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Poster about different types of triangles (will print at A3). Can also be printed out at a smaller size (as a hand out) to help students understand the difference in triangles. Shows the difference between: Equilateral, Isoceles, Scalene as well as Right, Acute and Obtuse. Find math games and puzz
1 Poster explaining the 4 main triangles: equilateral, isosceles, right and scalene 1 Poster explaining the 4 main triangles, as well as the difference between a right triangle and a right isosceles triangle
This is a host of activities to teach children not only to recognise different shapes, but also to write computer code. There are 3 activities included in this pack - An activity to recognise the instructions to write individual shapes - A set of instructions to program different shapes of differen
Le but de l'exercice est de replacer sur le triangle les symboles (côtés de même longueur, angles droits) en fonction de sa nature. Catégorie : Géométrie Module : Les différents triangles Application téléchargeable sur l'AppStore. Pour en savoir plus : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnBPUgB48Wg
+ 3 pages of worksheets + Introduces Equilateral, Isosceles, Scalene and Right-angle triangles + Easy to use and understand + Great for group work if printed out on A3 paper
This worksheet highlights the six different types of triangles: Scalene, Equilateral, Isosceles, Obtuse, Right, and Acute. Students model and define each type. I use this during station time and in small group. Enjoy!!!!!!!
A quick and easy visual for students who want to add flare to their posters and titles. Hand out when students are working on a visual presentation or project, or just post in your creative corner for craft and choice times.
This editable PowerPoint show different triangles. Students will have to describe the triangle and tell that all the shapes are triangles. There are different types of triangles, so early learners can start picking them out.
Le but de l'exercice est de retrouver, parmi trois propositions (triangles rectangle, isocèle ou équilatéral), le nom du triangle dessiné. Catégorie : Géométrie Module : Les différents triangles Application téléchargeable sur l'AppStore. Pour en savoir plus : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnBPUg
This READY TO PRINT foldable for triangle congruence is a great addition to an interactive notebook or as a review foldable in your student's notes. MULTIPLE OPTIONS included.There are six flaps in the foldable. The flaps include: • SSS (Side Side Side) • AAS (Angle Angle Side) • SAS (Si
Classifying Triangles practice and mastery is easy with this Math Mastery Packet! This set of printable worksheets is perfect for practicing key skills, independent practice, small group work, intervention, homework, and yes..... test prep!Click here to save on the BUNDLE of ALL FIFTH GRADE Geometry
No time for the arts? This is a great way to practice geometry and create cool art projects.Includes 8 Geometry Art Activities (4 step-by-step and 4 create-your own)- Lines and Angles (Parallel, Perpendicular, Intersecting, Straight Angle, Right Angle, Acute Angle, Obtuse Angle)-Triangles (Acute E
Classifying Triangles Task Cards and Record Sheets, CCSS: 7.G.4Included in this product:*20 unique task cards dealing with classifying triangles (full color and black and white versions)*5 different recording sheets (including one formatted to fit into interactive math notebooks)*Digital version for
I CAN Math Games are the perfect way to make math fun! This 5th Grade Math Game focuses on Classifying Quadrilaterals, Triangles, & Polygons Based on their Attributes, and provides students with practice in the form of multiple choice or short answer questions. QR codes (optional) make this ga
Area of Triangles Guided Notes and Activities, Common Core Standard: 6.G.A.1Everything you need to introduce and practice area of triangles. Included in this product: -Area of Triangles Guided Notes-Area of Triangles Practice Page-Area of Triangles Frayer Models for Vocabulary Practice-2 different w
This math activity is the perfect way to engage students, get them moving, and practice different ways to show multiplication: through problems, products, arrays, and fact triangles. The Multiplication Monsters packet includes 24 cards, 5 student work pages and a corresponding answer key. Each mon
***THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH A GOOGLE SLIDES INTERACTIVE VERSION INCLUDED. REDOWNLOAD IF YOU HAVE IT ALREADY***Nothing like a good criminal investigation to liven up geometry! In this project, students will work in teams to investigate the culprit of six fictional thefts. The criminal has l
Not only does this foldable provide all variations of the formula involving Mass, Volume and Density, but the foldout part already has the definitions filled in for you. A GREAT piece to add into a journal to help students with vocabulary and with the understanding of the mathematics involved in cal
Here are 29 different Christmas/Holiday/Winter themed Tangram puzzles for you to cut out and use in your classroom! Each tangram is on a 3.7" x 4.9" card and there are 4 cards per page. The color tangrams show the individual shapes while the black tangrams only show the whole figure as a sold color.
This pack is differentiation at its finest! Fact Family Triangles help you teach the relationship between addition and subtraction and the concept of "3 for Free". In this pack you will find 26 pages of fact family triangles (156 individual facts) ranging from facts to 10 to facts to 100 to allow fo
Exterior Angle and Triangle Sum Theorem Task Cards In this set of task cards, students will use the Exterior Angle Theorem and the Triangle Sum Theorem to solve problems. All of the problems are diagrams where students will solve for x or find a missing angle measure. Students will need to solve
This Area of a Triangle activity uses silly - but memorable and relevant - phrasing to teach students the relationship between triangles and rectangles - they'll remember this activity. Several different formula options are available - choose the one that you use to teach.Sometimes it’s the silly th
Right Triangles & Trigonometry: Practice / Review These books will help your students to practice applying right triangle concepts. Within the story are situations in which the reader must use Distance Formula / Pythagorean Theorem, Right Triangle Trigonometry, and Angles of Elevation and Depr
Right Triangles - Geometry Special Right Triangles Practice Riddle Worksheet This is an 15 question practice workhsheet that centers around the concept of 45-45-90 and 30-60-90 Special Right Triangles. It requires students to solve for the missing leg opposite 30, 45 or 60 or the missing hypotenuse

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