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dividing with arrays

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dividing with arrays

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This Math Packet is very well organized, Easy-to-Use, and includes an Answer Key.Division - Dividing with Arrays - Worksheets/TestTarget Group: 1) Grades: 3 2) Grade: 2 (Advanced) PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:This product is great for teachers that are looking for a Division activity
Are you looking for a digital activity designed to give your students practice with division and multiplication word problems? Check out these NO prep, self-checking, interactive, digital Boom Cards that are fun for students and a huge time saver for teachers! This unit is a great way to keep your s
With this worksheet, students are given a few problems where they must draw the array, as well as write the equation to match the array. This could serve as a preassessment. On the 2nd page, students are given several divison word problems and must cut and paste the appropriate array and equation
Arrays are a fantastic way to introduce multiplication to your students. But they are also useful for helping students to see the relationship between multiplication and division! For example, an array with 4 columns and 3 rows shows that 4x3=12 and 3x4=12, but it also shows that 12÷4=3 and 12÷3=4.
Multiply and Divide cut & paste worksheets for students with autism and special education needs.This set contains 45 times tables facts No Prep worksheets:- 10 multiplication pages with arrays- 10 division pages with arrays- 10 multiplication pages - equations only (no visuals)- 10 division
This Boom deck includes 32 digital math task cards for solving division problems with arrays. The task cards include four different ways for students to work with using arrays as models and with division equations. The task cards are organized in a way to scaffold practice. The digital task cards ar
Included in this activity are 12 division facts (sunglasses) and 12 array cards. Students will solve and match the equation to its quotient and find the corresponding array. Students will also be asked to write its related multiplication fact. Recording sheet and answer key included.
3rd - 4th
This product contains three worksheets. 1. The first worksheet has children using arrays to create equations or using the equations to find an array that matches. 2. The second worksheet provides 6 equations and 6 arrays. The children much match the arrays and equations. 3. The third worksheet h
3rd - 5th
This interactive activity involves students dragging cloned shapes into equal rows to solve division problems. There are 12 problems that include two word problems.
Have your students practice their division using this Cookie themed deck!It can be paired with the book, "Then the Doorbell Rang."Students will work on dividing using equal groups & arrays.NO MARKING NEEDED!! Let Boom Cards do it all for you!This product includes a pdf form to a link to Boom Car
1st - 8th
This product is intended for teachers who are comfortable with Google Slides or Google Classroom. This product contains 10 interactive slides where students look at pictures of arrays and build their division sentence with the numbers and symbols provided. This product can be used as review, indep
Help your students practice their multiplication and division facts! Students write the multiplication and division fact family represented by each array on the response sheet.Multiplication and Division Fact Families with Arrays includes:24 task cards with arraysA student response sheetAn answer ke
Division With Remainders Using Arrays is an instructional PowerPoint presentation that gives students a visually concrete understanding of division with remainders. . Bright colors and animation hold students attention. Arrays are divided with remainders. Great for building division fluency. Great
Six different sets of memory games ~ each game contains 24 cards (12 matching pairs.) Four of the sets contain facts and answers and the other two sets contain facts and arrays. Each set has an identifying shape in the top right corner of each card to prevent cards from getting mixed up. A set of di
Purpose: Math word problems are a vital part of the math learning primarily because they show how math concepts apply to real world situations. They provide meaningful answers to the time-honored question, “Why do we need to know this?” Additionally, math word problems engage students in higher l
This Game/Center provides practice with making arrays to represent division problems with and without remainders. This set includes: Student friendly directions Recording sheet Colored and Black and White versions
2nd - 3rd
Students practice the concept through a ten question form and get immediate feedback. Great for independent practice or homework!
3rd - 5th
Practice division with arrays with this engaging activity! Each student will receive a note card with either a division sentence or array printed on it. The students are to tape the note card to their forehead without looking at it. They also receive a recording sheet so that they can write down the
Looking for a great visual models activity to help your students practice multiplying and dividing with arrays? These visual model Google Slides activities are a simple but effective way to help students create more effective visual models using digital manipulatives when multiplication and division
This is my Multiplication and Division Fact Families with Arrays resource modified for digital use!Help your students practice their multiplication and division facts! Students type the multiplication and division fact family represented by each array.Multiplication and Division Fact Families with A
These print and digital activities encourage the students to create arrangements and write expressions and equations to practice multiplication, division, and more. The arrays are designed to show the properties of multiplication and division in a different and fun way. Students are encouraged to ge
2nd - 5th
This Google Slides Presentation comes with ten problems to review array problems. The first problem is structured to be completed with the teacher modeling the problem ("I do"). The next problem is written to be completed together with students' input ("We do"). The remaining eight problems can b
3rd - 6th
A short google slides lesson that is compatible with peardeck for your students to learn how to solve division problems using arrays!
2nd - 3rd
3 worksheets practicing using arrays to solve division problems. Each page has 2 story problems. Students interpret a division story problem, create an array to represent the context, and write a division equation. Great practice for using the array strategy to solve.Perfect for beginners and grade

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