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Size Of The Problem Activities And Visuals For Emotional Regulation Lessons
These size of the problem activities will help your students learn to react appropriately to their problems! Students will learn the difference between small, medium and big problems and how to respond accordingly. These no prep activities are perfect for your individual, small group and classroom c

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Emotional Regulation Lesson Bundle For Elementary
This Emotional Regulation Lesson for Elementary Bundle will help students to recognize, identify and learn coping tools and strategies for their emotions. This set is a perfect if you are teaching classroom lessons that help students learn about emotions. I have used the lessons in the following o


Coping Skills Activities For Emotional Regulation Lessons
Are you looking for engaging coping skills activities to help your students with anger management and anxiety? These 3 activities to help students practice identifying positive coping skills and differentiating between positive and negative coping skills. They are great for individual, small group

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Understanding Triggers Emotional Regulation Lesson
This Understanding Triggers Emotional Regulation Lesson will help students to identify triggers that can cause them to "pop". As students understand what triggers emotional responses in their bodies, they can learn to use coping strategies that can help them relax. While coping strategies are not

Also included in: Emotional Regulation Lesson Bundle For Elementary


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Coping Skills Toolbox Emotional Regulation Lesson
This Coping Skills Toolbox Emotional Regulation Lesson will help students to identify coping tools and strategies they can use to calm down when they get upset. In this lesson, students are asked to try out a variety of sensory tools and breathing exercises that can use to calm down. This lesson

Also included in: Emotional Regulation Lesson Bundle For Elementary


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Size Of My Problem Emotional Regulation Lesson
The Size Of My Problem Emotional Regulation Lesson will help students to understand that problems come in different sizes and emotions and reactions come in different sizes too. Students will view a powerpoint to help them understand different size problems and appropriate size reactions for each.

Also included in: Emotional Regulation Lesson Bundle For Elementary


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Emotional Regulation: Lesson and Game for Feelings
Feeling Fish is a small group counseling lesson to help students increase their emotion vocabulary, become aware of their own emotions, and learn about others’ emotions. Perfect for mid-elementary individual or small group counseling. Picture cards and extensions to activities are provide to make it

Also included in: Emotional Regulation and Coping Strategies School Counseling Bundle


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Emotion Awareness Skills; Emotional Regulation; Lesson 1
Everyone seems to have jumped on the cognitive behavior therapy wagon. Even those who are not clinicians or are not trained in CBT are promoting products and lessons in this arena. But what many non-clinicians not trained in this area easily overlook is emotion. Good therapy is more than just “ch

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Triggering Feelings; Emotion Understanding; Emotional Regulation; Lesson 2
This lesson is to be taught after Module 1: Emotional Awareness Skills. The key to this lesson is to provide your student with basic knowledge about emotions. This particular lesson is on Triggering Feelings or understanding what causes you to feel a certain way. There are four parts to this modu

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Feeling Emotions in Our Bodies; Sadness; Emotional Regulation; Lesson 5
This module is to be used after Section A on Fear/Anxiety. In this lesson we look at the emotion of sadness. As with our other emotions, the feeling is normalized and shown in various expressions on several different people -- from crying to curling up in a ball to holding your hands to your head.

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Feeling Emotions in Our Bodies; Anger; Emotional Regulation; Lesson 6
This is the 6th lesson in the series for Emotional Regulation, to be used after Feeling Emotions in our Bodies; Sadness; Emotional Regulation; Module 2 Pt 2 B. We are looking closely at the feeling of Anger. We always start by normalizing our feelings in that everyone experiences Anger and explain

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Emotion Regulation Lessons ASCA Social/Emotional Unit with Pre/Post Test
A unit of 3 counseling lessons to teach students how to recognize, understand, regulate their emotions! see other postings for the power points of each lesson in addition to these lesson plans

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Emotion Understanding; Multiple Feelings; Emotional Regulation; Lesson 3
This lesson is to be taught after Module 2: Emotion Understanding Skills, Part 1 Triggering Feelings. Teaching children the different steps in managing their emotions includes understanding that a person can experience multiple emotions at one time. There is usual learning hierarchy here. First kid

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Feeling Emotions in Our Bodies; Happiness; Emotional Regulation; Lesson 7
This lesson is the 7th in the series and is taught after Module 2, Part 3 C Sadness. This is of course above and beyond the simple, “things that make me happy” or ”look at the face, he’s smiling, he’s happy”. In the lesson, as with our others we talk more deeply about our emotions. We discuss tha

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Positive Behavior Supports: Emotional Regulation Lessons 1-3
Teach young children to regulate their emotions by developing "Feeling Vocabularies", reading facial expressions, listening to tone of voice, and understanding situational cues. By lesson three, children will recognize when they are uncomfortable and practice techniques to return to a calm state. T


Self-Regulation Coping Skills Bundle: Calm Corner, SEL Lessons, Games & Decor
This Self-Regulation Coping Skills Bundle will help to teach young people coping skills and self-regulation strategies. This coping skills toolkit is perfect for your SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Curriculum, Trauma Sensitive Classrooms, Calm Corner, individual and group counseling sessions, and


Self Regulation Activities: Counseling Classroom Lessons for Emotion Regulation
Teach kids self regulation skills with this fun-to-use school counseling classroom guidance lesson unit! In this train-themed unit, your littlest learners will learn to identify emotions, use calming strategies, identify problem size, and stop, think and choose. Get comprehensive, ready to use lesso


Self Regulation Counseling Curriculum: Emotion Regulation Activities
Self Regulation Activities & Lessons Plans: In this emotion regulation school counseling curriculum, you’ll find 20 classroom guidance lessons on emotion regulation, situationally appropriate behaviors, calming strategies, self talk, perspective taking, and more to help your students understand


Size Of The Problem Puzzles For Social Problem Solving And Emotional Regulation
These 36 puzzles are perfect for helping your students understand the size of the problem and making sure that the size of their reaction fits the problem size. Students will look at various scenarios and decide whether the problem is a big problem, medium problem, or small problem. Students will m

Also included in: Social Problem Solving Bundle {Save 20%!}


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Self-Regulation Small Group To Teach Emotional Regulation Strategies - NO PREP
This self-regulation small group plan will help your students to learn to identify when their feelings/emotions are getting too intense, and learn ways to manage these feelings/emotions through alerting and calming strategies. This resource includes 6 NO PREP sessions that include a detailed lesson

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Emotional Regulation Unit
This unit is designed to have mini-lessons, discovery learning, critical thinking, cooperative learning, and rotation style lessons. Each lesson include an entry task, a closing task and 3 interactive activities. The lesson may take 1-3 days depending on time amount of time dedicated to each lesson.

Also included in: MEGA BUNDLE Emotional Regulation Resources


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Emotional Regulation Character Trait Lesson Bundle
The Emotional Regulation Character Trait Lesson Bundle contains 4 lessons to help teach emotional regulation. Each lesson focuses on a different character trait that affects emotional regulation. The four lessons included are Self Care, Mindfulness, Self-Control and Assertiveness. The lessons may


Problems vs. Reactions: Emotional Regulation Pack
Do you have students whose reactions do not match the size of their problems? It takes time and practice for children to be able use emotional regulation to appropriately react to their problems. Perfect for school counselors, social workers, special education teachers, and speech-language pathologi

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Emotional Regulation Activities | Self Regulation Activities
The resources included in this project are designed to assist you in teaching the foundations of emotional regulation through hands on experiences, visuals, and simple, structured interventions. INCLUDED:★ Color coded emotions posters★ Coping skills visuals★ File folders related to emotional regulat

Also included in: Emotional Regulation Activities | Emotional Support Activities | BUNDLE!


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