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dining etiquette

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Multiple choice worksheet on proper dining etiquette This worksheet available in a 16 page life skills packet click here
1st - 12th, Adult Education
This power point shows teens the proper way to behave/eat at a formal dinner. It is a must for any teen who doesn't want to embarrass him/herself in a public setting.
7th - 11th
Awesome PowerPoint designed to teach middle and high school students dining etiquette and basic manners. Use this PowerPoint (with in the inclusion of paper plates, napkins, forks, knives, and plastic cups) to help students learn to set a formal and informal table. Great for hands-on learning!
In this exciting lesson, students will learn essential table etiquette as they grow and mature to become refined adults. Students will be able to: 1. Develop proper table manners 2. Masterfully use utensils 3. Deal with challenging situations when eating Students will also be introduced to a cross
Dining etiquette addresses a wide variety of issues which can come up at the table. Dining etiquette is an area of etiquette which pertains to dining, whether at home or out in a restaurant. This is a complete guidance for how to represent yourself with grace and style for both formal and informal
1st - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
This webquest over dining and cyber etiquette contains 14 questions from 3 reputable websites. The webquest is completed on Google Slides. However, it can be printed on Google Slides too. Slides 1-4 are the webquest. Slides 5-8 are the answer key. Make sure you copy the key to another location befor
6th - 12th, Higher Education
This is an assignment sheet for student Google Slides presentations about the different styles of dining service. Students answer simple questions, but are also asked to analyze the styles of service. American, French, English, Russian and Quick Service are included. Also included is a SMARTboard S
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Good table manners are crucial and what better time to practice them than during the holidays. This printable can be started/completed in school before Thanksgiving break or can be sent home so your students have something fun to do while away from school. Either way it allows you the opportunity
This assignment correlates with the North Carolina Foods I / Food & Nutrition I curriculum and can be used as a follow-up assignment to the PowerPoint provided by the state or to follow any lesson plan on manners and etiquette and how to behave in a social dining situation.
Throughout history, civilizations living in different parts of the world have developed and passed on their own cultures and foods, depending upon geography and the environment. These cultures also have their own ways and disciplines of consuming food (aka dining etiquette or “rules”).  It is intere
Table manners help children know how to behave at the table. Aside from having a peaceful meal at home or at school, as they grow older, proper dining etiquette will also show that they have manners.
Get students focused for your class while transforming them into ladies and gentlemen with this Etiquette Tip of the Day bell ringer (or warm up)! Great for FACS/ FCS / Home Economics classrooms. Or any middle or high school class. Topics include: cell phone, dining, theater, greeting, and so mu
7th - 12th, Adult Education

Also included in: Etiquette/Manners Bundle

This is the ultimate bundle to help you teach your students about manners at school, with technology or just in general. Transform your students into ladies and gentlemen! Great for FACS/FCS classrooms. Or any middle or high school class. Save 20% when you purchase together!Includes 4 products:Mann
This cultural lesson discusses eating in Italy- from home to restaurants. It compares the current Italian lifestyle to long-held Italian-American traditions. It discusses Italian meal structure, etiquette, grocery shopping, food trends, common misconceptions, and more. This is great for any Italian
7th - 11th, Higher Education
Disclaimer: In order to view this PPT lesson properly, download these fonts at or in my store. "You know you are in Japan when your toilet has 16 buttons and your bathroom talks to you!" These are common phrases you
Powerpoint presentation on dining etiquette and different places to eat in France. Good for Level 1 or 2 French class. Includes many pictures.
6th - 12th
A detailed overview of French dining etiquette. It introduces students to the faux pas's of French life. I always follow up with a mock dinner where students have to play along with the rules.
7th - 12th
I edited this reading about dining etiquette in France. I use it in conjugation with my restaurant or food unit. The reading is in English to promote discussion.
Not Grade Specific
Students will navigate the webquest (given URLs) to explore the proper dining etiquette, table setting, table manners, & cyber etiquette. Check out these related resources:Nutrition WebquestFight BAC - Food Safety WebquestFACS, Food Safety, Kitchen Safety, Etiquette, Manners ♥ I hope you enjoy t
Fun and adorable etiquette based handwriting pages all about good table manners and dining etiquette. Gently remind students how and what they should do in social situations while working on handwriting skills at any level. Each one of the ten included table manner, dining and party manner etiqu
Use this project to teach students to become aware of other cultures’ background and dining etiquette. It can be used as part of the manners and etiquette portion of a Foods class or during Foods of the World. It's a neat project that allows students to explore this website (url included) to explo
9th - 12th
Students can design their very own placemat and take home their understanding of Japanese dining etiquette.
Not Grade Specific
SAMPLE & RUBRIC INCLUDED!! A fun little project that can be used to to learn proper social dining etiquette. Easy for students to understand and can be modified for different grade levels.
This quiz is multiple choice about food vocabulary. In addition there are a few questions about French culture regarding food and dining, etiquette and politeness.
7th - 10th

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