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debate powerpoint

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I used this powerpoint with my students to teach them what debating is and how to debate in an academic and professional setting. The powerpoint covers:*Definition and example of "pro" and "con"*Facts about debates*Tips for great debaters*Good debating etiquette
This is a COMPREHENSIVE lesson on the Treaty of Versailles that I used for my last formal observation to "wow" my principal! :) The lesson objectives include: Compare and contrast the goals of the Big Four at the Paris Peace Conference. Negotiate the terms of the Treaty of Versailles from the pers
This resource goes over how the Earth is divided into different climate zones. This lesson goes over the main six zones as well as some of the sub-climates within them. The presentation and work sheet are catered to late elementary through middle school students. Maps are included for each of the cl
This lesson covers the vocabulary and parts of fresh water. There are questions throughout the lesson to check on the students' understanding and a critical thinking debate at the end of the lesson. The topics in this powerpoint are: Where on Earth fresh water is found -surface water -ground water
Objective: To examine the importance of the Lincoln-Douglas debates and the Dred Scott decision.Key Terms and People:- Abraham Lincoln- Stephen Douglas- Dred Scott- Incumbent- Popular Sovereignty- Missouri CompromiseMultimedia:Video - Lincoln-Douglas Debates (1:48)Video - Dred Scott v. Sanford (2:18
Students will go head-to-head in a fast-paced debate competition. Each Powerpoint slide presents two opposing ideas (all of which are fun- not highly controversial). In the alotted time given, students must convince the class that their side is better. Modifications: -Students can debate individual
Not Grade Specific
Conducting in-class (or virtual) debate rounds is a great way for students to develop their research, organization, writing, public speaking, and interpersonal communication skills. Using the rules for public forum debate as outlined by the National Speech and Debate Association, “Introduction to Pu
A dynamic bundle of activities that helps students understand federal politics in Canada. Resources now include Jagmeet Singh of the NDP. What's included: - Powerpoints on Canada's Political Parties and Canadian Elections (over 20 slides) - The Great Canadian Twitter Debate - this is a really
Want to take your PowerPoint / Google Slides Presentations and APUSH Lectures to the next level? Included in this package are a Period 7 (1890-1945) PowerPoint and Lecture aligned to 2019 APUSH / AP U.S. History Standards!NEW: Google Slides Version included as well!This PowerPoint Deck contains lect
This no prep debate unit project is perfect for bringing opinion writing to life! No more boring expository essays, or argumentative writing lessons, this project provides you with debate topics and graphic organizers that can be used to research and develop clearly thought out arguments. It comes w
Passive-aggressive can easily be the symbol of our society today. Clinicians characterized the symptoms as Deliberate inefficiency, avoidance of responsibility and a refusal to state needs or concerns directly (tell me you that doesn’t define 90% of your students…). The reason this behavior (psychol
This lesson goes over how our gas giant planets were discovered, our estimates of how many moons each has, and unique features of each planet. The ending of this lesson explains how our once ninth planet Pluto is now categorized as a dwarf planet. The worksheet that is included follows along with th
Essay Writing and Persuasion -I use this presentation to introduce students to the three classic, rhetorical appeals: logos (logical appeal), pathos (emotional appeal), and ethos (credibility). These appeals are used by students during writing, debating, or really any act of persuasion. You will
11th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Have some fun this holiday season with “The 12 Days of Debate!” Your students will love the variety of winter and general holiday topics! Created for 3rd-6th grade students, they will look at both sides of an issue, brainstorm both the affirmative and negative sides, and write a final position state
In this fun debate activity, students are presented with opinions. They'll need to decide whether they agree or disagree and then go to the YES side or NO side of the classroom. The teacher can then choose students from either/both sides to explain their reasoning and debate with students on the opp
This presentation covers the Ratification debate following the 1787 Constitutional Convention. Mainly focused on the debate between Federalists and Anti--Federalists, the writing of Federalist Papers, and major compromises cut to get the Us Constitution passed. Great for a High School Government cla
9th - 12th, Higher Education
This presentation contains a 31 slide PowerPoint lesson in editable PPT format with teacher’s notes.Children influencers have become a strong force in on-line marketing. Being the first generation of this phenomenon, we don’t yet know the consequence of this lifestyle, but we can certainly debate it
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This is the complete bundle of all the resources I use in my Agreeing/Disagreeing lesson.I use this lesson in my speaking-focused EFL class, to teach students how to use specific language phrases while presenting opinions and/or disagreeing or agreeing with others' opinions.
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Need some fun games for your Debate Team? Or some fun ways to get your students engaged with public speaking? This Google Slides Presentation includes 10 classic and fun Debate Games that are ready to go for teachers/coaches to display and students to play! Slides are fun and engaging and most games
The following is BUNDLE of a set of HIGHLY INTERACTIVE Google Slides presentations for a class centered on Argumentation & Debate. Each unit consists of key terms, current events, groups activities/discussions, homework/research proposals, etc. *Said slides correspond with the text titled 'Argum
8th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
I use this PowerPoint to teach Extemporaneous Speaking to my speech and debate students for the first time. Afterwards, we watch the Audrie Ford and Dylan Slinger example speeches that you can find on YouTube.
ABOUT THIS FILE:This is a fully editable 67-slide PowerPoint file that will lead your students through various opinions and how to use specific language (phrases on Slide 13) to present their agreement or disagreement with each other.My suggested lesson procedure and explanation is included in the N
This is a short PPT to introduce students to the art of debate. It focuses on a 3 step process called "Listen, Caucus, Debate", that takes students through research, group discussion and the actual debate. This PPT also includes 2 short videos. One is two teachers having a mock debate so students c
This presentation contains a 41 slide PowerPoint lesson in editable PPT format with teacher’s notes. The holidays are a hectic time of year –family gatherings, work functions, huge meals, gift exchanges, holiday parties, and potlucks – the environmental toll of the holiday madness is staggering and
8th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education

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