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Party Planning: Elementary Speech Therapy Activities
This Party Planning packet is developed for elementary aged students. It will work perfectly for grades 2-5 but I was able to easily modify it for kindergarten and first graders as well! Students will develop plans for a party including menus, venues, and activities. This is great to use in small
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Speech Therapy | Lisp Speech Therapy | Vocalic R | S Articulation | Bundle
lisp and vocalic r bundle for speech therapy! Articulation therapy intervention for SLPs: frontal lisp, lateral lisp, and vocalic r (r articulation)What's included in this speech therapy articulation bundle?Correct that lisp with my lisp remediation (s articulation) packet! Lisp Speech Therapy packe
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Semantic Relationships | Speech and Language Therapy | Speech Therapy
#nov2018slpmusthave Semantic Relationships: word relationships for Speech and Language Therapy and Special EducationThis Semantic Relationships speech therapy packet allows you to target semantic relationships (word relationships). It's perfect for upper elementary & middle school speech therapy
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Teaching R Articulation - No Prep R Speech Therapy - Vocalic R Activities
Are you having trouble eliciting R blends, vocalic R, or prevocalic R? Have no fear! Teaching R makes it easy! This is a step-by-step, easy-to-follow, approach to correct that darn R. It includes a ton of help for vocalic r and r blends, as well as custom visuals, informational handouts, and homewor

Also included in: R Articulation Growing Bundle - R Speech Therapy

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Lisp | Speech Therapy | S Articulation | Speech and Language Therapy
lisp speech therapy packet for correcting interdental lisps and lateral lisps (s articulation) Save 15% when you purchase the Lisp and R Bundle Watch my Speech Therapy Lisp video for a detailed explanation of this product! A few years ago, I realized I was becoming frustrated when it came to

Also included in: Speech Therapy | Lisp Speech Therapy | Vocalic R | S Articulation | Bundle

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Are looking for some new ways to present your articulation targets to your students? If so, these articulation mini cards might be for you! Don't get me wrong, I love my large decks of speech cards and various worksheets but sometimes you just want to reduce the table clutter, especially for larger
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Following Directions | Listening Skills | Speech Therapy
following directions and listening skills worksheets for speech therapy This following directions packet targets complex location directions, conditional directions, temporal directions, & sequential directions! I use this all the time in therapy! Listening skills are so important for succes

Also included in: Speech and Language Therapy | Following Directions | Auditory Processing Bundle

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Speech Therapy Activities Bundle. Grammar and Language Flip Books
I wanted to create some all in one materials for my speech and language kids. These Flip Books are IT! I'm still finding new ways to use them. Great speech therapy activity to target grammar, verb tense, prepositions, adjectives and more. _____________________________________________________________
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A program to teach answering Wh questions: speech therapy autism
This is the best way to teach how to answer Wh-questions that you will find, because of its unique process of beginning not with lists of questions to answer, but with teaching what kind of word answers which kind of question. After years of parents telling me this was the only Wh-Question program t

Also included in: A Wh-Questions Bundle for Speech Language Therapy

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vocalic r and prevocalic r (r articulation) articulation therapy packet for speech and language therapy This product is included in the Lisp and Vocalic R Articulation Therapy BundleWatch this Vocalic R video for a detailed explanation of this packet A few years ago, I took Sandra Holtzman’s O

Also included in: Speech Therapy | Lisp Speech Therapy | Vocalic R | S Articulation | Bundle

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Social Skills Activities Mega Bundle Speech Therapy
This huge, mega bundle includes 10 of my best selling social skills units!Social Skills/PragmaticsSocial Scenarios units Comic Strip Social StoriesProblem Solving Social ScenariosInterpreting Facial ExpressionsProfanity Social Story Elementary Social Skills! Social Skills GameSocial Skills Predictab
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Yes No Questions (Speech Therapy, Autism, Special Education, etc.) 30 Flashcards
Real picture flashcards targeting Yes No Questions (speech therapy, autism, special education, ESL / ELL programs, Early Intervention programs, Head Start, and preschool & elementary classrooms use)!View level 2 here: Yes - No Questions {Level 2}What’s included?• 30 Photo Cards numbered with que
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Middle School Speech Therapy Bundle | Speech and Language Activities
Middle School Speech Therapy: the bundle for speech therapy! There are SO many engaging speech and language activities in this bundle. Make sure to check this out if you are a middle school SLP in need of higher level speech and language activities. Let's be honest- sometimes we struggle to motivate
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Speech Therapy Monthly Themed Activities Bundle Mixed Groups
Do you wish for monthly thematic materials for your entire school-age caseload of mixed groups? ⭐Check out this money saving BUNDLE which includes ALL my monthly speech, language, and pragmatic packets. →Each month contains various activities for individual or group therapy specifically geared towa
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DICE DECKS Speech Therapy Games - 35 Decks!
♥ DICE DECKS series GROWING BUNDLE! ♥ In this growing bundle you will receive ALL 35 of my current DICE DECKS sets for over 30% off! Here’s the BEST part – by purchasing this growing bundle now, you will receive ALL future DICE DECKS for FREE! That’s right – FREE! Whenever a new DICE DECKS set is u
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Following Directions Speech Therapy Game
Following Directions Task Cards to teach Listening Comprehension (Auditory Comprehension / Auditory Memory) Skills!Target multi-step (2 & 3 step) & conditional directions with over 90 direction prompts!• 2-step directions: 10 interactive task cards x 3 tasks per card = 30 tasks• 3-step direc
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HUGE Bundle: Themed Vocabulary and Grammar Units for Speech Therapy and ELL/ESL
Perfect for high school speech and language therapy! These 45 seasonally appropriate units address so many language goals in an easy to copy format. Each is divided into 5 timely themes per month and provide 2 in-depth learning pages and answer keys for each theme. I have been using these worksheet
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Getting to Know You in Speech Therapy No-Prep! Print & Go!
I use this activity the first week of school or when I get new students in speech. It is a fun way to learn about your students! My students love completing all of the activities in the packet. Once it is finished, I send the packet home. You could also display some the pages in the hall or in your
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Middle School Speech and Language | Speech Therapy Worksheets
#may2018slpmusthave Middle School Speech and Language therapy: middle school speech therapy worksheets for language, articulation, & fluency that your speech and language students will love! Perfect for mixed speech and language group therapy- and appropriate for the upper elementary crowd as

Also included in: Middle School Speech Therapy Bundle | Speech and Language Activities

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WH Questions Speech Therapy Games: Asking Questions & Answering Questions
WH Questions (speech therapy or regular/ special education) - teach and practice! Use these 4 decks of WH Questions Task Cards to give your students lots of practice learning how to ask and answer questions! This bundle includes 4 DICE DECKS sets, and is a great value at over 20% off! The four ind
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Earn Your Bricks Toy Companion BUNDLE: A Speech Therapy Activity
First practice then build! Do you need a super fun activity to keep your articulation and language students engaged? This activity will do the trick! I use this with k-5th (depending on skill level). Even my older students enjoy it! I designed this to meet the needs of an elementary caseload, please
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Middle School Grammar Worksheets | Speech and Language No Prep | Speech Therapy
This grammar packet is perfect for the upper elementary/ middle school crowd (grades 4-8)! Target a variety of grammar and syntax goals with this low ink packet. Worksheets are designed to be used in small groups, but feel free to modify the instructions and use with individual students as well. I

Also included in: Middle School Speech Therapy Bundle | Speech and Language Activities

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Social Skills Activities | Social Skills for Autism | Speech Therapy
Social Skills: social skills worksheets for speech therapy, special education, and regular education! Do your students need to work on using appropriate social skills? You can target a variety of social skills with these worksheets, including staying on topic, eye contact, emotions, being polite,
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Slam Dunk Perspective Taking: Speech Therapy, Pragmatics, Social language
This FREEBIE download focuses on teaching identifying emotions, perspective taking and social problem solving using social scenarios. Students are asked to define other's emotions or thoughts in a basketball themed activity. Audience This download is appropriate for Speech language pathologists,
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