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Vowel Team Reading Stories - ie, ai, ay, ue, ui, oa, ow, oe, ea, ee and more!
Vowel Team reading passages and stories with matching comprehension questions for spelling, reading and phonics practice! → Fun and quirky stories for each vowel team→ Matching comprehension questions→ Answer pages included and pages→ All black and white (apart from the cover page)Vowel teams includ
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Long Vowels Fluency Passages | Long Vowels Worksheets
Fluency Passages: These are long Vowel Fluency Passages for Kindergarten and First Grade Students Features • Phonics Based Fluency Passages • Recording and Accountability Graph • Comprehension Questions -Text Dependent & higher level • Comprehension Questions Long A -ai -ay a_e Long E -ea
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Orton-Gillingham Bundle: Decodable Stories, Comprehension Sheets  & Activities
94 original Orton-Gillingham based stories covering level one and level two concepts. In addition, there are comprehension worksheets and activities to reinforce skills. The following concepts are covered: cvc, ccvc, cvcc, ccvcc, silent e vowels,vc/cv, suffix -s, y as a vowel, the vowel teams ai, ay
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Vowel Digraph ea: Three Sounds of EA practice
Vowel Digraph- This vowel digraph pack has activities to use for differentiating between the 3 different sounds of the vowel digraph ea. ****************************************************************** This pack has had a complete revision in May 2017! *******************************************
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Challenge Phonics BUNDLE - Digraphs, Vowel Diphthongs, Long Vowels worksheets
This challenge phonics bundle will focus on the specific phonics sounds while using more challenging words to engage your audience of 2nd and 3rd graders (Can also be used for your high-flying 1st graders). I have chosen words that are richer in VOCABULARY content and have MULTIPLE syllables! No mo
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Long e Tennis Teams {an /ee/ and /ea/ phonics unit}
This long e phonics unit introduces students to the /ee/ and /ea/ long e pattern with two tennis team characters and provides six engaging and hands on tennis themed activities for your students to learn and apply the /ee/ and /ea/ long e patterns! The long e activities include: */ee/ and /ea/ ten
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Vowel Digraphs EE EA Orton-Gillingham Level 2 Multisensory Phonics Activities
Vowel Digraphs {EE and EA} This vowel digraphs pack has everything you need to teach the vowel digraphs ee and ea. It is compatible with Orton-Gillingham and other reading interventions. What is included in this vowel digraphs pack? -vowel digraph ee and ea word lists -vowel digraph ee and ea play
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22 Phonetic one-page decodable stories for digraphs and diphthongs
These are 22 one page stories in large font that practice a particular sound spelling. There are stories for th, sh, ch, oo, ow, oi/oy, aw, or, ar, all, _ng, oa, ea, ee, ai, ay, igh, a_e, i_e, o_e, y=long e and y=long i. These stories are easy to read, provide excellent practice for the target sou
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Alexander Graham Bell Literacy Pack for First Grade Foresman Reading Street
Thanks for your interest in my Alexander Graham Bell Literacy Pack! This pack is full of activities that I have found to be effective teachin tools! The Alexander Graham Bell Literacy Pack includes everything that you need for this story unit but don't have time to make: *Vocabulary Cards *Two Se
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Schools Around the World Journeys Worksheets
Schools Around the World PRINTABLES ONLY Lesson 13, Unit 3 REVISED 11/15/15 Now has 120 pages! If you have purchased the set that includes the centers and printables, please do not purchase this. These are the same printables that are in that set. You can purchase the whole set by clicking below:
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Phonics stories - stories to use in introducing a grapheme
This is a set of 38 phonics stories to use in introducing new graphemes. There is one worksheet on each of the following: - ch - sh - th - ng - nk - a-e - ai - ay - ee - ea (as long e) e.g. sea - i-e - igh - ow (long) e.g. blow - o-e - oa - ew - long oo e.g. moon - short oo e.g. cook - u-e - oi and
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ee ea story, printable story, and wall signs
This product comes with: A Story, Wall Display, Printable Story, and Worksheet -The Story explains why ee and ea say their name. -The Wall Display has two songs and a short story that goes along with the longer version -The Printable Story can be sent home so students can practice reading -Works
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Decoding Worksheets: Short A, E, I, O, U and Long Vowels, Vowel Teams Too!
CVC phonics worksheets will help your students practice reading words with short and long vowels, like short a, and vowel teams (ay-ai-ea-oa)! The American Reading Corps is pleased to announce the first workbook in the series, Reading Intellex! Your students will enjoy working on their CVC and CVCe
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short ea phonics lesson plans, worksheets and other teaching resources
To see what these resources are like, download the set on ch for FREE at This is a zipped folder containing the following resources for introducing and teaching the short ea grapheme, as in 'head': - 2 alternative lesson plans - a one-slide story
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Journeys Unit Four Bundle 16-20
16: Let's Go to the Moon Colorful focus board posters: reading, writing, grammar, word study, vocabulary, fluency, author’s purpose, genre, and point of view Word study, vocabulary, and words to know colorful cards and header to display in classroom Word study, vocabulary and words to know cards f
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Challenge Phonics LONG VOWELS worksheets
Are you tired of teaching phonics with simple words like sale, time, and phone? Well, look no further! I have created a phonics packet of long vowel worksheets that will focus on the phonics sounds while using more challenging words to engage your audience of 2nd and 3rd graders (Can also be used fo

Also included in: Challenge Phonics BUNDLE - Digraphs, Vowel Diphthongs, Long Vowels worksheets

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Phonics Lessons: 39 - The Many Sounds of Digraph ea
“The Many Sounds of Digraph ea” is a story of the three sounds of digraph ea and how Rambunctious R influences this digraph as well. Examples of each sound in words are given. Easy Going E and Agreeable A team up well to make these many sounds! This is one of many phonics stories written to help s
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ee/ ea activities
Phonics activities for /ee/ and /ea/. Includes a Halloween story for students to read and find/ highlight long e words, a word sort with ee/ ea words, and a spelling activity with long e words. This packet is also part of my PHONICS BUNDLE! Please visit my store for more phonics packets including
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ee ea Story, Printable Story, Wall Signs, and Literacy Activities Bundle
This product comes with a weeks’ worth of activities and ideas: A Story, Wall Display, Printable Story, and Worksheet -The Story explains why ee and ea say their name -The Wall Display has two songs and a short story that goes along with the longer version -The Printable Story can be sent home so s
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Hard and Soft C and G Worksheets Phonics Fluency Passages Reading Comprehension
Hard and Soft C and Hard and Soft G Worksheets Phonics Fluency Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions: This packet of reading passages is designed to help your students with their phonics, reading fluency, and comprehension skills with a focus on hard and soft c and hard and soft g.HARD AND SO

Also included in: Phonics Fluency Passages Reading Comprehension Worksheets BUNDLE PACK

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Language Activities There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves
Language Arts Activity set for use with There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves by Lucille Colandro. Perfect for fall! Set includes 7 separate activities perfect for first graders: "ea" worksheet, Long "e" vs. short "e" sound worksheet, Word Slide, Sentence Scramble/Scarecrow Art Project, W
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Annabel Lee Activity Bundle (E.A. Poe) PDF
Set of activities for use with the poem “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe. Includes reading questions, graphic organizers, culminating projects with tasks cards, and more. Answer keys and rubrics included. Many options to pick from to fit your classroom needs. Contents: Reading Activities: readin
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Long Vowels Writing Worksheets - Vowel Team Writing
This writing resource was designed to provide students with opportunities to practice the long vowel spelling patterns they have been taught. As students learn a new long vowel spelling pattern in isolation, they need to have opportunities to apply them in context. These writing printables will help

Also included in: Phonics Writing Worksheets Bundle

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Short story + Short story - 16 activities to use with any story
This is a budle of my two products - Short story and Short story - 16 activities to use with any short story. Both products can be purchased separately: Short Story ShortStory This material contains information on short story - definition, types of short stories. It closely examines the humorous
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