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Elements of Poetry doodle flip book, interactive presentation, worksheets, quiz
This Elements of Poetry Teach Doodle Learn resource is created to teach students about the different tools poets use when writing their poems. This makes for a great introductory lesson for your poetry unit and a skill students need in order to effectively write and analyze poems. Students learn abo

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Simple Poetry Elements PowerPoint Presentation/Posters
This PowerPoint presentation covers basic poetry elements, providing both definitions and examples. Elements include line, stanza, rhyme, rhythm, onomatopoeia, and alliteration. Poetry Types have been added as well including concrete, haiku, acrostic, elegy, ode, narrative, and lyric. Slides can a

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Elements of Poetry PowerPoint Presentation
This PowerPoint reviews the main elements of poetry, including stanzas, rhyming patterns, rhythm and meter, theme, and mood. Each element taught includes poems with which to practice. At the end of the presentation, a poem is given, and students are encouraged to describe the poem using the vocabula

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Elements of Poetry Powerpoint Presentation
This powerpoint presentation is designed to introduce some of the elements of poetry and give students examples of them. You may use this to introduce a lesson on poetry or use it as a review after reading a poem. You can swap out the examples I give and put in examples from the poem you are current

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Literary Elements in Poetry PowerPoint Presentation
This is an interactive PowerPoint Presentation that takes you through Literary Elements in Poetry. Examples are included using various poetry samples. The elements included are: Tone, Simile, Metaphor, Imagery, Rhythm, Meter, Repetition, Free Verse, Internal Rhyme, End Rhyme, Rhyme Scheme, Allite

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Figurative Language Story Elements Literature Poetry Word Parts Presentation
A really great PowerPoint presentation that could be used to review al the terms learned in language arts. Not only is figurative language covered, but so are story elements, types of literature, word parts, etc. I had it running in my classroom on a TV/monitor all the time for those that finished e

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Elements of Poetry and Figures of Speech Powerpoint Presentation
Elements of Poetry and Figures of Speech Powerpoint Presentation with excellent Examples! Save yourself some prep time and use this powerpoint presentation to explain elements of poetry and figures of speech.

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Elements of Poetry Presentation
This presentation covers the basic elements of poetry. Under the portions covering meter, there is space above the words and phrases to add the markings for meter on an ActivBoard or SmartBoard.

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Elements of Poetry Unit Grades 3 - 5 Common Core Aligned
This Structure and Elements of Poetry unit is aligned with both Common Core and TEKS Standards for grades 3 - 5, and provides everything you need to teach your students in the classroom, library, homeschool, writing workshop, or beyond! Here’s what some other teachers think about this unit…“Best res

Also included in: ELA Elements Bundle - Drama, Poetry, and Mystery Genres


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Poetry Unit | Poetry Posters | Elements of Poetry | Distance Learning | GOOGLE
UPDATES FOR GOOGLE AND POWERPOINT! This inclusive teaching tool contains everything you need to TEACH a poetry unit. You will find poetry elements, types of poems, and analyzing poetry. PLEASE LOOK IN THE TEACHER NOTES FOR THE GOOGLE LINK!What is included?★ Poetry Elements- definitions and examp

Also included in: POETRY UNIT- Elements of Poetry, Poetry Booklet, Poetry Analysis, Poetry Bundle


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POETRY MUSIC ACTIVITIES, ASSIGNMENTS & PRESENTATIONS: This is a bundle of all my musically inspired poetry resources. Students will love the modern lyrics, eye-catching presentations, and engaging activities and worksheets included in this packet. By purchasing this bundle, you are getting mor


Figurative Language Review PowerPoint (Free Sample -Poetry Elements)
This slideshow is an update of the Poetry Elements Review PowerPoint that was previously available. Hyperbole, idiom, and anthropomorphism have been added to the exercise.I hope that you enjoy this free sample. Thank you for your interest. As always, your feedback and Pinterest pins are appreciated

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Elements of Poetry in Spanish
Elements of Poetry in Spanish This is a common core correlated unit on poetry (RF3.4). It includes a Power Point Presentation that explains what poetry is and discusses the different poetry elements such as: rhyme, repetition, tone, alliteration, imagery and humor. The power point also discusses f

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Langston Hughes Mother to Son Poetry Analysis
This guided close reading lesson for “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes is based on the TPCASTT poetry analysis lesson model. As you lead the discussion with a slideshow presentation, students take notes on a poetry analysis graphic organizer in their interactive notebooks.Product Features♦ Poetry a

Also included in: Langston Hughes Harlem Renaissance Poetry Analysis Unit Bundle


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Elements of Poetry PowerPoint
A wealth of poetry terminology is presented in this PowerPoint. It begins with a distinction between verse and prose, and then moves on to the many elements of poetry, providing both definitions and examples. It even contains literary elements often found in poetry. It can easily be used to provi

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Elements of Poetry Unit
This unit covers the following Elements of Poetry: RHYME RHYME SCHEME FREE VERSE METER & METER SCANNING ALLITERATION IMAGERY ONOMATOPOEIA TONE REPETITION PERSONIFICATION MOOD METAPHOR SIMILE REFRAIN The pack includes Elements of Poetry posters which can also double as a presentation, provided

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Drama, Prose, Poetry Structural Elements Game
This hands-on game on the major differences between poems, drama, and prose teaches students to compare and contrast the structural elements. It slowly builds in complexity for successful practice. It’s easy to understand but complex enough to play again and again. My students have played the game

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Langston Hughes Harlem Poetry Analysis
What happens to a dream deferred? This guided close reading lesson for “Harlem” [Dream Deferred] by Langston Hughes will guide your class in an exploration of theme development using the TPCASTT poetry analysis model. As you lead the discussion with a slideshow presentation, students take notes on a

Also included in: Langston Hughes Harlem Renaissance Poetry Analysis Unit Bundle


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Three Shades of John Donne - Metaphysical Poetry
This lesson set offers a mature look at the metaphysical poetry of John Donne. I expanded the lesson set available in the Prentice Hall/Pearson British Tradition textbook. Please note that this lesson set discusses, in part, Donne's focus on physical love by examining an excerpt (American conceit) f

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Poetry Elements & Structure Mini-Lesson
This PPT is designed as an introductory mini lesson. Students will be introduced to the structural elements of alliteration, internal rhyme, onomatopoeia, rhyme scheme, rhythm, meter, stanzas, & line breaks. Also, students will be exposed to narrative, lyrical, humorous, & free verse poetr

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Langston Hughes & Maya Angelou Poetry Compare and Contrast Student Presentations
Introduce your students to the awesome Langston Hughes, one of many writers who contributed greatly to the Harlem Renaissance and to Maya Angelou, a product of the Renaissance. The 16 slide PowerPoint will introduce students to Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, and the overall assignment. Students

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Poetry Terms Prezi presentation with handout
Prezi is similar to a PowerPoint in that they are both presentation tools, but that is where their similarities end. Prezi Presentations are created on a "canvas" rather than on "slides". This helps to encourage focusing on combining text, pictures and video clips. Items on the canvas can be dragg

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Seven Elements of Poetry
I created this powerpoint for 6th, 7th, & 8th grade co-taught reading classes. I list SPI's for each grade on the right of the cover page. I like to break down poetry into discernable elements so that we can then use each element in analyzing given poetry. Anita B Franklin

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Elements of Poetry PowerPoint
Elements of Poetry PowerPoint introduces students to the devices that gives poetry its distinctive identity in the vast realm of literature.Concepts presented include:Poetic Elements Dealing with Word Choice * Rhyme * Imagery * Alliteration* Repetition * Tone* Mood Organization of Poetry * Stanza *

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