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Help your students identify run-on sentences, identify correct punctuation to remedy them, and delight their senses with this original story (of mine) about a dream that took me to Candyville!
I have included various simple, compound and complex sentences within a paragraph for each task card. Students will have to punctuate the sentences accurately for the paragraphs to make sense. Besides editing, these task cards can be used as an essay starter, or a writing skill practice e.g. use '
Are you tired of students turning in paragraphs that are just one long sentence? If so, then this mini lesson about how revise and edit run on sentences is for you!It’s short, sweet, and to the point about how to edit run on sentences! This download includes:Google Slides Mini Lesson (with video lin
At the beginning of the year, students often need to review sentence boundaries. I prefer to teach them to find and separate the ideas in a run-on sentence before I teach compound and complex sentence structure. I use this activity page to assess my students' understanding after we spend some time
Activity where students use connecting words to edit each run-on sentence.
Great activity for identifying and editing run-on and fragments.
Use this short activity page with another run-on editing activity sheet or as a stand alone formative assessment. Students will practice the skill of editing run-on sentences by writing them as two complete sentences. The simple explanation and skill practice will help students master the difficult
A simple worksheet to determine how a student does with correcting run-on sentences that also have spelling, punctuation, and capitalization errors. There are three lines for the student to rewrite the sentences. Answer Key is included.
Give your students authentic editing practice!Help your students learn to identify and correct common writing errors in these 15 fiction paragraphs. The errors included are: spelling, homophones, subject-verb agreement, run-on sentences, sentence fragments, and capitalization.***********************
Weekly Fix- It Paragraphs have been created to help students practice writing and grammar throughout the whole school year. Each paragraph is set up to be used throughout a whole week of school. Set one includes 12 paragraphs, which is meant for 12 weeks of school. Skills are also repeated thro
Writing mini-lessons are the BEST way to teach revision and editing skills! Especially when they're used in conjunction with diagnostic tools for individual needs assessment. This is a tremendously helpful resource that I've wanted (and needed) for a long time. It starts out with a brief writing di
This product includes 32 task cards. Each card contains a group of words. Students read the card and determine whether each group of words is a:A. complete sentenceB. run-on sentenceC. fragment (missing a subject)D. fragment (missing a predicate)These can be used for independent practice as part of
This 57-slide PowerPoint will help you teach your students to recognize and revise sentence fragments and run-on sentences. This PowerPoint contains four sections. First, students will be reminded of the components of a complete sentence. The second section focuses on sentence fragments. After stude
Grammar Comics: Sentence Problems (Common Writing Mistakes) addresses some of the most common errors students face with sentences including: vague pronounsrun-on sentencessentence fragmentsmisplaced modifierssubject verb agreementparallel structure. Each lesson is told as a comic with multiple examp
Struggling to build mastery with critical language arts concepts like parts of speech, word parts, figurative language, and editing? There are so many foundational 4th grade ELA standards that it can be difficult to cover them all and support regular practice during the class time available. QUICK
This printable third grade language spiral review for grammar, vocabulary, and editing will help build mastery with the foundational language arts concepts like parts of speech, prefixes, suffixes, figurative language, and editing.So many students lack the basic grammar and editing skills needed to
SAVE 25% WHEN YOU PURCHASE THIS EDITING BUNDLE (includes all of our Basic & Advanced WRITING READY Editing 4th Grade Task Cards sets – 10 total sets)!** *************************************************************************** Customers who used our 4th grade STAAR WARS Writing Task Cards love
This is a 3 week STAAR revising and editing unit. This unit has been used with ESL students and with students who have failed the test and needed a more intense and scaffolded approach to the essay. The entire unit focuses on actual areas/issues that STAAR tests. Each day or days focuses on one elem
Are you looking for an easy way to introduce or review complete sentences, fragments, and run-ons? This pack is for you! You can introduce or review each type of sentence with the student note-page and then use the practice pages to assess their learning. This pack includes: *table of contents *s
Common Writing Mistakes Bundle: Grammar Comics"Grammar Comics: Common Writing Mistakes" and “Grammar Comics: Even More Common Writing Mistakes” address some of the most common errors students face with sentences with entertaining comics followed by a page of exercises. Each lesson is told as a comic
This second grade language spiral review was designed to build mastery with critical language arts concepts like parts of speech, word parts, figurative language, and editing. There are so many essential 2nd grade writing and language standards that it can be difficult to cover them all and support
This Presidents Day revising and editing packet includes biographies of five U.S. presidents. It is a great way to integrate your revising and editing lessons with Presidents Day or other Social Studies lessons. Each biography is a full-length revising and editing selections about an early American
Run-On Sentence, Comma-Splice, Fragments, Clauses, and FANBOY concepts are thoroughly explained in this mini-lesson which is also compatible for distance learning. Use the four worksheets for class activities, review, homework, or team competitions. Student guide sheet can easily be tucked into writ
140 TASK CARDS! I've combined 6 of my products to create this revise and edit task cards bundle.Run-On Sentences Task Cards-24 task cards challenging students to identify run-on sentences and revise the sentences. *12 task cards ask students to identify if the sentence is a complete sentence or a r

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