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Interactions In Ecosystems WebQuest
How is matter and energy transformed in an ecosystem? What is the difference between abiotic and biotic factors? What are the components of an ecosystem? What are the differences and similarities between food chains, food webs, and energy pyramids? How is energy reduced as you move up trophic levels
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Biodiversity, Water Pollution, and Biomagnification WebQuest
How does water quality affect biodiversity? How are pollutants magnified thorough the food web? How can I test for, collect data, and analyze water quality? How do humans impact biodiversity and water quality, and how can they prevent and remedy any issues. Watch your students learn and become env
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Ecological Succession WebQuest
How does ecological succession result in changes in an ecosystem? What are the differences between primary and secondary succession? How do pioneer species contribute to the biodiversity of the climax community? How is aquatic ecological succession different than terrestrial ecological succession?Wa
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Aquatic Ecosystems Interactive PowerPoint, Guided Notes, & Kahoot! Bundle
➢ What is the distribution of life in aquatic ecosystems? ➢ What abiotic factors affect aquatic ecosystems? This interactive 29 Slide PowerPoint lesson bundle comes with short fun videos, interactives, and even a custom Kahoot! quiz embedded. As your students move through the beautiful slides, the
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Hammerhead Shark (animal article / question sheet / puzzle / more)
This purchase is a nice 1-2 hour no prep assignment that will be a great addition to any science unit focusing on animals and ecosystems. Included with your purchase: 1) Article - a two page article with information on the hammerhead shark (lifespan, characteristics, prey, and more) 2) Question
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Ecology and Water Cycle Bundle Middle School -- PowerPoints, Notes, Activities
This bundle offers awesome and engaging activities, PowerPoints and materials to teach Ecology and the Water Cycle. Contains 125 slides/pages of clear and easy to utilize materials for your classroom. PowerPoints, Notes, cut and paste activity, 2 kinesthetic activities, review worksheets + more...
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showing 1-6 of 6 results

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