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ecosystems - review worksheet

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Time for your students to review everything they've learned during your ecosystems unit? These study guides and worksheets are comprehensive, helpful review materials! Use them while you teach an ecosystems unit or save them for an end-of-unit review.This set includes two different study guides and
Ecosystem Review Worksheet-( Visual Notes) This resource is perfect for reviewing the basic concepts of ecology. I have included differentiated versions to meet individual student needs. Topics : Population, community, abiotic and biotic factors, food chain, food web, symbiotic relationships, produc
4th - 6th
Ecosystems Review Worksheet: This 2 page EDITABLE REVIEW WORKSHEET with ANSWER KEY provides 59 fill in the blank review exercise questions that covers the topics covered in the Introduction to Ecosystems lesson. A great way for students to check their knowledge and reinforce concepts; a good in c
6th - 10th

Also included in: Ecosystems BUNDLE {Editable}

This 3 page EDITABLE REVIEW WORKSHEET with ANSWER KEY contains 2 pages fill in the blank questions and one page of diagrams of organisms to identify. This is a great way to have them self-assess what they have learned, and it can function well as either an in class or an at home review assignment.
6th - 10th
The question sheet consists of 23 questions. They are a combination of fill-in-the-blank and short answer. The test is setup to be used with students of varying ability levels. The first two pages are 16 questions of simple recall. They include a definition matching section, true or false, and
This is a review over ecosystem objectives. It covers food webs and the relationships within a food web. It also covers abiotic and biotic resources and symbiotic relationships. I use this review at the end of my ecosystem unit but it could also be used as part of a STAAR review.
6th - 9th
Short on time to teach it all? Combining math and science is a great way to hit two subjects at once! Students can use these 2 worksheets to practice number sense and operations while also reviewing content related to ecosystems! These worksheets are great for math centers, morning work, early finis
4th - 5th
Ecosystems Vocabulary Review Sheets - Includes 2 worksheets with 15 questions each. Each review sheet has 10 matching and 5 fill-in-the-blank questions with word bank. Answer keys are included to make for stress-free grading! These can be used for pre-tests, formative assessments, or end of unit v
This game is designed to review ecology concepts such as food chains, webs, and pyramid; the 10% rule; competition; predation; and human impact on ecosystems. Students pretend to be coral reef researchers investigating a decline in the local parrotfish population. They will race to figure out what i
8th - 12th, Higher Education

Also included in: Ecosystem Review Game Bundle

I used this for reviewing in my life science unit for my 5th grade class in Ohio.
5th - 8th
Use this worksheet for students to review information regarding energy in ecosystem before an assessment.Trophic LevelEnergy
6th - 10th
** NEW UPDATED DRAWINGS ** and I added PowerPoints to show the KEYS!All the Science Concepts in my Bundles are in one place here as a review for the whole year! This download has 4 main doodle sheets with student blanks and keys plus lots of powerpoint slides. This bundle has four review sheets to h
I love interactive notebooks! Using them means I always have something meaningful for my students to complete or do. Lesson planning becomes much easier! Students have no choice but to become involved in the learning. What did we do without them all these years? These science interactive pages cover
Introducing ecosystems has never been easier! This lesson bundle contains EIGHT EDITABLE RESOURCES to teach and engage all types of learners on the topic of ecosystems. This bundle contains all you need to teach from beginning to end. It is an effective way to teach concepts (PowerPoint and PowerPo
Looking for a comprehensive way to review 5th grade life science? These engaging practice sheets allow students to demonstrate what they know about organisms and environments. This file, both printables and Google slides, includes high-level thinking, a variety of images, and real-world questions to
Interactions Within Ecosystems is a comprehensive science unit for middle years students with very little prep required by teachers. It is completely laid out with teacher notes and a sequence of activities. Students will learn about many ways in which organisms interact within an ecosystem. They wi
5th - 8th
These review task cards are an awesome way to check your student's understanding of simple machines and force and motion. These task cards can be used as a SCOOT game, a game of memory, or even Jeopardy! Task cards cover ecosystems, abiotic factors, biotic factors, producers, consumers, decomposers,
Use this resource for reviewing or assessing your students' understanding of the characteristics of how energy flows through an ecosystem and trophic levels. Use it for practice or even as a quiz. Perfect for a station activity. Differentiated versions are included to meet individual student needs
Ecosystems Daily Review is designed to give your students daily practice with concepts taught during your unit of study on ecosystems. This can be used as morning work, homework, in centers, or at the end of your daily ecosystem lessons as a quick assessment. This product includes 5 weeks of daily
3rd - 5th
I am so excited about this ECOSYSTEM science bundle! It has almost everything a teacher could want to in order to teach a unit on ecosystems. I've tried my best to include items that correlate with the broader term, "ecosystems." I don't believe the unit can be taught without teaching communities,
Make learning and reviewing Ecosystems vocabulary more fun! This interactive and engaging activity focuses on organism relationships, energy flow, food chains, food webs, and much more important vocabulary from your Ecosystems Unit. This activity is perfect for small group instruction, partner wor
This Ecosystems unit is jam packed with differentiated materials to teach hard concepts such as ecosystems, organism, population, community, aquatic ecosystems, terrestrial ecosystems, interdependency, producer, consumer, decomposer, food chain, omnivore, herbivore, carnivore, predator, and prey.Thi
Are you looking for a FUN way to REVIEW content from throughout the year? Look no further than Stinky Feet! Simply put, Stinky Feet is the most engaging review game. It will leave your students begging for more, and this complete digital PowerPoint game makes it easier than ever to play! What is Sti
Use this resource for reviewing or assessing your students' understanding of food chains and the feeding relationship of organisms in an ecosystem. Use it for practice or even as a quiz. Perfect for a station activity. Differentiated versions are included to meet individual student needs. More e

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