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These Apraxia full-color picture cards and interactive worksheets are perfect for targeting Apraxia of speech patterns. These full-color, printable visual cards will help your students practice CV, VC, CVCV, CVC, CCVC, and 2-syllable and 3-syllable. ✅ Looking for a digital version? Check out the int
PreK - 2nd
Apraxia picture cards for speech therapy to work on Apraxia syllable shapes and words. These Apraxia picture cards are grouped by syllable shapes: CV, VC, CVC, CVCV, CVCVC, CVCVCV, and CVCVCVC words. Great for Childhood Apraxia of Speech or articulation disorders. Over 200 cards included!Cards inclu
Not Grade Specific
Consonant-Vowel-Consonant-Vowel word pictures organized into: -bilabial-bilabial CVCV words -alveolar-alveoloar CVCV words -bilabial--alveolar CVCV words -alveolar-bilabial CVCV words -velar-velar CVCV words -velar-bilabial CVCV words -velar-alveolar CVCV words -bilabial-velar CVCV words -alveolar-
Not Grade Specific
**99 CENTS** ALL BOOM Cards in my store are always just **99 CENTS**!! Less than a dollar!! A fun hidden picture puzzle for students working on CVCV words and/or receptive language skills. Students will read the clue and choose the correct picture to gradually reveal a hidden picture. All of the tar
This bundle has been updated with new graphics, flashcards, as well as two simple books to share with little ones! These CVCV pictures are perfect for working with little ones just learning language or working on expanding their vocabulary. The main grid is perfect for leaving with families to encou
Apraxia Game for Speech Therapy. This game targets CV, CVC, CVCV words. These 35 task cards are fun to use with children who have or suspected to have Apraxia of Speech or articulation delays. Students will have fun trying to guess the hidden picture.Directions: Say your word each time you remove a
When working on Apraxia syllable shapes cvc and cvcv it is helpful to have digital no prep picture cards. These picture cards address CVC and CVCV apraxia syllable shapes. This set of apraxia picture cards includes 50 cvc syllable shape picture cards and 30 cvcv syllable shape picture cards.CVC and
Not Grade Specific
Practicing CVCV words doesn't have to be difficult for your students.This file contains a link to access interactive cards using Boom Learning TM. This deck contains interactive CVCV picture scenes with two cards per word and an activity to produce multiple repetitions.To use Boom Cards you must be
**Updated 5/29/19: If you have previously purchased, please re-download! I've added 56 new cards, changed some of the pictures, and added new word shapes (CCVC & CVCC)!**This packet includes 208 articulation cards for CV, VC, CVC, CVCV, CCVC, & CVCC words. Print, cut, and laminate cards to
Use these 34 open-ended interactive picture scenes for speech therapy to target a variety of early word shapes (CV, VC, CVCV). This activity is a fun, engaging, and natural way to treat articulation delays, phonological delays, and apraxia of speech during distance learning and in-person sessions! A
PreK - 3rd
2/25/2021: Hi! This resource was updated today to include bigger picture targets, easier to access animal sounds, and simpler backgrounds. This is a wonderful 19 card deck for working on the verbal expression of small VC and CV level words to longer, more difficult to say, 3 and 4 syllable words.
4/6/2019: If previously purchased, please re-download. These flashcards were revised! We added several new pictures, flashcards and edited every page to make each colored and black-ink card in big and small sizes better than ever!Use these terrific Apraxia Flashcards for therapy tasks and home pra
New and improved with larger images and captions.This product is a bundle of three products, Token Talk Quick Drill for CVC, Token Talk Quick Drill for CVCV & CVCVC, Token Talk Quick Drill for Multisyllable Words. Download the free preview for a CV sample of this product.Purchased individually
Use this versatile tool in teletherapy or face to face sessions to screen, assess, monitor progress, or use during intervention of children with apraxia of speech or children working on the syllable shapes CVCV, VC, CV, and CVC. This SLP tool includes WORDS, PHRASES, SENTENCES, and PICTURE level. It
Updated 4/4/2020 to include a digital book and comprehension activities for distance learning. If you already own this product, please re-download it to get the new digital book and companion activities!Tired of using cards to drill your articulation targets? Try these interactive books for Childhoo
This low prep, monster themed packet is full of engaging activities for preschool students with Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Work through CV and VC syllables and into CVCV words with /p, b, k, g, m, n, t, d/ real and nonsense syllables and words.What's included:• 9 monster dicePractice CV syllables,
These Mini Apraxia Cards ARE that flexible resource that combine repetition and drilling with an extra craft factor! This is different to every CAS resource out there as each ‘strip’ contains the same word repeated 10 times. Our CAS kids need that high intensity repetition plus they get BORED easily
Not Grade Specific
From vowels to syllables and onto words, this is a way to guide Spanish speaking students through early sounds and get them talking. Use these activities and flashcards for articulation and for Childhood Apraxia of Speech.Best yet, this can be no prep - just print and go with the black and white ve
This is a 91 page packet that covers a wide range of CV and CVCV words and Pre-k concepts. We have included a wide variety of activities, worksheets and games. The pictures are kid friendly, colorful and super fun! We hope it becomes your "go to" packet for helping to improve the production of C
Enjoy the beautiful and fun season of fall by using this unit with your students during the months of September, October and November! It's full of leaves, pumpkins and apples that are all a special part of the wonderful season of fall! It's our, "Fabulous Fall Apraxia Unit targeting VC, CV, CVCV,
Are you looking for activities and games for Apraxia of Speech goals? This Apraxia matching game uses Apraxia syllable shapes pictures to practice different consonant vowel shapes. Includes 7 types of consonant vowel syllable shapes in words.Apraxia syllable shapes: cv wordsvc wordscvc wordscvcv wor
Not Grade Specific
Grab a bingo marker/paint dotter and start a fun and useful speech therapy session today by downloading this year round ready Twin Speech product! This is a super cute and fun packet that can be used over and over again with many different students to target very short to longer in length word prod
These no prep speech and language activities are perfect for those days you don't have time to plan your speech therapy sessions! Your students will have a lot of fun and you won't waste time laminating or cutting! Plus, you can use them for mixed groups! ✎ABOUTThese no prep printables are the perfe
Not Grade Specific
No paper, no prep! This resource includes FUN interactive games and flashcards your students are sure to love! This is a clickable, interactive PDF you can use on your computer or iPad.This resource targets the following syllable structures: • CVCV• CV• VC• VCVEach targeted syllable structure includ

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