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Add It or Drop It: A game to reinforce dropping a final e and doubling a final consonant when adding a vowel suffix Includes the file to print one deck of 36 pairs of words (base words and the same word with a vowel suffix added), 2 wild cards, and 4 sort category cards for speed sorts ~ 78 cards
This dropping final e rule poster and worksheets quickly clear up when to drop the silent e question. I have made worksheets and posters with and without graphics to use with younger and older learners. This pack suitable for reading and spelling intervention. This is great Orton-Gillingham instruct
Are you looking for a quick and efficient way to teach your students spelling patterns? This unit is specifically designed for the upper elementary school teacher in mind. Spelling Patterns for Big Kids targets specific spelling skills your students need in an interactive way that will give daily
The powerpoint serves as a tool to teach the spelling skill, when to drop the final e before adding -ing. The lesson teaches the when and how of the rule or spelling skill, gives samples to work through, and provides three differentiated spelling lists. The powerpoint helps to enhance any spelling
Structural Analysis Skill: Inflectional Endings –ed and -ing (drop final e)The first slide gives a brief explanation of the structural analysis skill. The slides that follow prompt students to practice the skill. Each slide has audio directions.Please take note that this is a Google Slides activity
Click HERE to PreviewStructural Analysis Skill: Inflectional Endings –ed and -ing (drop final e)My students and I love BOOM Card! Please visit https://wow.boomlearning.com/ before you purchase this product. Create a free account and sign up your students to join in on the fun!Be sure to check out my
Are you looking for a quick and efficient way to teach your students spelling patterns? This unit is specifically designed for the upper elementary school teacher in mind. Spelling Patterns for Big Kids targets specific spelling skills your students need in an interactive way that will give daily
3rd - 4th
Pattern: When a word ends in a silent “e”, drop the “e” before adding a suffix that begins with a vowel. Example: love to loving I usually send the first page home the day we start a new unit. We go over the pattern by creating an anchor chart and they jot it down in their spelling notebook. We al
Reading Street Decodable Reader stories..These printouts correlate with the story, Dot and Jabber. Each story is labeled with the skill to be learned (Drop final e; Plurals -es; Vowel sound oo) . Once printed (double-side print), you can fold them so that one story is visible at a time. Also, words
This inflected endings dropping the final e say I is one of a series of game cards used to reinforce phonetic skills taught in first grade. I created this game because I teach small groups of children who frequently need help with different skills. I only have students for 30 minutes, so I need thin
This single-page 8-1/2"x11" poster of the Spelling rule -- Drop the Final E before a Suffix -- is a perfect reminder for your classroom walls or learner binders. LEVEL: 3rd grade - High School (whenever you need to teach spelling rules) So easy to print, laminate, and post on the walls to help st
This is a practice page for the spelling rule of dropping or keeping the silent final e. It is Spelling Rule 3 from Shurley, Grade 3.
In this engaging work station game students will be working with inflected ending. They will be sorting cookies into two different groups based on the pattern of if the -e is dropped at the end of a word before the inflected endings of -ed or -ing are added. Students will love the cute monster and
Looking for a fun lab for the scientific method or properties of water? Investigate the surface tension of water and the property of cohesion with the drops on a penny lab. Students will investigate how the different variables affect the number of water drops on a penny. As students complete this
This is a Scoot game for practicing the "drop the e" rule and the "doubling the final consonant" rule when adding endings to verbs. This product contains: -Teacher Directions for how to play -30 Scoot cards -Scoot Grid Paper (with either 20, 25, or 30 boxes) -Answer Keys for each grid ===========
This slide deck promotes continuous blending of Silent E words. Only the vowel - e is shown initially to help focus the student’s attention to the new pattern.  Then the initial consonant is opened and the student must blend the two sounds smoothly and continuously. Finally the last consonant is ope
K - 5th
⭐ This resource is included in:► CVC BOOM CARDS BUNDLE FINAL CONSONANTS (ENDING SOUNDS)⭐ The 22 fun kids-activity-themed digital Boom Cards will reinforce students’ understanding of final consonants (ending sounds) of CVC Short Vowel E words.►►ACTIVITYStudents will drag and drop the correct letter t
Who Is Hiding? is a digital, interactive lift-the-flap style reader perfect for early readers! There is an animal hiding on each page. Read the text, then "lift the flap" to see who is hiding. The final page is a drag and drop activity to put each animal back in his home.Targeted Skills:-Predictabl
PreK - 1st
Bundle of 9 editions of Shop 'til You Drop Performance Task for 5th grade In the Shop 'til You Drop Performance Task, students use real information about their favorite clothing store to practice opinion reading and writing in an engaging, real world context. Students take on the role of a shopper
Performance Task – Money - Shop til You Drop: The Gap In the Shop til You Drop Performance Task, students use prices from the Gap to practice working with decimals and solving word problems. As shoppers they have $50 to spend wisely and have to analyze the different ways this could be spent. What’
The focus of this packet is to help students understand and remember to drop the silent “e” when adding suffixes that begin with a vowel, specifically -ing, -ed, and -er endings. This can be a tricky spelling rule for students, so I hope you find this packet to be beneficial! What's Included: • 1
Challenge your students and incorporate Newton's laws with this egg drop STEM challenge. Students will design, test, investigate, think like a disciplinarian, and improve their egg drops as they try and create an egg drop to mimic the mars rover landing. Included:-Teacher guide for doing the act
Digital task cards to learn and practice the skill of consonant +LE (great for Phonics Distance Learning for your Google Classroom!). This is INTERACTIVE and all DIGITAL with moveable pieces that is great for centers and awesome for phonics in your Google Classroom.Since this is essentially ZERO pre
This game is an engaging way to practice decoding words in which the 1-1-1 Doubling or E-Dropping rule has been applied when a vowel suffix was added. If the final consonant is doubled, the first vowel is short. If a magic e was dropped leaving just 1 consonant before the suffix, the first vowel r

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