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This earthquake simulation activity has students building and shaking! This amazing challenge has turned out to be one of our favorites! Students must build a structure following strict rules and then test the stability of it by using a shake-tray. Your kids will love building the structures and ch
Engage your learners with this easy to implement STEM Challenge. Students are given a scenario in which they will need to build an earthquake resistant structure. The resource includes everything you need to easily challenge your students. Students will start by building background knowledge with a
Earthquake Resistant Shelter - Natural Hazard STEM - Oh no! The family bought property to build a home, but it is near a fault line. Help the family design an earthquake resistant home. Stick to your budget, but be creative! The house will be tested on a shaky platform! Your students will lov
This lab or activity is a hands-on and collaborative learning lesson that incorporates the following: STEM Earthquakes Geology Engineering Design Real-World Connections Problem Solving Inferencing and Predicting Materials: this handout, mini-marshmellows, toothpicks, jello Overview: Students will
Includes both PDF and TpT Digital Versions for Google Classroom and in-person instruction.Build an Earthquake-Proof Structure!Students love completing this natural disaster STEM challenge! Students learn about what causes Earthquakes, as well as some current methods structural engineers are using to
Dear Educator, It’s time to bring some fun to your classroom during your unit on earthquakes! Your students will love this STEM project where they have to build an earthquake resistant building. There are many ways you can use this project – group lab, individual projects, or a culminating unit act
This is a STEM design challenge where students will design an earthquake proof building, place it on a shake table and see if it survives an earthquake. Have students compete to make the best design by following the design process. Each packet includes the lesson plan which follows the design proces
Get your students excited about Engineering! In this project students research, design, and build structures that must withstand an earthquake. Students "purchase" materials for their structures using checks, keep track of spending, and stay under budget. Students follow the engineering design cyc
Get ready for a shakedown showdown in your classroom as students are challenged to design and build an earthquake resistant structure.Students begin by researching with a video webquest complete with tablet-friendly QR codes. They will gather information on how engineers design buildings to be earth
Use these 46 Pages of Earthquake (Earth Day) STEM Challenge to let your students learn how to work as engineers to make models of buildings to see how well their structure stand up under the stress of an earthquake. Explain to them that this is similar to what some civil engineers do as their jobs.D
Jello and geology totally mix! What student wouldn't be engaged when learning and engineering using Jello?! This pack contains all the information you need: student lab booklet, teacher instructions, and photographs are all included. Using simple, inexpensive materials, you can engage your studen
This extensive earthquake unit covers many factors to make your students knowledgeable in the topic of earthquakes. It has many links and videos to break up the monotony of a powerpoint lesson. Questions about the earthquakes are scattered throughout the slides. At the end of the powerpoints is a
Your students will love learning about earthquakes with this interactive packet. You will love the ease of prep and variety of skills covered. This resource includes everything you need for a study about earthquakes!PRODUCT INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING: Vocabulary posters: 13 color posters including the
STEM AND EARTHQUAKES Challenge your students to “Beat the Quake” by becoming civil engineers for the day. Your class will engineer prototypes for earthquake-proof structures using toothpicks and marshmallows that can be tested on a pan of prepared gelatin. We have included role cards, inquiry ques
Within this lesson, students will be tasked with creating a structure made of straws, paper clips, and other materials that is able to withstand a simulated earthquake. Students will learn about earthquakes, and the technology used to avoid catastrophes in their wake. This project requires students
This is a STEM - Grade 6 - 8 science lesson on earthquakes. It includes 21 pages which cover:- Earthquake origin- Faults- Earthquake wave types - primary & secondary waves- The Richter Scale- Magnitude & intensity- Solid Liquefaction- Determining of epicenter & hypocenter- Earthquake zon
This STEM challenge has students work as a team to design and build a structurally safe building that can withstand an earthquake. This activity follows the Engineering Design Process. It’s a great way for students put those STEM skills to use. This challenge include: -The STEM challenge requiremen
STEM activity where students learn about the engineering design process, engineering requirements and limitations, as well as reinforce information about earthquakes and earthquake waves. This lab works best for small groups of 2-4 students. Students design skyscrapers which will need to withstand s
For this STEM Challenge, students must design and test an earthquake proof structure using toothpicks and marshmallows. This file includes 4 slides of background information about earthquakes, 4 slides setting up the challenge with student directions, tips for teachers to help this STEM challenge ru
Your students will love learning about earthquakes with this digital, interactive unit made for use with Google Slides. You will love the variety of skills covered and the ease of learning digitally. This resource includes everything you need for a study about earthquakes!PRODUCT INCLUDES THE FOLL
This product includes a 2 page recording sheet to be used as a part of an earthquake STEM challenge. I have done the earthquake challenge in two ways: 1. Using a tray of Jello as an earthquake simulator, design marshmallow and toothpick buildings and try to see how long your building can last (15 s
WHEW! This package is HUGE!!!!! It is a great package with many different choices built into it based on the teacher's individual preference. This package is hands-on, engaging for students and NGSS aligned. There are numerous labs built into this unit. The labs are listed below. STEM Labs Inclu
NGSS aligned to standard ESS3-2 and ESS2-2. Students investigate earthquakes by looking at maps and learn about the causes of earthquakes. Students are then given the STEM challenge to design an earthquake resistant building. Once students have planned designed, tested, and improved their design t
This lab incorporates all the parts of STEM that lead students to building an 'earthquake proof' structure.

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