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This electric circuits vocabulary packet includes many worksheets to use with your class that has all of the vocabulary words used in the electric circuits science unit. A vocabulary quilt, vocabulary friendships, word bank, crossword, story cloze activity, and more are included in this packet. Enjo
4th - 6th
This product contains TWO worksheet puzzle activities: A WordFit puzzle (used to introduce science term at the beginning of a unit) and a Crossword Puzzle (designed to review definitions of vocabulary at the end of a unit). Works well as an engaging activity in a 5E plan! #5E, #PhysicsVocabulary,
10th - 12th
The vocabulary word wall includes a Science Vocabulary Word Wall for Grades 3-4 for the entire year with over 200 terms. The following words are included:Science Tools & Nature of Sciencedatasciencescientisttheorylawobservationinvestigationrecordscientific methodexperimenthypothesisquestioninfe
Electricity and electrical circuits vocabulary puzzles in print and digital formats offer the flexibility your classroom needs. Provides valuable practice with key terms like open circuit, closed circuit, insulator, and conductor AND includes an assessment. See the full list of vocabulary terms belo
This is a DIGITAL interactive Google Slides product for electric circuits. This product is great to place in Google Classroom for students to use to learn and review electricity!Slides include:*Electricity Short Reading Passage*Simple Circuit Labeling: Students will match labels for parts and purpos
It is my hope that this is not only addictive for your students, but addictive for you as well! Cootie catchers (or fortune tellers) are a great way to “trick” your students into learning without them even knowing it. Concepts in science are based around students first understanding the vocabulary a
3rd - 10th
No need to stress about how to review after teaching each concept, these science vocabulary puzzles are aligned to the standards, engaging, and include an assessment. Your purchase comes in both print and digital formats to meet the needs of your classroom. **** As of 3/6/21 we only have the Water C
START the year out right adding words as you teach with this set!Science vocabulary cards are great to use for either word walls, flash cards, or on anchor charts.This set includes: Fifth Grade Science Word Wall Cards WITH illustrations and definitionSCIENCE TOOLSscalebalancehand lensmicroscopebeake
This is a bundle for the following Science Units: Matter and EnergyForce, Motion and EnergyEarth and SpaceOrganisms and EnvironmentsAdaptations and Behaviors(These are the units that are covered in 3rd-5th grade)These science vocabulary words that are very common and needed to teach 3rd-5th grade th
Do you need a fun way to reinforce new Electricity vocabulary? You’ve got to check this out! This is part of my cost-saving, amazing Physics Bundle! Use this Domino Puzzle to help students review common terms related to Electricity. My students always ask me for a domino puzzle for every unit in
6th - 12th, Higher Education
This Science Taboo game incorporates science vocabulary terms into a really fun game and can be used all year long! 250 Common Science cards included! There is also an EDITABLE blank template for you to create your own Common Science cards! This game is great for 3rd – 8th grade students, but can
Practice, Review and Assess your students understanding of these 34 vocabulary terms. Students match the term with the definition and then the real world example that best describes the term! Check out the preview! Differentiated so that you can use as little or as many terms as works for your stude
Physical Science-This set of 36 vocabulary cards is a great resource to review and reinforce essential science vocabulary with your fifth-grade students! Each word card includes the term and a graphic. Post in your room, or you could use as a science center. *Includes science vocabulary words ali
This pack is meant to be used in addition to what you are doing in class in order to teach the vocabulary that goes along with learning about electricity and electric circuits. This pack contains -A hands on activity and recording sheet for students to use when experimenting with closed circuits
Use these self-checking poke cards to offer your students additional practice with force, motion, and energy vocabulary, including forms of energy and types of force. Look below for a full list of included terms. A strong mastery of science vocabulary is needed in order to think through the types of
This word search on circuits includes the following vocabulary terms. The solution to the puzzle is included.          ♦ Ammeter         ♦ Battery         ♦ Cell         ♦ Closed Circuit         ♦ Light Bulb         ♦ Open Circuit         ♦ Parallel Circuit         ♦ Resisto
Give students practice with physical science vocabulary words and help them to better understand and use these words! This resource covers matter, motion, electricity, and energy and heat. Students will read vocabulary in context and put it into their own words! Check out the preview to see a close
IGNITE your students enthusiasm for PHYSICS & ELECTRICITY and KEY VOCABULARY with this Digital ASSIGNMENT to assist your teaching! INTERACTIVE and ENGAGING! Develop deep understanding for students using their own device and this online activity for distance learning!VOCABULARY INCLUDED:Electro
Not Grade Specific
Looking for a creative way to reinforce academic vocabulary? In this game, the students will use domino cards rather than real dominoes. The dominoes are played using matches with vocabulary rather than with numbers. This is a fun, low prep activity! Simply print out the dominoes and then cut them
This set of 69 vocabulary word wall cards will help your students visualize these abstract science concepts. Included are 69 full-color vocabulary cards laid out three to a sheet. Also included for your printing convenience is a table of contents. Terms included in this vocabulary card set: 1. lif
I made these for my 3rd grade classroom based off of a South Carolina science standard, but they are general electricity and magnetism terms and can be used in any classroom! The following words are included: -Conductors -Insulators -Attraction -Repulsion -Strength -Electric Current -Simple Circuit
3rd - 7th
ElectricityScience Game is designed to reinforce the science vocabulary focusing on Electricity while the students have fun. Simply print, cut, and enjoy!Topics featured on the game cards:- Static Charge- Ion- Conductors- Insulators- Electric Discharge- Electric Current- Magnetic Field- Circuit- Vol
6th - 12th

Also included in: Electricity Games

This lesson goes over how resistance, voltage, and current are related in regards to a circuit. It also goes over how circuits are constructed using power sources, wires, and resistors. The worksheet follows the presentation and the label activity lets students learn how circuits are labeled by prof
Help your students master content vocabulary with this bundle! This includes life science, earth science, physical science, and the scientific method content vocabulary.Check out the previews to see a close up of what is included!Click here to follow me and be notified of new products and sales!Lif

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