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Psychology: Consciousness - Sleep and Dreams ProjectSleep is an altered state of consciousness that we experience every day. This Sleep and Dreams project gives students an opportunity to research sleep and all of its aspects. Students then present and teach their research to the class. Included is
This is a complete packet to fully invite students to not only learn about the historical perspectives and theories on dreaming, but to record their own dreams and synthesize that knowledge and application by writing a critical thinking response to their dream(s). This 12-page PDF includes dream the
Psychology: Consciousness - Sleep and Dreams Journal Student’s create a five day sleep journal in order to record their hours of sleep and “follow their dreams.” Assignment comes with journal template, assignment and directions handout, PowerPoint directions and a dream interpretation assignment to
Dream interpretation; Sigmund Freud & Carl Jung; group discussions guided by handouts; personal journal-keeping; cool-looking PowerPoints; plus worksheets and a crossword puzzle for review. This is more than an activity--it's a great mini-unit that can fill a whole week if done in its entirety
*UPDATED FOR COLLEGE BOARD'S NEW GUIDELINES IN 2019-Covers Topic 2.8 and 2.9 in UNIT 2AP Psychology Fun Consciousness Unit Hypnosis, Dreams, Sleep, and Drugs Powerpoint includes engaging T/F questions, video stopping points with links to youtube, think pair share questions, quiz wiz checking for und
This is a worksheet to accompany the crash course video for Psychology #9: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream. Answer key is included as well.By purchasing this file, you agree not to make it publicly available (on websites, etc.) or to share with any other teachers. It is intended for classroom use only.
Check out this fun and interactive presentation and activity to teach “Sleep and Dreams” to your Psychology students. Students will not only learn about sleep and dreams with an engaging presentation but they will also track their sleep and dreams, interpret dreams, and participate in an interactive
This power-point presentation covers the important features of REM sleep, dreaming and lucid dreaming. Ready to use and editable slides! Check out more quality, ready-to-use resources: More from Resources Galore Follow me on: Pinterest CLICK on the green FOLLOW ME button and be the first to know
Psychology States of Consciousness Meaning of Dreams Art Project includes: a direction sheet with rubric, dream theory chart, artist example, and several student art work examples. Fully editable to suit your needs. *Please email me with any questions at ReadySetLearnSocialScience@yahoo.com If yo
Students love to analyze their dreams! Toss this favorite activity into your consciousness unit as a 1 day activity, a home work assignment or extra credit. Outlines instructions for students to use a dream analysis website to examine the manifest and latent content of their dreams. Always a hit,
This is a newly updated 2013 PDF sleep habits questionnaire which works perfectly as an attention-grabber or K-W-L activity to introduce a Psychology 1, 2, or AP unit on Sleep/Dreams and Consciousness. Reinforce the notion that students should answer as honestly as possible, and it'll be a genuine e
90-slide presentation on the psychology and neuroscience of sleep and dreams Numerous charts, graphs, research results, vocabulary, and cartoons are provided. All vocabulary is indicated in bold. Presentation prepared by a former editor for the Princeton Review's Cracking the AP Psychology Exam.
This article is a great addition to Unit 5- Levels of Consciousness. This article looks at the important of REM sleep, discusses REM rebound, and looks at the stages of sleep. It also helps us understand why we dream at night. My students always enjoy sharing their dreams and why they think they
In this lab the students survey subjects about the content of their dreams. They compare results across sexes and to the data from the original study. There are 6 versions here for a total of 135 pages....a pretty smoking deal for less than $4. The general premise of each of the labs is the same, in
This creative project is perfect for a psychology unit on sleep, dreams, and states of consciousness! These projects are fully editable and created with Google Docs and Google Slides for easy integration into Google Classroom. This product includes TWO versions; one intended for AP Psychology, and o
A interesting part of psychotherapy incorporates dream analysis...I always wanted to do more with interpreting dreams (yes I understand that Freud would say this should not be done outside of a therapist-patient relationship), but whose dreams to interpret...I did not want the students to get embarr
Why do we sleep? Well… that’s a tricky question. More easily answered is the question,”How do we sleep?” In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank discusses some of the ways our brain functions when sleeping and how it can malfunction as well.This guide uses the Cornell Note format to help st
Expose students to modern dream theory through a close read article and discussion. Then, students are asked to keep a dream journal, research meaning, and create a project of their common symbol and meaning. Includes lesson plan with essential questions, article, close read questions, journal pages
Have you been given a Psychology class and you don't know where to start?   At Mano Koa Enterprises, Psychology is "No Pilikia (Problem in Hawaiian)."This product contains 9 lessons and is broken down into two instructional sections:Sleep DreamsIn this mini-unit, students will do the following tasks
Psychology Chapter 7 Altered Stages of ConsciousnessSection 1 Dreaming and SleepingThe textbook owns the copyright to the title and subheadings and thus they have been altered for this PowerPoint. This PowerPoint is my own creation and not copied from any publisher. **This PowerPoint correlates with
MORE FORENSIC FILES! – CLICK HERE!*Video is necessary for completion of this worksheet. As of March 2019, the entire episode is available free on You Tube which could make it ideal for computer lab or homework assignments (technology access provided).*Forensic Files: Shattered Dreams (Season 11, Ep
*UPDATED FOR COLLEGE BOARD'S NEW GUIDELINES IN 2019-Covers Topic 2.8 and 2.9 in UNIT 2AP Psychology Fun Consciousness Unit Hypnosis, Dreams, Sleep, and Drugs Powerpoint includes engaging T/F questions, video stopping points with links to youtube, think pair share questions, quiz wiz checking for und
In these two labs the students analyze a dream set for characters, emotions and animals in dreams respectively.Research says that the characters in women’s dreams are about 50/50, men and women, but in men’s dreams there are more male characters than female characters. One of the labs focuses on thi
In order to remember, record, and reflect on their dreams, students will use this week-long dream journal. They will start with pre-dreaming questions, read tips to help them remember their dreams, record their dreams in the spaces provided, and answer reflection questions at the end of the week. Th

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