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This check writing packet is going to help your students in your economics unit by not only introducing the concept of writing a check, but also why it is important to keep track of how much money you have! Check out my follow-up product:The Economics of Check Writing - Part 2!Your students will re
This Power Point is used as an introduction to Economics in fifth grade. This presentation is used with the guided notes in my store. The presentation allows students to hear definition, watch videos, see real life examples, and participate in the interactive application where students evaluate situ
Economics PowerPoint. Defines economics, economics terms, and the study of supply and demand. Explains the traditional economy, and in simple terms the differences between three different economic systems: the market economy, which is also known as capitalism; the command economy, which is also know
This 23 slide "Introduction to Economics" presentation includes definitions of economics, scarcity, profit, the four factors of production (natural resources, labor resources, capital resources, and entrepreneurship), as well as definitions and examples of goods, services, renewable and nonrenewable
Economics PowerPoint Lesson with Guided NotesI created these lesson to be easily incorporated in your classroom. The PowerPoint lesson includes 108 slides filled with information, pictures, discussion questions, videos, and interactive websites to engage students. I have also included guided notes t
This 53 slide PowerPoint discusses the following terms for Economics: economics producers consumers scarcity needs wants goods services human resources natural resources capital resources specialization economic choice opportunity cost trade barter money savings interdependence
*There is a free Needs and Wants sort in the Preview File* These simple First Grade Economics cut and paste activities will save you a ton of time and look good in a foldable. Please download the preview file to see the inside of the foldable that my class puts together each year. The following c
This powerpoint details vocabulary associated with economic concepts. There are Brainpop videos within the powerpoint and also activities that incoporate Thinking Maps. If you don't use Thinking Maps these slides can be taken out. However, Thinking Maps are a great resource that you might want to ch
**Use this project along with Room 29’s Economics Vocabulary and We’re Starting a Business.** The Economics PowerPoint will cover the following words in a kid friendly way: Free Market Entrepreneurship Profit Cost of Production Free Enterprise Interdependence Economics Trade Labor Capital Private
This 61 slide PowerPoint Presentation will serve as the perfect guide to any introduction unit on economics. This PowerPoint Presentation asks for students to engage in class discussion, brainstorming, debate, etc.... Topics covered include: - Definition of Economics - Scarcity = The Fundamental P
This powerpoint presentation defines key terms such as currency, income, and budget. It describes spending and saving choices, the costs and benefits involved in making economic decisions, opportunity cost, and governement spending (taxes).
Economics Guided Notes & PowerPoint great for Print & Digital Distance Learning, Economic Notes covers: Think Like an Economist Guided Notes & PowerPointEconomic Systems Guided Notes & PowerPointFree Enterprise in the U.S. Guided Notes & PowerPointDemand Guided Notes & Power
This huge, 85-slide PowerPoint gives almost all of the information you would ever want to teach about Japan. Some topics include Japanese isolation, how physical geography affects daily life, why Japan is such an economic powerhouse, Japanese-American cultural diffusion, and Japanese culture in gene
PowerPoint with Interactive Notes Opportunity cost, Resource-, Technology, Capital goods, Specialization, Division of labor-, Assembly line-, Price, Scarcity, Surplus, Free market:, Voluntary exchange Private business:, Supply, Demand, Competition, Checking account, Savings account, Interest, Loan
Economics – A Third Grade PowerPoint Introduction is a 3rd grade level PowerPoint instructional presentation. This lesson focuses on basic economic components. The lesson includes: • Terminology (natural resources, human resources, capital resources, producers, goods, services, specialization, econo
This is a powerpoint that I made during student teaching for 3rd grade. It would be great to introduce in 2nd grade, use in 3rd grade, and review in 4th grade! :)
This lengthy PowerPoint will prepare Economics students for the End Of Course Test.
Included in this product is a review for the main ideas from the high school Economics course. This is an excellent way to review the main concepts at the end of the year.This package is also designed to work for 1:1 or distance learning.All resources are in the Microsoft format, as well as a Google
A PowerPoint presentation of the four models of economics (Traditional, Command, Market, and Mixed). This presentation is ready to go, meaning you don't have to plan a thing! Full Preview of the PowerPoint is available by clicking PREVIEW in Green! This PowerPoint can be accompanied by the Economi
This is a review for 5th grade Common Core Content material that will be covered on the CRCT. A DUCK DYNASTY theme is used with tons of GIF Duck Dynasty graphics and different pictures on every slide to keep your students interested! Great for CRCT REVIEW! Each question slide has a place for an A
Complete set of user friendly power points. Scaffolding notes are available.
Product DescriptionIncluded is a Power Point and outlined note packet that is used to introduce taxes and government spending, as well as a review of monetary policy, and their influence on the Aggregate Supply and Demand graph to an on-level, honors, or AP level Macroeconomics course. Included are
Ch. 2 Powerpoint
Entire Unit One basic economics power point. Covers Scarcity, opportunity cost, PPC, and Supply and Demand. Scaffolding notes are available separate.

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