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The Four Economic SystemsKey Economic Concepts Made EasyThe worksheets and the PowerPoint are designed to assist with the teaching of key economic concepts that many students struggle with. The concepts have been simplified and broken down into more easily digestible chucks. These were designed for
**Includes a Google version for your Distance Learning needs! Please make sure any resources placed online are password protected (no public access) Thanks!In this 22 page packet, you have everything you need to conduct a lesson on the 4 Market Structures: Perfect Competition, Monopolistic Competiti
This stock market game for students uses the NASDAQ American Stock Exchange web site and has never failed me in getting even the most reluctant students to participate! If you are looking for a great activity to keep your students active and engaged this one hasn't failed me yet. Each student is g
This complete activity comes with all the resources needed to host a fantastic Market Day experience for your students. They will dive deep into learning about how a business works and many different aspects that go into a business. This product is great for upper elementary classroom and combines
Looking for an authentic learning experience for teaching economics to your primary students? This bundle includes engaging activities for goods and services along with needs and wants. This bundle also includes a large product that includes everything needed for a Market Day PBL. A Market Day proje
Make economics real for your students! This packet contains everything you need to implement a successful market day in your classroom! Students will learn about the principles of supply and demand, goods and services, production and consumption, and more! What's included in this packet: Page 4
Students can become an entrepreneur by opening their very own business. This PBL unit can be completed individually or in pairs. In this Market Day Economics Project Based Learning unit, students will become familiar with economics vocabulary, and learn about opening a business. At the end of the un
Stocks and the Stock Market Financial Literacy These learning materials focus on the key concepts related to stocks and the stock market. The materials are easy to understand and provide opportunities to analyze real-world examples of the stock market. Objectives: Students will be able to • Defi
Economics The Labor Market and Labor Force Unemployment Rate The Four Types of Unemployment OBJECTIVES: Students will be able to:· Define labor market, labor force, unemployment rate, and discouraged workers. · Explain the relationship between the lab
Teach students the basics of economics with this 6 product bundle. Topics covered include: factors of production, economic indicators, and economic systems. This bundle uses a variety of classroom strategies to teach high school students. This product contains a graphic organizer, guided research wo
This packet contains resources to help you teach your economics unit. These engaging resources cover concepts such as goods, services, producers, consumers, resources, income, work, and more! Activities included are: * Goods and services sort, with answer key * Economics vocabulary foldable (blan
Market Day Event- Economics Made Fun-Perfect End of the Year Event! Economics has never been better than this! Students are able to become entrepreneurs. The students open a business by creating a product or providing a service. Market Day Bucks, that are provided with this purchase, can be lami
This 42 Page Economics Pack Includes: • 16 Vocabulary Posters • Interactive Notebook Tasks • Graphic Organizers • Wants and Needs Sort • Goods and Services Sort • Producers and Consumers Sort • High and Low Demand Sort • Vocabulary Summarizing Activity • Supply and Demand Auction Lesson and Printabl
Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to get your students excited about economics? Your students will love working in teams to complete the rigorously designed activities in this resource! They will come up with product ideas, work within a budget, and demonstrate their knowledge of essential
Complete Unit on Market Structures. This is a PowerPoint Presentation that addresses Oligopoly, Perfect Competition, Monopolies, and Monopolistic Competition. Also addresses market failures. Includes Bellwork questions and review questions.
This detailed lesson looks at both positive and negative externalities and how they can lead to market failure. The lesson includes lots of detailed theory, examples, videos, diagrams and tasks. Lesson Aim: Students will understand what both positive and negative externalities are and how they can
Would you like to give your students a “real life” opportunity to experience being a consumer and a producer? This simulation does exactly that! Turn your classroom into a marketplace and watch as your students become highly engaged in the principles of economics. This unit includes step-by-step
Have you been searching for an easy-to-follow, low prep, highly engaging, research-based project for teaching the stock market? If so, this project is for you! Watching my students research stocks, get a little competitive with their peers, and become really invested in the success of their companie
Topics covered in this Economics product include: MonopolyTypes of MonopoliesOligopolyCharacteristics of OligopoliesMonopolistic CompetitionPure Competition**This product is now completely editable so you can use it with your students in a paperless classroom or as part of a distance learning progr
There are many stock market simulations on the internet, but this package will include directions for any teacher to setup an online stock challenge with relevant instructions for a game, written report, and a Google Slides presentation; PowerPoint may be substituted as desired. These instructions e
THE STOCK MARKET GAME is designed to get students actively trading stocks in class. Students will have a stock portfolio that includes various stocks and cash. Through four rounds of trading each team will attempt to make a profit. The team with the highest rate of return is the winner. This game ge
Topics covered in this Economics product include: Market EquilibriumDisequilibrium – SurplusDisequilibrium – ShortageCompetitive PricingSupply and Demand EquilibriumDisequilibrium – Surplus and Shortage**This product is now completely editable so you can use it with your students in a paperless clas
This is an amazing package with roughly 4 hours worth of material and work. It comes with 2 reading passages, 4 activities (2 on Opportunity Costs and 2 on Market Structures) and 2 Assessments over the activities and readings. This is truly a steal of a deal.
*No Prep Needed!*Successful marketing isn’t only effective with creative marketing, it also relies on the principles and concepts of economics. Knowledge of economics and how decisions are made can help improve marketing decisions and increase customer satisfaction, which results in higher profit fo

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