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Need extra practice with the double and drop rule when adding suffixes? There are pages for suffix ing, suffix ed, and suffix er working with the double and drop rule. These practice worksheets have students adding vowel suffixes and listing them in alphabetical order.Included:Suffix Drop Rule Flap
Doubling Rule: Suffixing with Word Sums-Bingo, Go Fish, & Wipe Out Games Have fun practicing the doubling rule for adding suffixes to one-syllable and two-syllable words using a word sums. Word sums give students a great visual means to determine the suffixing rule to use. Students practice rec
This turkey themed packet is everything you need to practice adding suffixes. There are pages for the drop rule and the double rule using suffixes ed, ing, & er. The last page is a reading passage where students practice editing by following the double and drop rule. Included:Turkey themed addin
This is a quick review sheet for the 1-1-1 spelling rule. It has a review of the rule at the top, and then a practice area at the bottom. You can change the suffix to the "suffix" column if you would like them to use different suffixes!
Build phonemic awareness with structured literacy practice. Orton Gillingham based, this Skill Set focuses on Advanced Suffix Rules with suffixes, specifically whether to double the consonant when adding -ed, -ing, and-er. These lists can be used to supplement any structured literacy program or gene
This 11 X 8.5 poster can be laminated and posted, or used in a student binder. It is a simple way to help students know when to double a consonant before -ing and -ed.
Each flap book has two pages. When you print this file, the pages are in order. The top page of the flap book is the page with the bold print and dotted lines. The bottom page has the small print and solid lines. Glue the left vertical tab on the top page to the vertical space on the left side of
This homework packet provides predictable practice with phonetic strategies taught in daily, systematic phonics instruction. It focuses on combining words containing the closed, v-e and open syllables with two suffixes. (ie. willingly) Sight word review is also included, as well as a cover page m
Is that word "hopping" or "hoping"? Teaching how to discriminate between the two can be very tricky! This card game is not a lesson, but it is a practice exercise to help students discriminate between a word like "hoping," which has had the E Drop Rule applied, and "hopping," which has had the 1-1-1
In this packet, students can practice doubling a single consonant before adding the -ing suffix.
Interactive activity that helps students learn when to double letters for the -ing ending in words. This is a fun, hands-on cookie theme with cookie jars to place appropriate words in.
This supplemental pack is aligned to the Journeys 2011/2012, 2014, and 2017 curriculum for 5th grade. This Journeys Grade 5 supplemental pack is created to supplement Unit 1, Lesson 4 (Double Dutch). The reading responses, activities, and interactive notebook pages focus on the Reading Literature an
Looking for a fun and engaging way to teach the 1-1-1 or doubling spelling rule when adding a vowel suffix?Are your students struggling with this tricky spelling rule? Games and activities to learn how to spell words with a vowel suffix. Using the research-based Orton-Gillingham methodology this res
This spelling and word work packet provides a list of words that teach the doubling spelling rule. The goal of the practice sheets and assessment is to use the rule when spelling and apply the knowledge to unfamiliar words, not simply memorize a specific list of words.In order to use the doubling ru
Do your students need practice with remembering the doubling rule? You'll love this basketball-themed pack. It's filled with valuable sorting practice and a BUMP game called Free Throw. Here's what's included: -1 syllable base word cards -Free Throw BUMP game directions -Gameboard with suffixes: -
"Double Trouble" teaches the doubling rule for spelling. Students need to know the types of syllables and whether the suffix is a "vowel suffix" (begins with a vowel) or a "consonant suffix" (begins with a consonant). Then they look for words that fit the 1:1:1 rule - 1 syllable (closed or vowel-r
*INCLUDES DIGITAL interactive version compatible with Google Classroom for distance learning* NOT ENDORSED BY WILSON READING These are resources created by me for use with my students during certified Orton-Gillingham instruction aligned with the Wilson scope and sequence. PLEASE READ: This product
PLEASE READ: This spelling bundle includes secure PDF documents of my 7 Spelling Rule products. If you purchased any of my spelling RULE products (links above), this bundle includes the same files.This word work resource provides 7 lists of words with matching tests that teach common spelling rules.
This is a complete UNIT or Bundle made up of the individual components available on my store but for a cheaper price. This product is much larger than you might think-- it's designed to take a whole semester even though it's only 118 root words. CONTENTS:1) Student Words List, Words List2) Flash Car
Fundations® Level 3 Unit 4 compatible This unit works on the drop e before adding a vowel suffix rule and reviews the 111 suffix rule . I made this to support Fundations®Level 3 of the Unit 4 (second edition) program. It is suitable for any phonics program. Totally No Prep. I made decodable passa
Updated 1/18/16 to include TWO separate power points. Each contains different words for added practice and both have interactive slides at the end to monitor student understanding. I have also added a wordsearch and an assessment plus 2 posters to display for reinforcement. This is a great way to e
This resource includes four activities for practicing doubling the final consonant before adding –ed and –ing suffixes with a pumpkin patch theme. Perfect for word work or literacy centers in grade 1, grade 2, or grade 3! -- To use, simply copy the recording sheet and print and laminate the base w
REVAMPED: 8/23/2020This product comes in pdf format and mov. If using mov mode, you can pause on any slide and control the speed of the lesson. PLEASE NOTE: This product focuses on two meanings for the suffix -er and how the meaning of the words change once the suffix -er is added to root words. Th
Suffixes: Language Arts - This is a fun way to learn about "ed" and "ing" added to words. In this activity I've included: - ing and ed puzzles - Sentence completion with ed and ing (fill in the blank) - Website resources with activities and rules for adding ed and ing - Chart with adding ed and ing

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