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do vs does

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do vs does

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This grammar set includes: • 32 flashcards targeting “do” and “does” in sentences • 1 big “do” flashcard, 1 big “does” flashcard • 2 visuals with reminders of when to use each auxiliary verb This activity targets the proper usage of do/does, using specific pronouns (e.g., I, you, we, they, he, she,
This is a review for ESL students. Students always get confused between using to be/do. for example: an answer: Yes, I was late. Students often think that the question is with a regular helping verb "do" and they write: Do you late?* This power point is a review of the Present Simple and Past S
PowerPoint that explains the difference between do and does. There is a section for them to practice. I used small whiteboards and had them answer the questions in complete sentences using do or does. Used with Newcomers and it was successful.
Students will be able to...Complete the sentence with do or does.Complete the sentence with doesn't or don't.
3rd - 6th
Tattling vs. Reporting - Does tattling drive you bonkers? Here are some fun ways to remind kids the difference between tattling and reporting. Kids will cut, sort, and paste situations as being either tattling or reporting.GREAT for back to school! You could even do it as an interactive whole group
DO vs. MAKE - ESL/ELL Task Cards 32 multiple choice task cards to learn the difference between DO and MAKE in English. We use a variety of tenses and include the following conjugations of these two verbs: do, does, did, done, doing, make, makes, made, making There is an answer sheet for students 
8th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Students often have difficulty interpreting language when what is said does not match up with the body language and expressions of the speaker. Incongruent language can include sarcasm, hyperbole, playful teasing, and figurative language.This packet includes 50 color photographs in a full page .pdf
Roe vs. Wade- Revisited Lesson Plan- What does the Constitution say? 1. What do you see in the cartoon? Make a list. Include objects, people, and any characteristics that seem to be exaggerated. 2. Which of the items on the list from Question 1 are symbols? What does each symbol stand for?
: We are certainly a materialistic society. There must be a acknowledgement of what we need vs. what we want. Do you feel satisfied with everything that you have or are there material objects that you must have? Why do you feel people are not satisfied without obtaining objects that they have lo
VIEWPOINTS: FDR VS. HOOVER: AMERICAN NEEDS A NEW DEAL 1932 DOES AMERICAN NEED A NEW DEAL?: (Should the Government Intervene, or should Capitalism play itself out?) Directions: Read the two articles on FDR and Herbert Hoover and outline their views. Finally decide whether or not you believe the gove
What does it do? Object Function is a resource which is designed to help your students build their vocabulary, understand word relationships, and expand their expressive language skills. There are 50 opportunities within this resource to discuss object function.... What does it do? or What do you do
This simple activity was used with Wilson's Fundations program. The cards can be cut and laminated. Students must then decide whether the word is in need of an S or a Z. The teacher can choose to manipulate this activity however they may desire. I chose to do "Boys" vs "Girls" with a group of si
K - 3rd
It can be a challenge to find age-appropriate materials for older speech students, which is why I created this social skills digital card set specifically for students in upper elementary and older! NO PREP REQUIRED! Your speech and language students will love using this resource to work on pragma
Not Grade Specific
Looking for more ways to build understanding of literal and inferential questions in speech and language therapy? These no print, no prep, digital task cards are fun, interactive, and perfect for working on critical thinking and comprehension skills at the story level! Your students will be beggin
In this three-week long writing unit, students will formulate an argument and effectively use evidence to support their reasoning. This experience gives them the opportunity to practice these important skills using familiar and entertaining texts.Your Students Will Learn To:take a writing piece from
Here are some simple 2020 Presidential Election Resources! These resources are not meant to give you an in-depth civics lesson. They will just help you run your own mock presidential election voting in November when Trump and Pence face off against Biden and Harris. Use these in your individual clas
1st - 6th
Which process produces haploid cells? Which process produces body cells? What is another name for body cells? These are types of questions your students will answer to show you that they understand similarities and differences between the processes of mitosis and meiosis, while engaging in colori
6th - 10th
Looking for more ways to build understanding of literal and inferential questions in speech and language therapy? This bundle has two types stories, fiction and nonfiction. These no print, no prep, digital task cards that are fun, interactive, and perfect for working on critical thinking and compre
Not Grade Specific
**updated April 2017 Vocabulary cards p.5-8 Say It, Find It, Stamp It p. 9 How Many? counting W.S. p. 10 Plants need vs. Don’t Need p.11-12 Sequencing Plant Growth p. 13 How Does a Plant Grow? Book p. 14-20 Counting Out Seeds Mat p. 21-24 Label the Plants p.25 Following Directions p.26-27 Where is
Has senioritis already begun? Do you need an extra boost of motivation? Do you want to kick your seniors out the door with some momentum! Mapped specifically for a senior level math class (arithmetic and geometric series), High School Diploma vs. College Degree is a debate many students are fighting
Do you want more no-prep reading passages? This is a non-fiction reading passage for middle school or high school that includes critical thinking questions about the fictionalized and true histories of Thanksgiving. As I create reading passage sets, I make sure that I focus on key literacy skills wh
Your Students will LOVE this activity. There are questions, problems, and puzzle solutions that REQUIRE CONTENT KNOWLEDGE in addition to unique & fun "escape room thinking." This breakout activity features DNA unit topics including: DNA & RNA bases, replication, transcription, translation,
7th - 12th
Looking for an easy way to teach young children about positive self-talk? This no-prep DIGITAL + PRINTABLE bundle includes activities that will introduce them to their Inner Coach and Inner Critic. Kids will actively engage while completing each Boom Card or worksheet. With scenario cards, discussio
Asking little ones, "Do you have any questions?" can result in an array of statements, stories, and overall sharing - but very few questions. This resource definitely helps my kiddos understand the difference between questions and statements by recognizing question words and their placement in a se

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