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Teaching Point: To deconstruct a complex sentence from immigration texts, “Life of Ellis Island” by Sally Senzell Isaacs, “We Are Americans: Voices of the Immigrant Experience” by Dorothy & Thomas Hoobler for a deeper understanding of the English language, the passage, and the unit of study the
This resource includes 10 slides for students to practice constructing and deconstructing teen numbers. These slides are perfect for distance learning and can be assigned to students via Google Classroom, a shared folder, e-mail, etc. On each slide, students will work with one teen number at a time.
Includes: 1—Includes a CLOZE activity foldable 2—Vocabulary activity (student writes definition inside and either picture or sentence on the outside) 3—Foldable & Vocabulary are completed using included PowerPoint which includes videos. 4—The 4 Parts of the Declaration---Deconstructed--(2 opti
When it comes to literary analysis -- especially analytical writing on poetry -- small steps and lots of practice are important. This 6-page packet selects two poems for reading and analysis, then provides exemplars of a simple introduction paragraph strategy that employs only two sentences. I found
Sometimes we just need to brush up on students' ability to organize a paper and then edit for the usual spelling, grammar, and convention errors before they dive into the finer points of revision for style prior to attacking their own rough drafts. This packet consists of three body paragraphs, two
Part of understanding "showing writing" is recognizing what showing writing is NOT. This Power Point starts with a model passage that gives the students a relevant example of showing writing. In this exercise, students will work with a partner to deconstruct a contemporary reading passage by first
Too often young writers fall into the tendency to write in predictable patterns, or as Gary Provost suggests the five-word sentence repetition. In order to open the eyes of your students to lifeless writing, try this exercise where they deconstruct three effective paragraphs in an effort to hear the
These Fall sentences can be used for matching sentence strips or to accompany arts and crafts projects related to things we sense in the fall (corn, acorns, pumpkins, etc). They can also be deconstructed and students can put the words together into a sentence in a reading center activity after read
A student-fillable form that takes students through the prewriting process of an AP style literary short response question. Topic: The Gettysburg Address Skills taught: -Close reading of an AP writing prompt - Finding author's purpose - Finding literary devices - Analyzing HOW
use to help students deconstruct addition sentences
use to help students deconstruct subtraction sentences
Students will read the sentences to determine which sentence is the main idea, which sentences are the supporting details, and which details do not belong. Students will be able to close read and use evidence to back up their findings. This activity gets straight to the point and can be used as a ce
Have your students practice deconstructing numbers using these Sweet Tweets activities: Activity 1: students record the number sentence and/or number bond on their sheet to represent the 10 frame shown on the card. Activity 2: students color in a ten frame using two colors to represent the number
Use this flip chart to help students deconstruct sentences and then write dynamic sentences by answering the who, what, when, where and why using their hand as a graphic organizer! Includes whole group, partner, and individual practice!
Students explore what a noun group is and deconstruct sentences chosen from the text.
Students explore the concept of noun groups by deconstructing sentences within the chapter to show their understanding of the components of a noun group.
Centre activity - sentence unscramble. Students will practice constructing and deconstructing sentences using sets of African animals cards. Two differentiated sets are included, one numbered to build confidence and fluency, and one without numbers so kids have to work out for themselves where eac
Centre activity - sentence unscramble. Students will practice constructing and deconstructing sentences using sets of dinosaur cards. Two differentiated sets are included, one numbered and one without numbers so kids have to work out for themselves where each word should go. While practicing their
In this activity, students choose a Mother's Day craft to deconstruct and recreate. Students are given a choice of several different crafts. Students can work individually or in small groups. After identifying the materials they need, students then write down the each step they make to recreate the
Using the 4-squares to solve math word problems will help students deconstruct story problems to better their understanding. Students identify the sentence to solve, draw a model, write an equation, explain their answer, and show another way to solve! Can be used from 1st grade up!I hope you enjoy t
"Korbert The Pizza Troll" is an original narrative story written to help students deconstruct texts to identify story structure using a problem and solution graphic organizer. This story includes 3 options for reading centers or stations using the same text, including a poster activity, cut & pa
This activity is differentiated on 3 levels. Students must read a number of sentences and determine which sentence is the main idea, which are the many details that support the main idea, and which sentences must be discarded. As the difficulty level increases, the sentences to b discarded become mo
This fact and opinion resource allows students to evaluate and determine fact and opinion in isolated sentences or within a paragraph. It includes two assessments. The teaching objective is deconstructed from the Informative and Opinion writing standards. Students must understand the meaning of
Mathematical Practice Conversation Posters and Cards **BLACK and WHITE and COLOR** The eight mathematical practices have been deconstructed and transformed into student friendly sentence frames which help students start and maintain mathematical conversations. These cards facilitate student learnin

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