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Results for earth day technology

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Earth Day: Plants & Technology W.4.7, SL.4.4, L.4.4c, RL.4.10, RI.4.2, RF.4.3

This lesson plan examines how technology can play a role in illuminating plants to decrease pollution. Observing a simple science experiment that makes celery glow. Using integrated subjects, multiple standards, and informational texts. Subjects covered are: English Language Arts; Art; Science Common Core Standards included: W.4.7, SL.4.4, L.4.4c, RL.4.10, RI.4.2, RF.4.3

FREE Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Head outside for an Earth Day Scavenger Hunt. Designed for elementary grades, families can look for 12 different things found indoors and outdoors. April 22, 2020 marks 50 years of celebrating Earth Day. This is certainly a strange time, but we know now more than ever just how important science, community, and a global perspective is for our world.See all Distance Learning (tech and non-tech!) from The Science Penguin!Resources You Might LikeEarth Day Digital Vocabulary LessonFree Outdoor Scienc

Earth Day Task Cards

Created by
Danielle Knight
Earth Day Task Cards Use this Free Download in your classroom… A great way to mix alternative with authentic written assessments. Can be modified for any level. For Differentiated Instruction: Give students alternative ways of exploring and expressing key ideas and using key skills. --This set of cards allow students to work independently or collaboratively. As the teacher...YOU choose! --Gives credit for artistic/creative expression, use of technology, written responses, and effort. --Great

Earth Day Free Activities {Vocabulary Resource}

Looking for Earth Day free activities? Try this #foreverfree resource to teach synonyms. This Earth Day free vocabulary activity will give your students a deeper understanding of what it means to reuse, reduce, and recycle. Reuse, Reduce, RecycleThese vocabulary pages are meant to teach the words reuse, reduce, and recycle deeply. I like to model technology, so I show my students how to use an online dictionary or thesaurus. As we research the meaning of these words as a class, I have students

Earth Day Photo Scavenger Hunt

After a long winter, signs of spring are becoming more and more evident. Pick a sunny day during the week prior to Earth Day and do a Photo Scavenger Hunt with your students! On Earth Day, students can create a slideshow with PowerPoint to present to other classes what they found in nature. Or you could print the pictures and create a photo display on a bulletin board. Turn it into an even bigger project and encourage students to find ways to protect the environment and present that along wit

Earth Day Video Project on Recycling

Use this project to create an Earth Day video with class. This project is designed to help students collaborate, so they should be working in partners or small groups. Each small group can either work within a larger group in your class, or your class as a whole can be the larger group. This resource provides you with the brainstorming sheets, the task sheet and a grading rubric to guide your students through this project. You can use this project with any variety or combination of movie m

Greta Thunberg Earth Day & Women's History Month | Climate Activist

Celebrate Women's History Month and Earth Day with an exciting and fun reading comprehension activity about climate activist Greta Thunberg! Designed for middle and high school students, this activity includes a reading passage about Greta's contributions to climate activism, an informative YouTube video to enhance understanding, and a Google Form to check for comprehension. Your students will engage with technology while learning about one of the most important issues of our time. Don't miss th

Science: Technology to Mitigate Effects of Catastrophic Events

Created by
Toby Beck
Science: Technology to Mitigate Effects of Catastrophic Events.Design a System to Mitigate the Effects of Wildfires.Use this product to engage and challenge your students in Science. This product will have your students do a design challenge to apply what they are learning to a real world problem, Wildfires!Your students will learn how to design solutions to problems, be creative, be adaptable, have grit, and ask questions. All skills they need to be successful in the fast changing world they wi

FREE Earth Day Slide Show

Created by
Krystal Mills
Earth Day is just around the corner - April 22nd! This FREE Earth Day slide show is a student sample that accompanies my "Awesome Earth Day Activities Package" in my TpT store: The complete package has 20 pages of various Earth Day activities (a poster, debate, poetry etc.) to do with your students. It includes all of the templates, rubrics, teacher explanation sheets and printable student sheets that you'll need. I've

Earth Day Choice Boards FREEBIE for EPIC! Books for Kids!

Do you love the EPIC! books for kids in your classroom? Grab this freebie that includes to different CHOICE boards to use for EARTH DAY! This is a great way to promote saving the Earth by using technology in your classroom.

Earth Day FREEBIE Coloring Page

Celebrate Earth Day with this fun freebie! ♻️ This low-stress, print-and-go FREEBIE coloring sheet is just what you're looking for! Need more Social Studies resources? Check these out! ⭐ 5th Grade Social Studies Standards Posters for Georgia⭐ 1950 - 1975 America (SS5H6, SS5H6a, SS5H6b, SS5H6c, SS5H6d)⭐ Bill of Rights & Due Process Reading & Writing Activity (SS5CG1, SS5CG1b)⭐ Civil Rights Movement Reading & Writing Activity (SS5H6, SS5H6b)⭐ Earning Income by Selling Labor Reading Act

Earth Day Fill in the Blank

Earth Day Fill in the Blank handout. - This product goes great with the 5min Earth Day Video Student use the knowledge they learned from the video to complete the handout. Two versions of the handout are include - one with work bank, one without.

Earth Day STEAM Printable Activities - Counting, Jewelry Making & Color Mixing

Created by
Mitzy Makes It
These four printable activities go along with our video "Happy Earth Day!" where Mitzy and her friends are celebrating Earth Day by sharing their favorite Earth Day activities. In addition to the four printable activities, you can also use the video as an exercise to to learn more about recycling, reusable jewelry, how plants grow and making paint from natural elements. Mitzy Makes It aims to inspire young girls to pursue STEAM by showing them that being technical can still be fun and colorful.M

Technology-Less Thursdays

Created by
Kristina Basil
This Technology-Less Thursdays letter home can be edited to however you see fit. The idea is to have students go without using technology every Thursday for the month of April (when Earth Day is).

Sun-Earth-Moon System

Created by
Raymond DiSunno
Students will be able to create and manipulate models (e.g., physical, graphical) to explain the occurrences of day/night cycles, length of year, seasons, eclipses, and lunar phases based on patterns of the observed motions of celestial bodies. Can be used as an independent assignment or taught to an entire class

~Celebrate Earth by Making a Poster: You Are My Sunshine~

Created by
Compass Rose
~Make an Earth Day Poster: You Are My Sunshine~ (and read a short story for an Earth Day Celebration)by Betty J. White, AKA Compass Rose, 2022.· Learn how to make a poster for Earth Day, pattern included.· Enjoy a poem for an Earth Day Celebration and invite students to add some of their own verses they create to the poem.· Read a short story, Part 6: Drone Boy and Drone Girl, “You Are My Sunshine”, as Natalie and Comet plant a sunflower maze, a fundraiser for their local library.· Learn about u

Reduce Reuse Recycle Coloring Pages FREE DOWNLOAD

Are you exploring Earth Day or just looking for some great recycling resources? You will love these 3 free coloring pages. Use to decorate your classroom or to create a great bulletin board display in your school front office.*********************************************************************☀☀☀☀STAY CONNECTED TO TECH TEACHER PTO3☀☀☀☀❤️ Follow Me to find out when new products are added ❤️*********************************************************************Related Products• Materials Posters fo

FREE First Week of School Science Lesson Plans

Are you wondering what on Earth you are going to teach in science during the first week of school? If you are, then you are going to want these lesson plans! These lesson plans are for 5 days and include minimal technology in case your students haven't gotten their computers yet. These plans give you everything you need except for physical items (computers, index cards, whiteboards, etc). *1 Day = approx 50 minsWhat is included?5 Days of PlansDigital Interactive Notebook (and a paper version)Con

CLIMATE CHANGE and Consumption: Create a Sustainable School

This is a terrific stand alone or within a unit on Earth, climate change, sustainability, for Earth Day, technology class, or for sub plans. Included is the activity sheet itself to first brainstorm ways to make your own school sustainable, research the top 50 green schools in the U.S. and take notes on the ideas most useful to students' own school, a list of possible ways to implement more sustainability, as well as culminating in the creation of a Minecraft city which is sustainable and with

Reduce, Reuse, Recyle - Short plays

Created by
Tina Pischiutta
This script is part of a recylcing unit. It's great for promoting Earth Day or for intigrating design and technology with Drama. Have the students bring in materials that otherwise would be thrown away, to create the following things to go with the script: - paper/plastic cups to make a pyramid - materials to make a necklace - materials to make earrings - materials to make various models of recycling/energy saving factories/plants Keep in mind the students need to bring their own recycled ma

What to Wear and Drink? Weather Patterns & Climatic Regions

Created by
How does our climate affect us? How do we decide what to wear each day? What factors determine if our clothing choices are comfortable? What is the source of our water? Students explore characteristics that define climatic regions. They learn how tropical, desert, coastal and alpine climates result in different lifestyles, clothing, water sources and food options for the people who live there. They learn that a location’s latitude, altitude, land features, weather conditions and distance from la

Big City Digital Scavenger Hunt

Send your learners on a big city digital scavenger hunt as they use Google Earth and Google Maps to discover hidden parts of metropolitan areas and to discover their own powerful research skills. This is a great remote learning activity to foster engagement and curiosity that has all kinds of curricular adaptations. The Google Slides template is great for assigning in Google Classroom.

Earth Day Activity Pack

Earth Day Activity Pack includes: rhyming poetry accompanied with nature photography, bookmarks, writing templates, and acrostic poems.Technology Connection: Poetry Reading for Earth DayFYI: You can earn credits to use at various TPT stores by providing feedback for purchased products. Please click the star at the top of the page to follow me if you would like notification when I post a new product. Thanks for visiting my store! :-)

Digital Classroom Science Soil

Are you looking to teach your students about soil through digital means? Look no further! Why should you purchase this product?Technology has become an essential part of education. Using digital resources is an amazing way to help reach all of your students. This product utilizes Google Slides, Google Forms, and Google Classroom.What is included?A 2-page passage about soil An 8 question Google Form If you love this freebie, take a look at the Full Digital Classroom Science product: It includes 4
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