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Age of Exploration Unit - PPTs, Worksheets, Project, Lesson Plans+Test
Age of Exploration Complete Unit Bundled (New Product) includes Age of Exploration PowerPoints with video and presenter notes. Unit also includes, warm up PowerPoints, informational text documents with questions, primary source lessons, map, exit tickets, Explorer Scrapbook Project, crossword review
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Global History - Multiple Choice Regents Questions Quiz (Unit 18 of 40)
The Age of European Exploration, advancements in navigation technology, European desire to obtain goods from Asia, the compass, the astrolabe, European dependence on Asian spices, rise of nation-states in western Europe, naval engineering, cartography (mapmaking), explore the Western Hemisphere, the
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Colonial Coercive Labor
This is a 1 page reading plus 1 page of questions. It chronicles the use of Coercive Labor that occurred in the Americas during the Age of Exploration. It specifically describes the Encomienda and Mita systems as well as Indentured Servitude. This is designed for middle school or high school student
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Guided Bartolome de Las Casas Reading (Columbus/Taínos Unit)
This is a guided reading that features a translated excerpt from the 1542 journals of Bartolome de Las Casas. De Las Casas was appointed a Spanish bishop in the New World, and while he originally supported the Spanish imperialism in the Indies, his journal discusses why he eventually came to reject
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Early Civilizations of Middle America Terms
Terms include a picture, and space for definition. Page numbers correlate with our Exploring Latin America Book. The following terms are included: Maize, hieroglyphics, Copan, Tikal, Valley of Mexico, Tenochtitlan, aqueduct, quipu, Pachacuti, Topa Inca, Cuzco, Treaty of Tordesillas, treaty, Line o
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Spanish Colonization and Exploration of the New World
Save $$$ and get even more value! Lesson is part of a unit bundle. CLICK HERE!The Spanish Colonization and Exploration in the New World goes over a wide range of topics from the effects of Spanish colonization and exploration in the New World to the conquistadors, the hacienda system, and much more.
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Age of Exploration Test
This test covers causes and effects of the Age of Exploration, and goes into detail on mercantilism and the triangle trade, the encomienda system established under New Spain, and the use of slaves in Africa and Brazil. It has 45 multiple choice/ true and false and one diagram.
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