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ecological relationships

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This symbiotic relationship worksheet gives students great practice and review at differentiating between mutualism, commensalism and parasitism. 10 scenarios must be read carefully in order for students to be able to determine the ecological relationship occurring.I use these materials with my midd
4th - 12th
This 1-page notes sheet is based on the Cornell note-taking system. It has room for the following Ecological Relationships:CompetitionCooperationPredationMutualismCommensalismParasitismCheck out my #relationshipgoals Exploring Ecological Relationships Slide Deck - it lines up perfectly with this fre
6th - 9th
This colorful infographic mentions the 5 types of ecological relationships: Predation, Competition, Mutualism, Commensalism and Parasitism. This one-page infographic can be printed and inserted into an Interactive Notebook or uploaded into an Online Notebook for Distance Learning. Perfect tool to us
Here is a double sided notetaker for students to fill out on the five ecological relationships (Mutualism, Commensalism, Parasitism, Predation, and Competition). Gives students space to define each and give examples. Includes spaces on inter- and intra-specific competition and competitive exclusion.
7th - 12th
This is a Google Slides version of a biology mini-project that asks students to create a classified ad that showcases the symbiotic relationship between two organisms.* Full disclosure: I just rebuilt this activity for a colleague and thought I may as well give it away to anyone else who wanted it.
6th - 12th
This worksheet goes with the free lesson available on my blog, which can be found here. Research activity worksheet with five organism pairs. Students must decide whether the relationship is parasitic/mutualistic/commensalistic/predatory/competitive, as well as facultative/obligate, conjunctive/disj
Not Grade Specific
This lab is an introduction to Ecology where you will be introduced to many ecological concepts. Prior to doing this lab, please watch my YouTube video where Mr. Heilbrunn shows what you can look for. Students are looking for relationships between species, namely:· Predator – Prey: where one organis
This video helps illustrate how animals interact with each other and their environment. Students will see examples of ecological succession, predator/prey/producer relationships, biotic/abiotic factors, etc. Students take notes as they watch, and then compose a short essay.BBC PLANET EARTHSEASON 1 —
Not Grade Specific
Without Fungi, our forests would not survive. Fungi have three main roles in forest ecology: rotting wood; parasitizing weak or diseased trees; and forming symbiotic relationships with trees. In this lesson students are introduced to the ecological roles of fungi in the forest, relevant vocabulary,
This download includes an editable PowerPoint slideshow and a description of each this lesson:-the term of biodiversity-ecosystems-types of biodiversity (genetic, species, ecological biodiversity)-habitat-patterns of biodiversity (latitudinal gradients and species-area relationship)-importa
Not Grade Specific
Students are introduced to the concepts of biomimicry and sustainable design. Countless examples illustrate the wisdom of nature in how organisms are adapted for survival, such as in body style, physiological processes, water conservation, thermal radiation and mutualistic relationships, to assure s
9th - 12th
These are the 9 pages of unit notes that I distribute to my students who require assistance and my support professionals. These notes chronologically follow the 3,000+ slide PowerPoint roadmap to my Ecology Interactions Unit offered on TpT. Topics addressed in this unit and notes are... Levels of
We live on a planet that is rich in complexity. So, the journey to discover the myriad connections that fill it can be a magnificent adventure. The concept extends itself with more layered and complex data for older kids.   We have a chance to understand how intimately the world is interconnected an
Students play a game of chance to simulate how environmental changes in a kelp forest can affect a simple food chain. Students graph their simulated data and compare the data with actual population numbers. This activity was adapted from the PBL Biology Unit "Collapse" which asks students to investi
This FREE resource on ‘Biodiversity & its Conservation’ depicts the biodiversity and its interdependence for survival as one whole web of Life (as explained in Rivet Popper Hypothesis). And due to this interdependence, Conservation of Biodiversity becomes absolutely important and sane.Our conten
8th - 12th

Also included in: Ecology | Grades 9 - 12

The Rocky Shore Marine Science Curriculum: An Ecosystem Unit for Elementary Educators was created to provide elementary teachers and their students a comprehensive, standards-based science unit. This unit is a free, quality resource on the rocky shore ecosystem. Ecosystems are valuable life science
This crossword and solution is one very small part of my ecology interactions unit that I offer on TpT. (2,000 slides, HW, Notes, and more. This Crossword Puzzle Belongs to this Unit on TpT. Ecology Interactions Unit Also included are hundreds of unit PowerPoint slides, the bundled homework pa
5th - 8th
This Teacher Storyline Guide is best used alongside the hands-on science video game Tyto Online, as it follows the quest progression for our in-game storyline. You can get a free trial with extended access during the COVID19 pandemic at the end of the 2019-2020 school year. If you do not yet have an
6th - 8th, Staff
Use this short worksheet to provide your students with some working vocabulary for the ever-important unit of study on ecology. Ecology is generally a major unit of study in any high school biology class. There is a blank worksheet for students to fill in and one that is complete as a teacher guid
9th - 11th
Bring engaging and interactive activities into your classroom with these science notebook pages. This resource contains 9 FREE interactive notebook templates - one from each of the following bundles: Safety and the Scientific Method, Force and Motion, Ecosystems, Chemistry, Earth, Structure of Life
This Energy Pyramid poster and anchor chart are a great way for middle school students to reference the trophic levels of the energy pyramid. It is available in a full page format and half page (2 per page) format in easy-print black and white. Print the large one on Astrobrights to add to an Ecosys
This FREE resource was made to help students learn vocabulary terms for a Biomes & Ecosystems Unit. The terms and definitions within this product are as follows: Adenine Triphosphate (ATP) – energy stored that powers may of the chemical reactions in a cell Biodiversity – number and variety of
This is the unit bundled homework package and PowerPoint freebies that chronologically follows the 3,000+ slide PowerPoint roadmap to my Ecology Interactions Unit offered on TpT. Unit notes are also provided which are great resources for support professionals and students who require assistance. T
This is the unit crossword puzzle that concludes my bundled homework package that chronologically follows my 5 part 3,600 slide PowerPoint unit roadmap. Also included are hundreds of unit PowerPoint slides, the bundled homework package, unit notes, and much more. Botany Entire Unit on TpT Link B

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