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Decomposing numbers into ten and some onesCompose and decompose numbers from 11 to 19 into ten ones and some further ones, e.g., by using objects or drawings, and record each composition or decomposition by a drawing or equation (such as 18 = 10 + 8); understand that these numbers are composed of te
Composing and decomposing teen numbers is a skill that kindergartners need to have mastered. This packet will have your kiddos on their way to mastery as they compose and decompose numbers, use ten frames, read base ten cubes, complete number bonds and practice writing equations. Includes in this u
Give your students the practice they need with this decomposing teen numbers pack. In this product, you will find 23 worksheets and 10 posters that include the following skills:* Work mats * Worksheets to decompose with numerals, ten frames, and base 10* Sequencing worksheets* Teen number sorts * P
In this packet there are 20 worksheets designed to give students practice with composing and decomposing numbers 11-19. The worksheets can be completed with or without the use of base ten blocks making them perfect for differentiation. Everything in this packet is ready for the copier and can be u
Looking for a fun interactive teaching idea for decomposing numbers using place value? Well look no further as Decomposing Numbers 0-19 Place Value Game Puzzles, for CCSS K.NBT.1, will serve as an exciting lesson plan for kindergarten or 1st grade elementary school classrooms. This is a great resour
Are your students having trouble understanding how to decompose teen numbers? These puzzles may help! Great to use in work stations as practice or enrichment or in small guided math groups for extra practice, each puzzle shows the teen number in written form, in an addition sentence as 10+ the num
DECOMPOSING NUMBERS 11-19 ACTIVITY (BACK TO SCHOOL THEME PENCIL PUZZLES TEEN NUMBER SENSE) This fun center will surely engage all students and can be played individually or in small groups. Students assemble the puzzles by matching each numeral with corresponding number representations (ten frames
Hey there, super you! Those Tricky Teen numbers can be tough for your little scholars! In this print and go, teen numbers unit, your students will explore decomposing and composing teen number in a variety of ways. Weather your looking for building teen numbers using ten frames, or base ten blocks.
These worksheets are designed to give students practice composing and decomposing teen numbers to develop a better understanding of place value and the relationship between addition and subtraction. This set focuses on understanding teen numbers as a bundle of ten ones, called a “ten” and one, two,
Composing and Decomposing teen numbers is such an essential skill for kindergarten students to master. The skills practiced in this pack will get your students to mastery. Included: -Classroom Posters for one more and one less -Number Line practice -Puzzle pieces 10-19- Ten block and extras -Bear
Your Students will love to practice decomposing and composing teen numbers 11-19 with these engaging digital task cards. These Boom Cards™ are self checking and can be used on any device with access to the internet. Students will LOVE the baseball theme and you will LOVE this easy to use no prep act
These worksheets help students to decompose numbers 10-20. They will decompose using tens and ones with ten frams, ten sticks and one cubes, number bonds for tens and ones, number handwriting practice and equation writing. Be sure to check out my blog for more freebies! thecreativekindergartener.b
These digital slides are a quick and easy way for your students to practice decomposing teen numbers. Included are 9 ready-to-use pages that are designed to be used with Google Slides. You can assign these pages in Google Classroom or through Google Drive. Students can complete these pages independe
Print on cardstock and/or laminate for durability. Depending on the level of your students, choose which types of cards you would like them to practice with. For example, if your students are working on addition, give them the pink (numeral) and yellow (number sentence) cards. Or if you are working
Here is a freebie for you! This is a worksheet I created for my students to practice their numbers 11-19. You can also laminate it and use with dry erase markers! I hope you enjoy this product! Please leave feedback and check out my other products!
Help your young mathmaticians master those tricky teen numbers with these number sense mats. Ready to print, cut, and laminate. Step one: Kids place a unifix cube on each ten frame dot. Step two: Kids count the cubes and place the flash card that matches the quantity on the mat. Step three: Kids
This worksheet pack includes 11 worksheets for composing/decomposing teen numbers and 2 number bond work mats to use with counters. Supports Kindergarten Common Core Standard K.NBT.A.1. Check out these related products: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Differentiated-Thanksgiving-Countin
4 days worth of small group instruction for Composing & Decomposing Teen Numbers 11-19 (CC standard K.NBT.1) I created this pack to teach within small group to meet my students needs. This pack covers teaching the common core standard K.NBT.1a Compose numbers from 11 to 19 into ten ones and so
Save time planning and prepping with this all included Smart Board lesson!In this interactive Smart board file, student will develop number sense with teen numbers.Get your students up and moving, as they interact with the lesson on the SMART Board. Students will count the ten frames and choose the
This is a set of decomposing teen number worksheets fro numbers 1-20. Students are able to color the 10 circles one color and then pick a different color to color the remaining circles. This will help students to see that teen numbers are composed of one group of ten and some more ones. They are als
This resource includes 10 slides for students to practice decomposing teen numbers into 10's and 1's using two 10's frames. These slides are perfect for distance learning and can be assigned to students via Google Classroom, a shared folder, e-mail, etc. On each slide, students will count the dots i
Math Dollar Deals Number Puzzles are an engaging, high interest way for students to represent numbers in various forms. This resource uses multiple representations to get students composing and decomposing numbers 10 - 19. This edition includes 10 puzzles, with numbers represented in 4 different!
Decomposing Teen Numbers for Kindergarten Directions: -Count the cubes and write the number! -Read the number and make the number using cubes! -Includes an “All About the Number” worksheet for numbers 11-20, 12 worksheets for numbers 10-20 (variations for independent students and students that n
Mystery Pictures are digital task cards that allows students to become detectives and solve math problems. These games will keep students guessing what the mystery pictures will be as well as review math concepts. When they solve all the mystery pictures, they will receive a digital badge, a certifi

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