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Earthquakes and Volcanoes – A Digital Scavenger Hunt Activity
Earthquakes and Volcanoes - A digital, device-based resource that will get your kids out of their seats, engaged, utilizing technology, and collaborating to solve real problems and test their knowledge. This activity works well across grades as a means of assessment, review, and/or instruction. This
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Exploring Plate Tectonics: Landforms & Surface Features Data Lab (NGSS HS-ESS2-1
In this activity, students will investigate the locations of Earth’s continental and ocean floor features to provide evidence for the role of plate tectonics as a constructive force, shaping Earth’s surface.This activity aligns to NGSS HS-ESS2-1, Develop a model to illustrate how Earth’s internal an
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Rocks & Minerals Unit: Lesson 5: Intro to Rocks
To bridge the gap between rocks and minerals, students zoom back and explore the earth as a whole. By looking at the Earth's layers and the basics of plate tectonics first, students can then delve into the rock cycle while keeping the larger scope in mind. Students will read and listen to rock cyc
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Earth Surface Review
This is a review on tectonic plates, rock classification, convergent, divergent, and sliding boundaries, the continental drift theory, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. There are interactive games for the Smartboard, videos for the students to watch, and quick, whole class assessments. Slides can be cha
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NGSS Earth Science (GEOLOGY) Daily Warm-Ups
The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are here! This collection of daily warm up questions intentionally incorporates the NGSS Cross-Cutting Concepts into daily instruction. Start each class period off with thought provoking videos, readings, graphical analysis and more to get your students
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