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This is a collection of five sets of clip art. The sets in this collection are crystals, rocks and minerals, fossils, paleontology, rock cycle. The images in each set are: CRYSTALS agate, amber, amethyst, carnelian, Chrysocolla, clear quartz, diamond, geodes, gypsy rosum, hermatite, kyanite crysta
Dot Dudes Clip Art - instructional and fun clip art for your projects, one hug at a time. These Life Science/Biology Dot Dudes are curious, creative, and just right for projects about the Earth and it's natural happenings. NOTE: This set is part of the Dot Dudes STEM Bundle 1 - Science. Please chec
Create a great earth science / geology resource with this 32 piece volcano clip art set, featuring a stratovolcano, cinder cone volcano, shield volcano, and volcanic fissure. Three versions of each are included: dormant, active, and internal diagram. This versatile set also contains Ash, block, ma
This 24 piece set includes 3 convergent, 2 divergent, and 1 transform plate boundary in labeled and unlabeled form, blackline included. The set includes 12 PNG color illustrations, and 12 PNG blackline versions. These are high resolution (300 dpi) transparent background graphics. No watermarks wil
This 109 piece Earth Science Bundle features:● Volcanoes set - (cinder cone, strato, shield, and fissure)● The Rock Cycle set - (metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary)● Layers of the Earth set - (Inner core, outer core, mantle & crust)● Stratigraphy set - Rock strata graphics, some with and
This 28 piece Earth Science Weathering and Erosion clip art set features erosion due to wind, water, and glacial action, plus mechanical, chemical, and biological weathering. Includes particle creep, saltation, and suspension. The set includes 14 PNG color illustrations, and 14 PNG black line
Create a great earth science resource with this 18 piece geology clip art set. Included are basic layers of the earth diagrams (inner core, outer core, mantle, crust), a side view diagram (asthenosphere, lithosphere, continental crust, oceanic crust), and a diagram showing convergent and divergent b
This huge 255 piece Geoscience Mega Bundle features:● Crystals and Minerals (crystals, minerals, semi-precious stones)● Sediment Deposition - (fluvial, glacial, aeolian)● Plate Boundaries - (convergent, divergent, transform)● Soil and Compost - (compost cycle, soil horizons, loam, silt, clay, sa
It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it! Dig in to these 29 illustrations and create a great geoscience resource with this set of composting and soil related graphics. Includes loam, sand, silt, and clay, a compost cycle, and soil horizons illustration. The set includes 13 PNG color illustrati
Earth Science-Rocks & Fossils Clip Art Bundle includes:Types of Fossils Clip ArCarbon films 2, Casts & Mold, Petrified snail, Petrified wood, Preserved Remains amber , Preserved Remains frozen, Preserved Remains tar 2 ,Trace fossil Footprint 2, Trace fossil Poop, Body: bone dino, shark tooth
This 30 piece set features images pertaining to earthquakes. Included are 3 different types of faults, an example of plate boundaries, an example of epicenter and focus, structural damage, a tsunami diagram, and a seismology graph with P waves, S waves and Surface waves. The set includes 14 PNG co
This set includes: A labeled and unlabeled picture of earth's Internal Structure (colored and line art) Plate Tectonic Movements (Convergent, Divergent, Transform)(colored and line art) An Image of Fault Lines (colored and line art) A simple map of world showing plate boundaries (colored and line ar
Teach students about the Earth with this 439 piece Earth Science Clip Art Mega Bundle. This mega bundle includes 12 sets which include; Climate, Clouds, Environments and Biomes, Weather, Earth Science, Fossils, Weathering And Erosion, Build A Coral Reef, Ocean Creatures Depth Zones, Oceanography, an
This 24 piece Crystals, Minerals and Stones clip art set is perfect for creating a fascinating and informative Earth Science resource. Includes 12 beautiful crystals / minerals / semi-precious stones. This clipart set includes 12 color and 12 blackline PNG versions of the same illustrations. These
This 94 piece Earth Science Clip Art Bundle features images that aid in the education of subjects such as paleontology and petrology. This set also includes 42 bonus pieces with wording. This set includes:● Earth Science - Plate Tectonics, Earth's Magnetism, Water Cycle ● Fossils - Fossil Index,
20 piece Earth science clip art set. Includes the water cycle, earth's magnetic field, plate boundaries and more.14 Bonus pieces of labeled graphics included. The set includes 10 PNG color illustrations, and 10 PNG black and white versions. These are high resolution (300 dpi) transparent background
Solar System Clip Art: Explore the planets in our universe with your budding science students. Decorate your bulletin board with some fun science clipart. Design lessons and units about the planets in our universe. Great for learning about the Milky Way and planet Earth.WHAT IS CLIP ART?Clip art (or
This 122 piece Geology Bundle features: ● Sediment Deposition - (fluvial, glacial, aeolian) ● Plate Boundaries - (convergent, divergent, transform) ● Soil and Compost - (compost cycle, soil horizons, loam, silt, clay, sand) ● Weathering and Erosion - (wind, mechanical, biological,chemical). Y
20 piece clip art set includes colorful images displaying scientific ocean related images. The set includes 10 PNG color illustrations, and 10 PNG black line versions. These are high resolution (300 dpi) transparent background graphics. No watermarks will appear on the files that you download. The c
You'll be getting 8 diagrams, each diagram comes in coloured and lineart, labelled and non-labelled versions to teach about the ocean. Included diagrams: Continental Shelf, Slope and Rise Ocean Floor (Includes abyssal plain) Tide Volcanic Island Freshwater Aquifer Submarine Canyon and Abyssal Fan (
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This bundle includes Earth layers clip art, Plate tectonics clip art, and volcano clip art for a total of 48 clip art images. These images are in PNG format and can easily be layered on top of your projects and lessons.Earth Layers Clip Art includes (Total of 16 Images)~ 4 different images, each ima
Create a great resource with these 41 geology illustrations of landforms caused by sediment deposits. The geoscience graphics depict the results of fluvial, glacial, and aeolian processes in labeled and unlabeled versions. Set includes 20 PNG color, and 21 PNG grayscale/blackline illustrations. T
Features of Earth Science diagrams and clipart of planet Earth's structures and features. Internal structures, atmosphere, magnetic field are explained in labels, arrows, and titles. There are 5 different topical Earth images and a bonus image; each has one with explanatory labels, one in color, a
Welcome to 1, 2, 3 Science Clipart, the Earth Science Set! This collection includes:  Earth Science – Representations of common earth landforms. About the images… All of the images in this set are presented in both .PNG and .EMF (Enhanced Meta File) format. PNG files can be edited in ba
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