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Kids love writing dialogue with comic strips. They learn about direct and indirect quotes, punctuating, capitalizing, and handling tags at the beginning, middle, and end of the sentence. Activities include a slideshow, eight worksheets, and a quiz. Created by master teacher Brenda Kovich, these acti
Writing dialogue requires a great deal of practice, but that doesn’t mean it should be boring! Using comic strips is a great way to practice writing dialogue while engaging students and stimulating their creativity. This product includes eight public domain comics (seven short and one long). Ea
I love using comic strips to teach students to write dialogue! Use these templates so students can create a comic strip that would fit into their narrative writing that would add suspense, action, or overall story development! See my full Narrative Writing Unit Here: Narrative Writing Unit
Eight engaging worksheets give plenty of practice with direct and indirect quotes, using quotation marks and dialogue tags, capitalizing and punctuating correctly. An additional page provides guidelines. Your students will love learning with comic strips!The student pages are now available for class
This worksheet gives students practice punctuating and formatting dialogue. Students fill in the word bubbles of a comic strip and then write it in paragraph form using the correct format and punctuation.
This is a fun activity that the kids enjoy doing. I give students comic strips that I have cut out of the newspaper. They must take the dialogue in the comic strip and puncutate it correctly. They can add other sentences to the paragraph as they describe the story. I have included an example. Let me
This one page writing activity sheet is a fun way to practice correctly writing dialogue to match a picture with St. Patrick's themed comic strips. Comics found at cartoonstock.com
This would make a great observation lesson! I have included student learning scales and learning goals, and this lesson is engaging, interactive, and includes technology too. Students will learn how to include dialogue in writing through this animated and interactive PowerPoint presentation. This
These 8 comic strip mini-stories featuring animals are for students to develop their narrative creative writing skills (CCRA.W.3), especially dialogue writing (W.4.3b, for example). The strips have blank speech and thought bubbles for students to write in. Students can also draw/color/design their
Dear Educator, Thank you for your interest in the Quotation Marks Comic Strips. This set of 5 comics is a fun and engaging way to practice dialogue and the use of quotation marks with your students. Included in this packet you will find: - Superhero Boys Comic Strip- Superhero Girls Comic Strip- Din
This 2-day lesson (and 10-page packet) introduces and teaches how to punctuate dialogue in a fun way! Students punctuate jokes! What's included in the first lesson: an introduction that makes students discover the rules of punctuation; specific jokes to teach from; an activity involving a piece of
Create a story with stickers! Kids use stickers to visually show the story line. They will write at least 1 sentence per box. There are 20 layouts to choose from. From easy, prompted boxes to blank boxes.This helps kids become the characters, develop dialogue and work on sequencing a story. It is al
Appeal to those students who enjoy comics and graphic novels. Get all of my Comic Strips for Creative Writing sets here in one bundle. These comic strip sets can help students develop their narrative creative writing (CCRA.W.3) with practice writing dialogue (W.3.3b, W.4.3b, W.5.3b).Ideas for use:Sp
Fun for World History, US History and Geography classes. May be used as project, in-class activity, homework or as an assessment tool. Students will create a 4 frame comic strip that shows their understanding of the Bering Land Bridge Theory. Note: Students must have prior knowledge of The Berin
Check out my other CHRISTMAS PRODUCTSDear Educator,Thank you for your interest in the Christmas Quotation Marks Comic Strips. This set of 5 comics is a fun and engaging way to practice dialogue and the use of quotation marks with your students.Included in this packet you will find:- Christmas Sweet
Have fun while teaching kids about quotation marks! These parallel slideshows explain direct and indirect quotes, as well as writing dialogue tags at the beginning, middle, and end of the sentence. Your students will love learning with comic strips!Now you can use this resource in your classroom or
This Comic Strip activity is perfect as both dialogue practice and an assessment! Students will read a comic strip, change the speech bubbles into dialogue with quotations and a speech tag, and make a poster! You could have your students work independently or with a partner/small group. My kids
Ready-to-use comics and pictures are attached that result in super dialogue writing with "showing" details. There is an exemplary writing model and an accompanying comic included. Also, you will find an extensive OTHER WORDS FOR "SAID" list, a scoring guide, and a peer revision and editing chec
Let's Write With Dialogue! is the third installment of the Narrative Writing Series by Daisy Designs. WAIT! This set is part of a GROWING BUNDLE designed to save you money. Check it out HERE! Activities within this set include reading AND writing about various age-appropriate characters and their
From Kolkman's Kingdom! This activity has been used to help students with intellectual disabilities learn to read nonverbal cues and utilize them with interactive dialogue. This activity can also be used to reinforce conversation cues, writing dialogue practice, V&V, etc.
Teach with our Spanish Verb ESTAR activities and Spanish descriptive adjectives Bundle. Save your valuable prep time with ready-made games, sub plans, activities, and worksheets for multiple lessons.These are four great resources that work together to teach the present tense of the verb ESTAR and th
This lesson is a highly engaging and fun lesson to use when teaching students how to write dialogue. This lesson includes an interactive note taking lesson that will take students through the rules of dialogue writing, will provide examples, and also require practice. Next, this lesson will lead stu
This is a FREE product. Social Skills Comic Strip Dialogue This is a series of graphic organizers that you can use to help your students with their social skills and conversation dialogues! Target initiation of conversation, topic maintenance, turn-taking, facial expressions, overall mood of a conve
Great mini project for Spanish 1 students learning how to greet and say good-bye to each other. Students work on writing and creative thinking through the creation of a comic strip. The project asks students to create a 10 box dialogue between two characters with greetings, salutations and 5 questio

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