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Emily Dickinson's poem "I'm Nobody" is perfect for sharpening close-reading and literary analysis skills. But even better than that is knowing your students will connect with the poem, discuss it, and then write their own "I'm Somebody" poems.What a perfect poem to share with our middle and high school students! They can relate to this poem as easily as adults. Who hasn't felt like an outsider or "uncool" -- and to think this poem was written over 150 years ago!What teachers are saying about
This lesson plan features three poems by Emily Dickinson. The poems are “Because I Could Not Stop for Death,” “There’s a Certain Slant of Light,” and “I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died.” You may have these three poems in your literature book but there is a copy of each here if you don’t. Students have a worksheet for each. There are three answer KEYs included. Also included is a prewriting assignment for a short analysis essay over one of the poems of the students’ choosing. This prewriting
9th - 12th
You'll love teaching this delightful poem! This lesson guides students through a detailed analysis of Emily Dickinson's poem "Hope Is the Thing With Feathers." After analyzing it, students can then write their own poem of hope or a poem about an abstract noun.Both digital and print versions here, so you're ready for any classroom setting!There are ten parts to this lesson:Author researchVocabulary - study and synonym activityParaphrase - line by lineParaphrase by stanzaExamining dictionAnalyzi
Stump your students with this fun interactive activity: Is the quote lyrics from a Queen song or lines from an Emily Dickinson poem? The bundle comes with 40 interactive bulletin board display cards, a 122-slide presentation (in PDF format--not editable), a 2-page student handout with brief bios for each artist, and a 2-page teacher answer key.This is a great way to promote enthusiasm for poetry any time of the year or to kick-start your poetry unit. It is guaranteed to stump your students and m
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
NEW IN 2021: Rigorous! Thought-provoking! Discussion-Based! This 45-page EDITABLE mini-unit promises to elicit dynamic engagement from all students without compromising on intellectual rigor. The discussion questions, quizzes on poetic devices, and analytical writing assignment will challenge your students to dig beneath the surface of Dickinson's poems and generate profound interpretive insights!! Here are some highlights from this 45-page mini-unit on Dickinson's poetry:• 10 Poems by Emily
Skip the typical Emily Dickinson introduction lecture as you launch a study of her poetry and, instead, empower students to find their own interesting facts about this author’s life with this “Author Bio” print/post-and-teach activity.This single-page worksheet (includes both a PDF & Google Drive version) is a powerful research organizer that’ll get students digging deep into Dickinson’s background.Please note: This download does NOT include a specific article or links to defined articles. I
EMILY DICKINSON BECAUSE I COULD NOT STOP FOR DEATH: Introduce students to one of Emily Dickinson's most interesting poems. Because I Could Not Stop For Death personifies death and takes students on an eerie carriage ride from birth to passing. It makes a great Halloween lesson, but can be used at any time of the year! ================================================================SAVE BY PURCHASING THIS RESOURCE IN A BUNDLE. CLICK BELOW!POETRY RESOURCE BUNDLE - 300+ PAGES!====================
9th - 12th, Higher Education

Also included in: POETRY

Emily Dickinson Poetry lesson covers 3 days of Dickinson's poems with activities.Day 1 - Students rotate through 8 stations. At each station, they read a short poem followed by 3 or 4 questions relating to that poem. This way students are exposed to 8 of her short poems. An exit ticket is also included. These poems are included in this activity:"I Had No Time to Hate, Because""Success""If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking""I’m Nobody" "Much Madness is Divinest Sense" "The Bee Is Not Afraid of M
Includes: “We Grow Accustomed to the Dark” and “Before I Got My Eye Put Out.” Why have students dread poetry when they can learn to love it instead? This two-poem, 1-7 day unit takes a unique and engaging approach to introducing students to the work of Emily Dickinson, using rigorous activities with a modern twist that will help them analyze and connect to the poet’s themes while having some fun along the way.The packet includes:• Detailed, modern lesson plans—including thought-provoking journ
Immerse your students in a close read of this classic, beautiful poem. You'll get task cards/mini-posters, PowerPoint featuring "think aloud" notations, response sheets, and more!➜This resource is available at a reduced price as part of my Poetry Mega-Bundle for Middle and High School. Check it out!You'll get a PowerPoint close-reading to accompany your think aloud. It includes the poem, annotations, and an original hand drawing of Emily. Also sixteen quotes by Emily Dickinson to use as task car
"Hope" is the Thing with Feathers by Emily Dickinson Coloring Pages Poetry coloring pages help bring poems to life. Students are exposed to beautiful poems through coloring pages. Emily Dickinson's "Hope is the thing with feathers" poem features beautiful images of birds and feathers with different levels of coloring--easier, as well as more intricate, coloring pages). This pack features 16 full-size coloring pages and 19 pages of individual feathers and birds (with and without the word "hop
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This Doodle and Do resource is all about Emily Dickinson! First, students read an informational text about Emily Dickinson. While reading, they’ll answer questions and create doodles in response to the passage directly in the text! Then, they’ll take their doodling a step further and respond to the nonfiction passage in a doodle notes template. Once students have learned about Dickinson, they’ll complete an interactive poetry flip book as they analyze her poem, “A Bird, came down the walk.”D
Looking for an effective, practical guide to teach students to analyze poetry independently?So often, students get the message that poetry is “hard” or “boring,” and it’s no wonder they believe this when they are expected to sit passively while their teacher lectures them on the true meaning of a text. The kind of instruction that bestows knowledge on students creates passive learners who feel disempowered, frustrated, and learn to hate poetry and literary analysis.I have spent many years teachi
Are you looking for a poetry analysis lesson students can complete on their own? In this poetry activity, students analyze Emily Dickinson’s “I Died for Beauty.” This scaffolded activity is the perfect sub plan or snow day lesson! Use this analyzing poetry activity for:Independent practiceEnrichment & Summer SchoolSnow Days & Blizzard BagsEmergency Plans Do your students need a skills review?✅ Use textual evidence to support inferences (RL.7.1)✅ Determine a central idea and analyze its d
Help students learn to analyze poetry Emily Dickinson’s poem, “A Bird Came Down the Walk” with this mini unit and task cards set in BOTH PRINT and DIGITAL. This poem is on the 4th and 5th grade CCSS ELA Text Exemplar list. Students read the poem and respond to prompts on 12 task cards citing evidence from the text in their foldable booklet that prints using only 3 sheets of paper or using the digital version with text boxes pre-placed. This makes a great center activity or class lesson that can
Help your students make sense of Emily Dickinson's complicated poem, "Because I Could Not Stop for Death," with this close-reading 7-page packet. After reading the poem, students analyze the poem's figurative language, tone, and poetic structure using the guided questions. This ready-to-print activity is perfect for starting a poetry unit or as an emergency lesson plan for a substitute teacher. The activity can be used in grades 7-12 and can also be done as an individual, paired, or group assig
Help your students make sense of Emily Dickinson's poetry with this teaching bundle! Included are: • A 27-page introductory PowerPoint (including personal pictures from Amherst, MA) • Detailed worksheets for the poems "Success is Counted Sweetest" and "Because I Could Not Stop for Death" -- WITH ANSWER KEYS • Group poetry analysis project (includes copies of poems with guiding questions) • Detailed lesson plan for group project • Fun extra credit activity using Billy Collins's poem "Taking off
7th - 12th, Higher Education
Emily Dickinson Nature Walk--Poetry Analysis Activity → Editable files!Your kids are begging you to go outside because it's warm. Well, why not?! With this poetry reading activity, you can have students moving, reading, writing, and collaborating outdoors! This lesson plan asks students to consider how scientists and poets make observations. Playing roles, student pairs venture outdoors to use mobile devices to scan QR codes and read short nature poems by Emily Dickinson... and make related s
8th - 12th
This mini unit uses the Common Core State Standards exemplar text, "Autumn" by Emily Dickinson. The lessons align with CCSS ELA for 2nd grade. You could easily use it for other grades also, just by making minor adjustments. Included in the zipped file, you will find: -Lesson plan ideas (3 days) -Assessment: written text dependent question -Poem typed for displaying on screen (text is also found in Appendix B of the CCSS) -Building Background picture -Vocabulary slides to teach 4 key words -Poet
1st - 3rd
This product will allow your students to easily understand and analyze Emily Dickinson's "Hope is the thing with feathers" by breaking it down line-by-line!Instruct your students to fold the paper in half the long way, and to cut along the black lines into the midline of the paper. They will end up with a long, skinny version of the poem on the front of the flaps, and analysis question inside.As they read the poem, they will peel back the flap to reveal questions that ask them to analyze the poe
Your students will love these poems by Emily Dickinson! Perfect to start practicing literary analysis -- plus creative writing as students write a poem in the same style. Step-by-step analysis helps build reading confidence!Plus you'll get a "poet" mini research project that you can use for students to learn more about Emily Dickinson -- and use for any other poets you are studying!What you'll get:Emily Dickinson's poem "I'm Nobody" perfect for sharpening close-reading and literary analysis sk
5th - 8th
Your students will love analyzing this beautiful poem that describes the sunrise and sunset and then writing their own "I'll tell you..." poems. Students analyze the poem "A Day" by Emily Dickinson and write their own companion poem. Students use literary analysis skills and examine the vivid details that make this poem so beautiful. This resource includes:✓ suggestions for teaching✓ the poem (in the public domain)✓ reflection questions for initial reading✓ paraphrasing activity✓ vocabulary✓ c
Afraid to try a Socratic Seminar? Give it a shot with this power pack that includes everything you need to get your students digging into and discussing the poetry of Emily Dickinson: slideshow with introduction to Dickinson and guidance/explanation for each day of the lesson; a 12 page packet that includes two supporting non-fiction texts to provide background information, a packet of Dickinson poems, and graphic organizers and instructions for SIFT and TPCASTT; guiding cloze and questions (wi
I adore Emily Dickinson—who she is as a person and her poems which live on even today. So, no big surprise that I figured out a way to use one of her poems, “I’m Nobody, Who Are You?” as a parts of speech activity. Included are the lines from the perennial favorite and required reading for many students, as well as a rubric and the number of examples of each part of speech in the poem to promote student success. This activity can be included in a parts of speech review, or parts of speech pr

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