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double replacement reactions

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double replacement reactions

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Chemical Reactions - Combustion and Decomposition, Special DecompositionThis lesson plan will teach your students how to predict the products in words for double replacement and combustion reactions. Special emphasis is placed on predicting products for neutralization reactions and combustion react
Use this resource for a fun way to help students practice predicting products for Single & Double Replacement Reactions. There is an introduction worksheet with 12 practice problems and 1 puzzle with two different versions, distinguished by the symbol in the middle. Each version of the puzzle ha
9th - 12th
These chemistry homework pages are perfect for students to use to practice predicting the products in a double replacement reaction. There are two pages.One page asks students to predict products in replacement reactions. This page is specifically for reactions that DO occur, so that students can
This simplified microchemistry lab allows students to investigate some of the rules of solubility before you begin balancing double replacement reactions or making predictions about precipitates. This lab is appropriate for all levels of chemistry and also for physical science to demonstrate chemic
7th - 12th, Higher Education
Complete Lesson: Predicting ProductsClassifying as Acid-Base or PrecipitationDetermining Solubility using RulesWriting Total and Net Ionic EquationIncludedWarm-upPPTGuided NotesClasswork/HomeworkExit TicketAll Answer Keys
This is a great way for introductory chemistry students to practice the skills involved in writing a double replacment reaction, finding the precipitate, and writing a net ionic equation. Instead of long, boring, frustrating worksheets, students can work in groups to complete a set of task cards, a
Students love the chance to move around and work with their peers. Let them practice their reaction writing skills with this activity! This activity will help your students practice and review writing balanced chemical equations from words, using the solubility rules, and predicting the products o
9th - 12th
Seven Stations. Each Station has a different double replacement reaction on it. Laminate the paper so the students can do the reaction directly on the station sheet.
9th - 12th
Students will learn about double replacement reactions, solubility, ionic equations, net ionic equations, and spectator ions in this asynchronous or synchronous lesson. Students will learn this with practice problems, examples, and a "soap scum" lesson phenomenon. This lesson takes about 50 minutes.
9th - 12th
This lab video goes along with the FREE lab procedure of the same name.This narrated lab video shows two types of reactions taking place in well-plates.  In the first part of the video, the single-replacement portion, the metals copper, magnesium, and iron are mixed with solutions of hydrochloric ac
Includes and Normal and Hard version. Students have to match the reactants with the products OR with the "no reaction" side of the puzzle piece. Symbols in the middle of each card make it easier for the teacher to easily see if the students got the correct answers. ** all of my resources are fully e
9th - 12th
Three page basic high school chemistry lab where students review the five types of chemical reactions. This lab has them in particular, explores single replacement and double replacement chemical reactions. Chemical reactions: Zinc and copper sulfate, copper sulfate and barium nitrate. Students must
9th - 11th
Answer Key to “link should be posted here”All answers included.docx file typeThe Chemistry Teacher WebsiteThe Chemistry Teacher on YouTube
Hello!The purchase of this product grants the purchase of 1 DIGITAL (Google Forms) Assessment with 25 fill-in-the-blank questions on double replacement reactions.Goals of this Digital Assessment: For students to use as a tool to study & practice completing single replacement reactions, balancing
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Directions:Write the chemical equation, predicting the products as needed. Balance the chemical equation. 8 Questions similar to:Calcium acetate + sodium carbonateAluminum iodide + mercury(II) nitrateAnswer Key sold separately “should be posted in a link here”Get both the worksheet and the answer ke
Save 10% off the regularly priced items above with this bundleThe Chemistry Teacher WebsiteThe Chemistry Teacher on YouTube
9th - 12th
This makes great practice for your students; writing double replacement reactions, writing ionic equations, using the solubility rules to determine precipitation, and balancing chemistry equations. I use this every year with my students to teach them how to use the solubility rules.
9th - 12th
In this double replacement reaction worksheet, students will: · Predict and identify the products are s, aq, l, or g · Identify if the double replacement reaction is: precipitation, neutralization, gas, or no reaction (NR)· Balance the reaction. · Write the net ionic equation.
10th - 12th
This download contains a single word wall coloring sheet for "double replacement reaction."You can also purchase this coloring in the chemical reaction word wall coloring set.Coloring pages have recently become a huge hit all over the world. In my new series of word wall coloring pages, you can brin
7th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This FREE lab procedure goes along with the corresponding LAB VIDEO of the same name.This lab activity has students investigate two types of reactions: single-replacement reactions and double-replacement reactions. Students are to make observations on the various combinations of chemicals used in
This video tutorial highlights Double Replacement Reactions. In this video students and teachers will get illustrated examples of how to recognize and work double replacement problems. You can use the illustrations in this video to engage students and provide them with material they can always refer
9th - 12th
This is a complete lesson for students to learn about chemical reactions and balancing chemical equations.Students will: learn how the Law of Conservation of Mass relates to balancing chemical equations; identify evidence for chemical reactions; be able to count the number of moles and atoms in a c
This science graphic organizer will aid students in classifying and defining types of chemical reactions using geometric representations as well as actual chemical reactions. Included are synthesis, decomposition, combustion, neutralization, single replacement, and double replacement.With what stand
Move away from the traditional in-class worksheets and engage chemistry students in a collaborative learning experience by using the Chemical Reactions Task Cards. Additionally, the task cards serve as a great differentiation tool by allowing the teacher to provide multiple ways to engage the lesso
8th - 12th

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