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This pair of games is a fun way for your students to learn about distributive property. This is intended to be used as a game for the whole class, in math centers, small distributive property group activity, or cooperative learning activities. They will have fun and practice a tic tac toe game and
5th - 9th
This Area: 3.MD pack includes 64 pages of thoughtfully designed worksheets to help teach and reinforce concepts of area measurement in 3rd grade. Printables are included for every 3rd grade area standard, including 3.MD.5, 3.MD.6, and 3.MD.7a through 3.MD.7d.This pack is the newest component in my
This breakout escape room is a fun way for students to test their skills with simplifying expressions using distributive property and combining like terms. Most of my Escape Rooms can be used for distance learning, this one; however, is not recommended for distance learning. I have recently opened
About this resource : This resource combines the fun of a coloring activity with the ease and collaboration of a pairs self checking activity. Students will simplify expressions using the distributive property and use their coloring pages to check their answers with a student who has the other half
6th - 7th
Use this worksheet to introduce your students to the concept of the distributive property using something they know and love... McDonald's Combo Meals!
4th - 8th
NEW PRODUCT ON SALE FOR 1 MONTH! In this activity, students first practice the distributive property. Then they do problems which include distributing and combining like terms. While there are subtraction signs in some of the problems, the students would be able to do this assignment without prior k
5th - 9th
Looking for a fun interactive teaching idea for the distributive property? Well look no further as Distributive Property of Multiplication over Addition Game Puzzles, for CCSS 3.OA.5, will serve as an exciting lesson plan for 3rd grade elementary school classrooms. This is a great resource to incorp
This pack is a series of games to help students practice how to use the distributive property. This is intended to be used as review games for the whole class, in math centers, small group instruction, or cooperative learning activities.This distributive property activity pack includes a cootie catc
6th - 8th
Distributive Property Activity Pack The Power of Distributive Property packet is piled with games and activities to help reinforce distributive property. The packet includes: * Distributive Property Interactive Notebook pieces * Multiplication Breakdown game including a game board, student record
Set of 3 distributive property mazes featuring positive and negative integers in algebraic expressions. Two mazes contain variables and one has no variables - great for reinforcing student learning - so engaging! Every student is successful and confidence soars! These distributive property algebrai
This is an editable, digital algebra activity designed in Google Forms. The activity includes 24 problems and will be graded automatically! Students are shown one question at a time and must use the distributive property to simplify the expressions. There are a variety of expressions and some conta
Have a little fun while reviewing the distributive property. This riddle is a great activity to quickly practice the distributive property and perfect for homework, a center, bell work, or for fast finishers. This resource consists of 10 problems and one riddle. This riddle activity comes in both p
5th - 8th
Students will simplify 16 problems using the Distributive Property. This resource works well as independent practice, homework, extra credit or even as an assignment to leave for the substitute (includes answer key). This coloring activity has 3 levels of difficulty to make differentiating assignmen
This is a great way for students to practice applying the distributive property. This version of distributive property bingo includes negative numbers on many of the question cards. It includes 36 unique game cards as well as 30 question cards. You might also like: Distributive Property Tic Tac
Are your students struggling to apply the distributive property? This Digital Christmas Puzzle Picture Reveal Activity allows students to practice applying the distributive property in a fun and interactive way. This Digital Resource (Distance Learning/ Virtual) includes a Google Slides grid with 9
6th - 9th
This middle school math digital activity is a fun and engaging way for students to practice applying the distributive property to create equivalent expressions. This activity is a click-and-drag activity where students will create 8 equivalent expressions by distributing in and factoring out and cho
These Halloween themed mazes are ideal for having your students practice the distributive property. There are some expressions where student have to combine like terms and work with negative numbers just to make these spooky math mazes a little scarier.***INCLUDES DIGITAL VERSION OF BOTH MAZES IN G
This resource contains:1) Distributive Property Partner Practice 2) Combining Like Terms Partner Practice3) Answer KeysThis activity is meant to be used as a "self-check" activity between partners. Each partner receives a different expression to simplify but they should both end up with the same sim
This collaborative activity is perfect to foster teamwork and peer tutoring! In this activity, students are grouped in fours. Each student takes a card, and works the problem on the card. When all students in the group have their answers, they add them up, getting a group sum. Then, the group check
8th - 10th
This Google Slides Activity includes 12 slides with various numeric algebraic expressions that include both potential use of the Distributive Property and combining like terms. The goal is not to solve the expressions, but to rewrite them in order to simplify.Students are asked first to use the Dis
This is a one-sided practice page with 10 questions over the distributive property. Some questions need to be simplified by combining like terms after the distributive property is applied. Distributing a negative and multiplying integers is included.After simplifying each expression, the student use
Hands-on, fun learning with the distributive property! Keep your students engaged with these fun activities while they’re practicing the distributive property. This product includes 2 activities – 1) a “create your own” distributive expression practice where students build dice and then roll a pai
This breakout escape room is a fun way for students to test their skills with simplifying expressions using distributive property and combining like terms. This escape room is completely digital through the use of a Google Form. A Google account of any kind is not needed for students to complete t
Students practice the distributive property in a fun maze format! My students are always more engaged when a worksheet doesn't look like a "boring old worksheet", so disguise it as a maze! Your students will enjoy finding the right path to the barn as they practice solving the distributive property

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