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This 46 slide presentation will introduce your students to basic decimal concepts. Use this show as an introduction or a review. First you will be introduced to the tenths place and practice reading and writing decimals involving the tenths place. Then it transitions into the hundredths place. Stude
This is a PowerPoint lesson to introduce or review the Dewey Decimal System with students. The lesson consists of 20 slides and includes information on the DDS and who created it and why. There is one slide that gives an overview of the system. Then there is one slide for each of the 10 categories
Introduction to Decimals Guided Notes and Activities CCS Aligned: 4.NF.7 5.NBT.3 and GREAT review for 6th and 7th grade Perfect for Interactive Math Notebooks! This Product Includes: *Reading and Writing Whole Numbers Review Guided Notes *Reading and Writing Whole Numbers Progress Check *Explorin
Introduce your students to the Dewey Decimal System with this introduction. There is also a Google Forms assessment/quiz to test their knowledge.What is included:➔ One Google Slides file. There are 20 slides. The slides review information about the Dewey Decimal System, who created it and why. There
Check out the preview! Great lesson for introducing decimals! Students practice writing decimals for given word and picture forms. Plenty of pictures help students understand decimals. PowerPoint includes objective, vocabulary, notes, and enough examples for teacher modeling and independent practic
This is a bundle of my two Dewey Decimal products for Google Slides and Google Forms. Save over 20% by purchasing the bundle
In the unit Introduction to Decimals, we study decimal numbers with one or two decimal digits, and add and subtract them. It is important that the student grasps these simple topics well, because we are laying a groundwork towards fifth and sixth grade, where decimal operations and using decimals ta
This is a PowerPoint introduction to writing fractions as decimals (and vice versa). It uses decimal models to visually connect fractions and decimals with the denominators of 10 and 100. It includes: * Step-by-Step Instruction * Student Practice * Student Assessment * Assessment Answers Ch
A comprehensive introduction to decimals and decimal place value. These activities use the Base 10 Block 100 Square as the One, the 10 Rod as .1, and the 1 cube as .01. The “Thousand Cube,” therefore, is now 10. Numbers range from 2-digit decimal numbers (e.g., 54.75) to hundredths (e.g., .0
by Virginia LaRue. This slideshow teaches about place value through the thousandths. It includes practice and review as well.
This lesson is meant to be used as guided notes for an entire class. Students begin by learning what "percent" means and why we use them in the real world. They then learn how to classify percents as either "some, about half, or many." After learning how to write percents as fractions and decimals,
Creating this giant paper chain is an engaging and really fun way to introduce decimal fractions and tenths/hundredths to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade kids. -13 pages of reproducible materials -lesson plan with differentiation -CCSS standards -hands on math activity -formative assessment I have used this
This unit opener contains suggested talking points when beginning your discussion of decimal numbers. This resource is interactive and fun for students. The lessons included are only suggestions and are not intended to be followed directly, but you could if you wanted to. These lessons activate stu
While this lesson was developed for English Language Learners using the SIOP Model, it is a great lesson to use with any classroom where you are introducing multiplying decimals with models. The lesson plan includes vocabulary flash cards to match a decimal model to its corresponding number along w
Use this Smart Notebook to introduce decimals to your 4th graders. Using prior knowledge of fractions, students will see the relationship between the two concepts. There are links to online activities that will give your students practice identifying, comparing and ordering decimals.
5th Grade Decimals 1 - Introduction and Place Value - This is perfect for distance learning on Zoom or similar formats. On top of that it is powerful when used as direct instruction in the classroom. It teaches students the value of each place value in a decimal number up to ten thousandths. Stud
This unit aligns with CCSS 5. NBT.A.1, 5.NBT.A.2, and 5.NBT.A.3 Before we ask students to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals it is essential that we help them understand what decimals actually represent. You can use this unit to help you do this. Base ten blocks are a great way to help s
The following product is a PowerPoint Digital Lesson that goes through the complete lesson plan cycle. The PowerPoint presentation is an introductory lesson on decimals. The PowerPoint has plenty of examples and practice questions for students. *This PowerPoint Lesson has everything you need to teac
These slides introduce the very basics of the Dewey Decimal system using kid language, perfect for the elementary school library.
This is an introductory lesson for decimals. It includes a printable set of base 10 blocks, detailed instructions on how to teach the lesson, examples for each step, and a worksheet to monitor individual understanding. This is an amazing resource for teaching decimals.
This compilation of multiplying decimals by powers of 10 are great for quick assessment, practice or homework. There are various types of sheets for differentiation. Just pick and print the right version for your class, and you're ready to go! *** This packet is a subset of Multiplying Decimals Wor
This 16 slide presentation is a great starting point in the study of decimals. It begins by relating what students already know about money to decimals and builds upon that knowledge. The presentation focused on the tenths and the hundredths place values. Students will also get to see how decimals a
These are worksheets to help your kids practice dividing decimals by 10, 100 or 1000. These are no-prep worksheets, so just pick and print the suitable type for your class, and you're ready to go!*** This packet is a subset of Dividing Decimal Worksheets. (Click for more details)What You'll Get:Thi
Fourth Grade Decimals 1 - Introduction and Place Value - This is perfect for distance learning on Zoom or similar formats. On top of that it is powerful when used as direct instruction in the classroom. It introduces students to decimals. Students learn to read and write decimals in standard, wo

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