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This is great for students who have a hard time keeping up with notes. Students can just fill in the blank with the notes provided
7th - 10th
Hello!This is a Table Top Twitter/ Silent Discussion activity that will aide your students in analyzing chapter 5 of Stephen King's The Mist! The questions focus on the development of Mr. Norton and Ms. Carmody and how they contribute to the SUSPENSE! To set up, you’ll need to copy the large quest
This worksheet includes a chart for students to record and analyze the diction used to describe the two new types of creatures: the bugs and the flying things. There are also questions that ask about diction used in different scenes in the chapter, including the deaths of characters and creatures,
This chapter 6 analysis activity requires students to analyze the suspense that is created by telling this story in 1st person through David's eyes! They will complete a series of 8 analysis questions that examine characterization, diction, figurative language, imagery, and mood. Please help my li
In this book report, students analyze all the elements of storytelling. They are guided to consider narrative point of view, setting, plot, characters, and word choice. They begin to see how all of these elements of storytelling come together to create suspense. Finally, they evaluate their novel
Comprehension worksheet used for close reading of Ursula Le Guin's The Wife's Story. I usually use this after going over techniques that build suspense, including spotlighting, word referents, character reaction and lack of information. Students then identify portions of the story where these are us
Guided notes that include six elements of suspense commonly found in horror stories. This resources includes an intro activity, guided notes, and practice activity using the short film, "The Moonlight Man"
This worksheet asks students to trace 4 of the elements of suspense - Foreshadowing, Figurative Language, Dramatic Irony, and realistic characters. The worksheet is in the form of a pdf. It is to be printed front and back because it is 2 pages. For each of the elements they are to find examples citi
Use this organizer to analyze literary text to determine how the author developed the complications and suspense.
This quiz is on the basics of rhetorical devices and elements of suspense. Students must list and identify in text.
9th - 11th
Reading Posters for Literature: Elements of Fiction Posters {Plot Vocabulary} Set of 23 I created these simple bright and colorful posters for many of the common elements of fiction (I call them "lit terms") that my middle school students learn throughout the year. {Update! As of March 2015, this
This is a lesson to teach the students the elements of a plot. It will take 1-2 periods depending on your students. In my experience, for 8th graders, this lesson takes 2 periods What you get: • An overview of the lesson plan and instructions on how to teach each section of the lesson. • Gr
I just love mysteries, don’t you? To be honest I just love the mystery unit that Beth Newingham uses in her classroom and has graciously shared with us. It is full of inspiration or at least I thought so. This unit has all things mystery but with a primary focus. The vocabulary is tied to story el
Using popular movies and movie characters as examples, this 26 slide powerpoint teaches the story/literary elements of characters (protagonist, antagonist, static, dynamic), plot(exposition, rising action, conflict, climax, falling action, resolution), setting, point of view, theme, suspense, foresh
This mega pack (a 20% discount over buying a la carte) includes many review and assessment activities to help your students learn their literary elements. 1. Literary Terms Definition List- 47 terms- plot, exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, conflict (internal and externa
Close reading strategies applied to a short film. Teaching with short films is a great way to engage struggling readers and English language learners, giving them a scaffold that enables them to actively participate in discussions with peers about literary terms. Each film/ lesson comes with: plot m
Elements of Fiction- White BorderPlot Structure- Reading Elements of Fiction Poster Set:ForeshadowDialogueFlashbackThemeSuspenseSymbolismToneNarratorPoint of ViewCharacterizationMoodElements of Plot Poster Set (6 Posters):plotsettingcharactersexpositionrising actionconflictclimaxfalling actionresolu
Through the fiction close reading lessons, students will deeply engage with the novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, to develop a variety of reading and literary skills. The resource also allows for differentiation and flexible implementation. Fiction Close Readi
Great display for classroom or use black and white pages for student notebooks. ~This set is on half pages except for the foldable, plot diagram, four types of character conflict, and definition of conflict (both) *Elements of plot foldable ~ The foldable can be used to identify the parts of plo
As an introduction to story writing and the creative writing process, these visual notes are a great way for students to understand what that process is and what it is not. Note sheet includes the following topics: ❒ What makes a story good?❒ What about the plot?❒ Narrative unity❒ Building suspense❒
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ~Plot Structure and Elements of Fiction- Blue Border ~Plot Structure- Reading Includes posters for: ~Setting ~exposition ~characters ~plot (3 plot diagrams to choose from) ~rising action ~falling action ~resolution ~denouement ~conflict (3 to choose from) ~climax, (2 definiti
Elements of Story - Editable PPT, Guided Notes, & Google Forms QuizTeach students all of the most fundamental elements of story with this mini-unit! This mini-unit is perfect for introducing any novel study OR short-story unit. This Elements of Story mini-unit includes an editable Powerpoint pre
Elements of Fiction- White Border ~Plot Structure- Reading Elements of Fiction Poster Set: Foreshadow Dialogue Flashback Theme Suspense Symbolism Tone Narrator Point of View Characterization Mood Elements of Plot Poster Set (6 Posters): plot setting characters exposition rising action conflict c
Plot Structure and Elements of Fiction- Black and White Border ~Plot Structure- Reading Elements of Fiction Poster Set: Foreshadow Dialogue Flashback Theme Suspense Symbolism Tone Narrator Point of View Characterization Mood Elements of Plot Poster Set (6 Posters): plot (4 pages) setting characte

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