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This science graphic organizer includes illustrating the process of photosynthesis including tracing the flow of energy into and out of plants and how food created is rearranged through chemical processes in the mitochondria to create ATP. Also included is a section to identify the reactants and pro
Let your students doodle their way through learning the process of photosynthesis. This doodle note sheet covers the photosynthesis chemical equation with pictures! Help your students boost their scientific vocabulary understanding with visual notes. Doodle notes can improve memory through visual t
PHOTOSYNTHESIS - Doodle Notes ............................................................................... Let’s try FRESH & INNOVATIVE approach to teach / learn “ PHOTOSYNTHESIS ” You are at the right place and at the right time. !! This pack is ideal for middle school or upper elementary s
6th - 10th, Staff
Bundle and save with five fun photosynthesis activities!Includes:Photosynthesis Doodle NotesPhotosynthesis Project - Comic StripPhotosynthesis Foldable & Writing PromptPhotosynthesis Worksheet - Color By Number Photosynthesis Google Classroom - Drag and Drop Leaf ModelYou might also like the fol
This resource is a two-page visual notes sheet that will teach students the basics of photosynthesis. Students will color and analyze a graphic model of a leaf that has been cut open to show key structures (chloroplasts and stomata). Emphasis is on helping students understand that plants capture sun
Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Doodle Notes. Two sets of doodle notes packaged into one bundle. Take advantage of this package deal for a lower bundle price.
Product DescriptionThis resource includes all the information you will need to help your students understand the basics of Photosynthesis.As a bonus--> These Sketch Notes also include a student fill in the blank version!Looking for a new way to teach difficult concepts?  Have you tried Sketch Not
Have a hard time getting students to take notes? Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words! Sketch Notes are an excellent tool for students to learn or review difficult concepts. Extremely useful for EL students and struggling students as well! Everyone has heard the old saying "A picture is wo
This page is meant to serve as a summary of the big-scale relationship between photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Students are encouraged to color, annotate, and highlight key ideas, either as an introduction or a review of the unit.
7th - 12th, Adult Education
This Photosynthesis Doodle Note focuses on the chemical equations and the balanced chemical formula for photosynthesis. The term "photosynthesis" is broken down and defined. This note also reviews the function of chlorophyll, the guard cells, and stomata. There is room for students to add their o
This Doodle-it! Notes summary page is the perfect way to scaffold notes or review the Light Dependent Reactions of Photosynthesis (LDR) basics. Let's face it, students often struggle with bioenergetics, Doodle-it! Notes make this complex topic much more manageable!Tap into your student's creative si
7th - 12th, Higher Education
These science doodles on Plant Parts, Parts of a Flower and Photosynthesis come with relevant and comprehensive Reading Resources on the topic of ‘The Parts of a Plant and Photosynthesis’ and is available in PDF and Google SlidesTM formats. These doodle notes are available in 2 versions: Blank Versi
This doodle summary page is the perfect way to scaffold notes or review Photosynthesis basics. Tap into your student's creative side as they summarize the important facts around this incredible process. By embellishing their notes with creative touches such as color and visual cues students make mor
8th - 12th, Higher Education
SENIOR BIOLOGY DOODLE NOTES: Photosynthesis These notes are designed specifically for students studying a senior high school biology curriculum.What's in these notes:1. Note version3. Visual glossary; containing all the key terminology required for this topic with images4. Lots of visuals to colour
7th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Great way to compare photosynthesis to cellular respiration! Includes a QUIZ and a free exit ticket! Answer keys and colored versions of the doodle and learn note are also included! Be sure to check out some of my other amazing products!Active vs. Passive Transport Doodle & Learn NoteMitosis Doo
This Photosynthesis Doodle Diagram is perfect for a high school or middle school biology course during a photosynthesis or plant unit. Product includes both a labeled and a blank diagram for students to fill in on their own. This is a great way for students to practice terms as well as a great visua
This doodle note page includes both phases of photosynthesis: the light reactions and the Calvin Cycle. Students can color this page for a clear illustration of how photosynthesis works. Photosynthesis can be a difficult concept for students to visualize, so this graphic organizer makes a great supp
Help your students understand how to take good notes with this one pager. It guides students to the important information on the topic of photosynthesis. Additional scaffolded page is provided for struggling students, ELL, ESE, SPED students. Use my FREE PowerPoint presentation, and YouTube video
6th - 8th
This Doodle-it! Notes summary page is the perfect way to scaffold notes or review how the LDR & the LIR are linked in photosynthesis. These concepts can be confusing to students. Having a visual representation has helped my students not only grasp this difficult topic but also retain the informa
These doodle notes cover everything having to do with hydrothermal vents and chemosynthesis, and they compare and contrast this information with photosynthesis occurring in the ocean. These notes come with a blank sheet, and a fill in the blank sheet to help with differentiation between classes.
This fun doodle notes sheet can be used in your classroom with an interactive notebook or for regular notes. The layout allows students to organize their information in a fun, creative, and colorful way. You can determine what you want in the different sections or you can use the example I have adde
Compare and contrast the processes of cellular respiration and photosynthesis. Students can fill in an illustration, identify where in the cell each process occurs, the chemical equation, and summarize how energy changes from one form to another in each. Students can add color to their notes and us
8th - 12th
This science graphic organizer includes illustrating how and where cellular respiration takes place in both plant and animal cells. Students will also learn the chemical formula for cellular respiration and how it relates to the formula for photosynthesis.With what standard does this resource align?
These science graphic organizers include a range of life science topics including human body systems, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, animal and plant cells, Punnett squares, food webs, energy pyramids, classification, cell theory, reproduction, and more!What does a growing bundle mean?Purchas

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