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QR Codes Double the Consonant and Drop the e Before Adding -ed or -ing SpellingQR Codes are the next big thing! QR Codes are a phenomenal way to incorporate technology to make your lessons more engaging. All you need is to cut and laminate, and you're ready to go! I like to place these at a work sta
Double the Consonant and Drop the 'e' before adding -ed or -ing Spelling ScootScoot, scoot, scoot! Don't your kids just love to scoot!! This Spelling Scoot Activity gives 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders a fantastic opportunity to move around while learning. This will really help your students who NEE
This Roll, Read and Write Games and Worksheets Bundle is designed to help students become confident adding -ing, -ed, -er and -ing endings. This bundle includes:★ Words with a short vowel and one consonant after the vowel (CVC).★ Words with a short vowel and two or more consonants after the vowel (s
Please, check out my Reading & Writing Suffix "ed" and "ing" BUNDLE which includes: Lessons, Worksheets, Materials, Visual Aids, and Games to teach Reading & Writing of Suffixes -ed (past tense) & -ing (happening now) in: 96 PAGES!!! ★Magic e words (drop the e add -ing OR drop the e ad
This worksheet gives students the opportunity to practice adding -ed and -ing to CVC words and doubling the final consonant before adding either.
This whiteboard/Smartboard Spelling lesson helps students spell words ending in -ed or -ing correctly. Included are Spelling rules for words ending in silent e and when to double consonants before adding endings. Examples are first given, then interactive practice, and finally individual practice fo
This is a FREE cheat sheet to help out your students. My students never know when to double the consonant prior to adding a suffix (ing, ed, or er). They put this into their spelling journal as a reference.
This resource includes four activities for practicing doubling the final consonant before adding –ed and –ing suffixes with a pumpkin patch theme. Perfect for word work or literacy centers in grade 1, grade 2, or grade 3! -- To use, simply copy the recording sheet and print and laminate the base w
Teaching inflectional endings can be hard…especially when you must double the consonant before adding your ending. This product is a fun way to help students learn and remember when to double the final consonant before adding the ending, and when to just add the ending.This is done by using CONSONAN
This Root Words with -s, -ed, and -ing Endings packet provides students with practice in recognizing, adding, and reading inflectional ending words. Practice SheetsThis set includes 4 practice worksheets. Page 1 – This page provides students with the opportunity to practice doubling the consonant be
The hardest skill taught in SIPPS Extension is when to double the last consonant before adding a suffix to a CVC word and learning to drop the silent e before adding a suffix beginning with a vowel to a CVCe word. Being able to read these words is a whole other issue. This fun card game gives stu
• Print the Word Sort cards and cut apart• On a white board or pocket chart put several words from the sort cards that should double the consonant before adding the vowel suffix. Then, put several words in another column that do not. Next, hold up a word and ask if anyone knows where it should go.
It is often challenging for young learners to master the concept of changing base/root words before adding endings such as _ ed,_ ing, _y, _ly, _ er, and _ est. This set of activities focuses on adding the endings _ed _ing, _er, and _est to one-syllable words with short vowel sounds. Young learners
Inflectional Ending Boards are intended to help students work with adding the -s, -ed, and -ing endings to a given root word (also known as base word). Students do this by matching the various forms of the word to the root word shown on the board. The boards consist of regular words, words that need
Adding suffixes can be tricky! This is a fun way to get your kids to practice how to add a suffix to a base word. There are words that they will need to double the final consonant, so be sure to cover that before this worksheet. This can be done as independent work or partner work. Students just nee
This center will help students practice reading words with inflected endings (ed, ing, er, est). Students will look at each butterfly card, write the word on the first column of their recording sheet, and then write the base word in the second column. (ex. card says "swimming" - student will write
Teach your students about inflectional endings and spelling rules for -S, -ES, -IES, -VES, -ED, and -ING with these digital phonics activities!This resource is also a part of the complete second grade digital phonics bundle.These activities will help you…- Save tons of prep time (the games are all r
Doubling the consonant before adding and ending such as -ed or -ing, and changing y to i before adding endings such as -ly are illustrated in these animated slides which can be printed and used as posters. Students will remember the spelling rules after seeing these animated slides and hearing the
Create cute spelling principle or rules anchor charts the easy way. Choose from 32 lessons. Includes art examples in color and black and white. Includes titles and mini-lesson statements. Perfect for word study or word work. Includes word lists for each lesson. Created for my 5th-grade class but wor
Students will practice when to double the consonant before adding -ed. These task cards help students to use the spelling rules to decide if they need to double the consonant. Rule posters are included and a marshmallow theme center!Task CardsThere are two sets included and 24 cards in each set.Set
Review with your students - - the "i" before "e" rules, - doubling final consonant rules for verbs when adding suffixes such as -ed and -ing, - the "seed" (succeed, etc.) words, - and the rules for adding -able and -ible. Lessons are designed for learning centers or sponge activities, but may be
This presentation can be used to teach or review verb endings. Included is adding -ed and -ing to regular verbs, verbs that end with -e, and verbs that you have to double the consonant before adding the ending. **Look for my Let's Learn the Spelling Laws: Verb Endings Worksheet as a follow-up acti
Students practice using a "Stretch It" strategy for doubling a consonant and adding -ed or -ing. They also use a "Swipe It" strategy for "swiping away" or removing the silent e before adding -ed and -ing.There are 32 task cards in all:8- Double the consonant and add -ed.8- Double the consonant and
A supplemental activity that allows students to practice applying the double consonant rule before adding -ing or -ed to a word with a short vowel sound.

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