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This project is designed to help students build their research, analysis and synthesis skills while learning about an endangered species that interests them. As students become the class expert for their species, they will exercise reading, writing, grammar, science and art skills as well as build e
This unit will require your students to conduct research on an endangered specie and find out why they are endangered and what can be done to help. Students will also be required to report on the following information:Habitat: Describe where your animal lives. Physical Attributes: List at least 5 ph
Endangered Species Project:Topics included for research (website included):Description, diet, habitat, why endangered, what is being done?, other facts, where in the worldStudents research, then draw a picture and describe their information for each topic. Rough draft and final paper organizer inclu
This bundle of lessons, labs, and activities is perfect for a high school environmental science course and will introduce your students to the topics of identifying a species, endangered species, threatened species, and speciation. This lesson is designed to facilitate independent learning and is i
This project helps students research the reasons behind an animal being placed on the endangered or threatened list as well as what is being done to help the animal. The student can then infer how this animal's extinction would affect its ecosystem.This packet includes:Nonfiction articles about end
Get ready...THE NEXT ENDANGERED SPECIES DAY:Friday, May 15th, 2020!Endangered Species Day is the perfect day to begin discussing with your students the importance of protecting Earth’s diverse animals!Endangered Species Project!Includes:18 Different Species Posters and Trading CardsThreatened Specie
Avec cette activité, les élèves démontrent leur apprentissage de l’adaptation des animaux et des interactions de l’homme avec l’environnement à travers un projet de recherche sur un animal en voie de disparition du Canada. Le document inclu les grandes lignes du projet, des questions de réflexion
With this project based learning science bundle, students learn about environmental problems, ways to save our endangered species with Earth Day Activities included. These student-centered PBL units incorporate collaboration and differentiation by providing student choice. The real-world challenges
This is a comprehensive marine endangered species project. It includes three major parts; a research paper, lesson/presentation, and an action plan. All rubrics are included in the document. When I assign this project, I spread out the due dates for each part with a total duration of about a mon
This project is a great vehicle for exposing students to some neat little formatting tricks to make their sheets look great. The premise is for students to research and present 10 animals that are on the endangered species list. Students will list each of the species in the main sheet, and also cr
Three detailed, non-fiction (science) reading passages about three separate endangered species: Silky Sifaka Lemur, Roloway Monkey, and Cotton-Top Tamarin. Students begin by engaging in a power point that covers important terms (endangered species, extinct, primate) and introduces the 3 endangered p
Non fiction reading and comprehension questions about for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students. Inspire students to protect animals and the environment with this reading passage and activity. Comes with comprehension questions and answer key and extension activities. Comprehension questions will include
In this activity, students demonstrate their learning of animal adaptations and human interactions with the environment through a research project on an endangered animal. Included are the project outline, reflection questions and rubric. This projects meets the following expectation for the Ontari
This is a comprehensive research project on Endangered and Threatened Species. Includes: Links to information on teaching about endangered and threatened species Notes on endangered and threatened species List of 50 animals and web links to each Additional list of trusted web resources Project desc
This project is used as a culminating activity for a fraction unit. Students can apply their knowledge of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions in a real-world context.
In this in depth Endangered Species Project, students investigate the culture of a people group living near a chosen Endangered Species, and create a campaign to save that species.The activity models RARE - an organization that goes into communities and works with people to educate and empower them
Need to incorporate the Common Core research standards into your instruction? You've come to the right place! This engaging research project will cover those standards while your students develop their research and critical thinking skills! In this project, students choose an endangered species (fr
What better a way to have students become familiar with endangered species and help educate their peers than with a Save Me Campaign! Students will research self-selected species and complete presentations for their classmates. Students note this project as one of their favorite projects throughou
Endangered Species Brochure Project. This can be done in programs such as Microsoft Publisher, Power Point, or Word. This project contains 10 different topics (each with specific directions) for students to research and it includes a sample brochure for them to use as a guide. Also included are dire
In this activity NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) aligned activity, students create a Recovery Plan for an endangered species of their choice. The plant requires students to 1) understand the natural history and geographical range of the organism 2) design a plan that accounts for the timeli
This is the Google Doc version! I have specifically re-worked it for this time of school closures. A PDF version of the original (very similar) is also available in my store.Designed to support NGSS HS-LS2-7: Design, evaluate, and refine a solution for reducing the impacts of human activities on the
EVERY year, my students tell me this is their ALL-TIME favorite project!From my experience, I can confidently share that students will develop digital research and oral presentation skills whilst growing in being able to read and interpret informational text and global awareness and advocacy for End
Students will work to research an endangered species and produce either a slideshow or poster to present on their given species. Students will discuss the factors that led to the species being endangered as well as the steps being taken to conserve them. Students can work alone or in pairs to resea
Students will research an animal on the endangered species list. They may choose to present their information in a variety of formats: Research Paper, PowerPoint presentation, or Poster. My students generally enjoy this project and love to find interesting facts and pictures of the animal they cho

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