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This Social Studies Nonfiction Text bundle includes 84 different topics at three different levels in a digital format, ready to use in Google Classrooms! It perfectly correlates with the newly revised 2017 Georgia Standards of Excellence for Fifth Grade Social Studies. ✸Please download the preview
This is a comprehensive unit for 5th grade Social Studies. It could be modified for other grade levels. It is a one week unit reviewing the Economics standards with slides and activities which are differentiated. The standards covered are SS5E1 The student will use the basic economic concepts of tr
This is a review for 5th grade Common Core Content material that will be covered on the CRCT. A DUCK DYNASTY theme is used with tons of GIF Duck Dynasty graphics and different pictures on every slide to keep your students interested! Great for CRCT REVIEW! Each question slide has a place for an A
This Power Point is used as an introduction to Economics in fifth grade. This presentation is used with the guided notes in my store. The presentation allows students to hear definition, watch videos, see real life examples, and participate in the interactive application where students evaluate situ
These are the guided notes for the PowerPoint presentation uploaded onto my site. These notes are interactive - students complete definitions, think reflectively about the material, and evaluate real life scenarios. By: Lauren Michalak Social Studies!!!
This Instructional Powerpoint contains a buying scenario for use with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades for the economics budgeting standard. There is a buying scenario, 5 adapted questions, and the answer choices. This is laid out in a different format from the other listed item.
Your students will learn about economics in this complete unit--with both print and digital options--including an informational text you can use either in place of or in addition to your textbook. You can use the printable versions, go completely paperless, or use a combination of both!This is a com
Paired passages, or paired texts, meet the demand for more rigorous, complex texts with Common Core- especially these passages that students can use to compare and build knowledge to integrate information and draw conclusions. The passages in this set are great to stretch your 3rd, 4th, and 5th grad
Economics Activities and Lessons: Complete Unit for Upper Elementary Students This Economics Unit is the perfect addition to your classroom! I use this unit to teach my fifth grade students. Since this can be a pretty complex topic, I have made it very student friendly. The lessons can be simplified
3 DBQs! 4 Slideshows with Interactive Notebooks! 3 Assessments! 2 Writing Prompts! Planning a social studies unit has never been so easy!Each of the resources in this unit are printable and ready to be posted on the online platform of your choice! I have included student versions that do not have t
Your students will learn about economics in this unit that includes an informational text and a unit test. Now you can take your learning digital using your Google Drive! This unit includes digital options only. It includes a digital version of the student text with the reading questions that the st
Bundle Includes: PowerPoint Interactive Notes Study Guide Assessment Assessment Key Hawaii, Alaska, USS Maine, Yellow Journalism, Rough Riders, Buffalo Soldiers, Battle of San Juan Hill, Panama Canal, Isthmus, locks See Below Other 5th Grade Social Studies Bundles Great Depression and New D
In this Social Studies leveled text bundle, there are 45 differentiated nonfiction DIGITAL reading passages from the era of the American Indian Cultures to the 13 Colonies. You will receive links to access the passages via Google Slides. If you do not use Google Classrooms or plan to use this resour
Citizen's Rights and Amendments BUNDLE- 5th Social Studies Includes: Powerpoint Notes for Powerpoint Study Guide Assessment with Key Responsibilities and duties of Citizens, Bill of Rights, 1-10 Amendments, proposing an amendment, amendments that changed voting, amendments that protect the rig
Westward Expansion POWERPOINT WITH INTERACTIVE NOTES- 5th SS Vocabulary: Gold Rush, Reservation, Entrepreneur, Levi Strauss, Chief Joseph, Cattle Drive, Homestead Act, Exodusters, Homesteaders, Sodbuster, soddies, pioneer, Samuel Morse, Pony Express, Telegraph, Great Plains, Transcontinental Railro
Roaring Twenties BUNDLE- 5th Social Studies Bundle includes: PowerPoint (includes video clips from discoveryeducation.com) Interactive Notes to go with PowerPoint Study Guide Assessment Assessment KEY Task Cards Henry Ford, Model- T, Assembly line, mass production, mass media, prohibition, 18th
Bundle Includes: PowerPoint presentation Interactive Notes for PowerPoint Study Guides lesson plan Assessment w.key Flashcards Task Cards and More. Vocabulary: Gold Rush, Reservation, Entrepreneur, Levi Strauss, Chief Joseph, Cattle Drive, Homestead Act, Exodusters, Homesteaders, Sodbuster, sodd
Bundle Includes: PowerPoint (73 Slides) Interactive Notes to go with PowerPoint (11 pgs) Study Guide (11 pgs) Assessment Assessment KEY Task Cards Monopoly, investor, corporation, stock, strike,prejudice, sweatshop, labor union, tenements, immigrants, Ellis Island, Angel Island, newsies, Andrew
Economics & The Roller Coaster This PowerPoint covers several areas: • A New Amusement Park: An Economics Case Study • Basic Economic Principles • 4 Sectors of the US Economy • Consumers, Businesses, & Budgets This PowerPoint was based on economic principles found in 5th grade Georgia Perfo
stock market crash of 1929, Great Depression, recession, unemployed, credit, debt, shantytowns, Dust Bowl, topsoil, New Deal, Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Works Progress Administration (WPA) Duke Ellington, Margaret Mitchell, Jesse OwensSee Below Other 5th Gra
Powerpoint with Interactive Notes Free Enterprise, Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, NATO, Western Bloc, Eastern Bloc, Warsaw Pact, Iron Curtain, Truman Doctrine, Berlin Wall, Domino Theory, House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), McCarthyism, Red Scare, Nuclear arms race, Cold War, Vietnam
Bundle Includes: 1. Spanish-American War and Panama Canal -PowerPoint Presentation -Interactive Notes -Study Guide -Assessment w/Key 2. World War I PowerPoint Presentation Interactive Notes for PowerPoint Study Guide Task Cards Assessment w/key Modified Assessment w/key Imperialism, alliances
War of 1812 Unit 4th Grade Social Studies PowerPoint lesson with Interactive notes Assessment Modified Assessment Study Guide Foreign Policy, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, England, France, James Madison, Dolley Madison, American rights, Fort McHenry, Francis Scott Key, The S
Geographical Understanding Social Studies Unit Scrapbook Need an outstanding visual that will anchor your students learning of the Geographical Understandings Unit? Scrapbook entries include: 1. Pittsburgh 2. Chisholm Trail 3. Pearl Harbor 4. Montgomery 5. Kitty Hawk 6. Chicago 7. Farming 8. Indu

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