students blend CVC words. They can adjust the speed of their cars as they get faster with blending their sounds! They just drive their car by the
A, E, I, O, U CVC Combined Flash Cards. Each letter has a picture below it to help students decode the sounds and help them blend the word. There are 224 words cards total.

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