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This series of worksheets assist students with defining words by category and attributes. Students use a table to answer questions about common items in a category. Then they are asked to write a definition for the items based on the answers in the table. The difficulty for this skill is progre
Lesson on using categories to describe and compare words.
*** EVERYTHING YOU NEED *** for your ELA Common Core Assessment needs- no answer key- all student pages167 student assessments and 51 binder divider pages-Great Resource - Just print and go. Some assessments are 2 pages- we only counted them as 1 assessment - So there are 280 plus pages in all with
L.1.5.a & L.1.5.b- Sorting Words and CategoriesThis resource is a unit to teach the standards L.1.5.a and L.1.5.b, which are all about sorting words into categories and defining words by attributes and categories! It comes with a week-long lesson plan unit, plus many supplemental resources, such
Do your students have trouble getting past "positive" and "negative" in describing tone? This 200-word tone list, grouped into categories, helps students with the nuance of tone. From sixth grade through AP English Language and Literature, students choose a side (negative or positive) and find just
Provide students with opportunities to build a foundation of ELA concepts and skills with Stations by Standard! Each topic has 15 workstations to expose students to many different formats and skills within the skill focus. ***************************************************************************
This center is a part of the January Centers Bundle! Students will define words (animals) by category and by one or more key attributes.Standard covered: L.1.5B: Define words by category and by one or more key attributes (e.g., a duck is a bird that swims; a tiger is a large cat with stripes).Click
In this fun sorting game, students work to develop the following skill: “With guidance and support from adults, demonstrate understanding of word relationships and nuances in word meanings; Define words by category and by one or more key attributes.”Play Instructions:1.Give each student participatin
This product is paperless and a part of the Boom Learning platform. Students will need a computer or iPad to complete the task cards online. This set of 20 task cards focuses on identifying a word by provided category and attribute. This task assists the student in independently defining words and m
This Boom™ Deck of 28 school themed vocabulary words helps students and teachers define new vocabulary words, understand the parts of a definition, and form a mental framework for how words are defined. Each card has a picture of an item, and students are asked to drag and drop parts of a definitio
These vocabulary game activities target describing and identifying common nouns. The card decks include the categories: animals, things to wear & use, things found around the house & school, sport equipment & toys, and foods. MATERIALS5 Listen & Name Card Decks 1. Name
If you are looking for Vocabulary Activities to teach the Standard Vocabulary Acquisition and Use, this is a great resource for you! This resource includes vocabulary activities and all the materials needed to teach primary students to sort, classify and categorize vocabulary words, and to explain h
1st Grade Language Domain BundleThis bundle is for FIRST grade.This language bundle includes the two sections within the Language domains for Common Core ELA Standards for first grade. These include Language SKILLS (Conventions) and VOCABULARY. All of these resources are standards-based, so you're g
These Which One Doesn't Belong? Common Noun Task Cards and worksheets are a fun way to teach Vocabulary Acquisition and Use to primary students. These activities may be done as a whole class, with small groups or individually in a center. They are great for early finishers, gifted and ELL students!
This 41 page assessment pack includes one and two page assessments for all 22 First Grade Common Core ELA Language standards and sub-standards. It also includes data recording pages and a scoring rubric for each standard. Each assessment is an open-ended student response. There are no multiple choi
Are you looking for a first grade language unit that meets every 1st Grade Language Common Core standard? This yearlong unit will save you TONS of time because all the printables for each standard are included in this one unit. It includes no-prep printables for daily and weekly practice. Every sta
Bring on the Party Hats: LS.5.A.-Sort words into categories (e.g., colors, clothing) to gain a sense of the concepts the categories represent. Pack of Penguins: LS.5.D-Distinguish shades of meaning among verbs differing in manner (e.g., look, peek, glance, stare, glare, scowl) and adjectives differ
So many of my students have a difficult time defining words. From my experience,they often do not know where to start. This visual map will guide them to defining words with ease by having them decide the category, function, and attribute of an object & then build a sentence. With this visual ma
54 great student assessment pages and 5 poster/divider pages-for 1.L.1-1.L.6Great Resource - Just print and go- Great for Standard Based Report CardsIMPORTANT: This comes from our "I WANT IT ALL PACK " below✂️ REVISED February 26, 2019- added ALL NEW CLIP ART & NEW " I CAN POSTERS"→→ To see a blo
Vocabulary Activities for First Grade - Vocabulary Activities to teach verbs, adjectives and categorization. This packet is aligned with common core standards for 1st Grade (1.L.5a-d) and includes Games for Word Relationships and Word Meanings (including shades of meaning). -------------------------
1st Grade Language Vocabulary BundleThis is a bundle of 1st Grade Language Vocabulary resources within the Language domain of ELA.This bundle includes the 6 Vocabulary skills. Each of the resources include a one week lesson plan with activities for the students to do. There are follow-up centers, pr
Bring on the Party Hats: LS.5.A.-Sort words into categories (e.g., colors, clothing) to gain a sense of the concepts the categories represent. Pack of Penguins: LS.5.D-Distinguish shades of meaning among verbs differing in manner (e.g., look, peek, glance, stare, glare, scowl) and adjectives differ
Teach ALL the 1st grade Language CCSS with this ONE amazingly comprehensive document! Interact, teach, practice, and write! Very little cutting and pasting! Common core teachers, look no further! This 158 page document is the ONE resource you need to teach ALL of the 1st Grade Language Standards!
This song targets the use of adjectives to describe many bugs. The children will learn the differences between insects and arachnids through both the lyrics (supported by real photos) and the many additional activities. Adjectives are key features in great sentence building. 5 colorful classroom ad

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