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energy pyramid ppt

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This activity can serve as a quick review or formative assessment of the following concepts: energy pyramids; trophic levels; flow of energy; 10% rule; producers; primary, secondary, tertiary consumers; and decomposers. Includes answers and a link to an editable version of the Google Slides doc that
5th - 8th
Are you tired of teaching with presentations that look like they were probably created in 1995? Are you ready to move past the "sit and get" style of whole group instruction? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then this resource is for you! I spent almost a decade fighting to keep stu
6th - 9th

Also included in: Ecosystems - FULL UNIT

This product consist of 14 informative slides and 11 interactive slides covering the terms and concepts:AutotrophCarnivoresDecomposers Energy PyramidFood ChainFood WebHeterotrophHerbivoresOmnivoresPredatorPreyPrimary ConsumerProducersQuaternary ConsumerScavengerSecondary ConsumerTertiary ConsumerTro
3rd - 9th
This .zip file contains materials for a middle school science lesson on food energy pyramids, as part of a unit on the Interactions of Life (Ecology). The unit was designed for 6th graders in NYC. Includes: SMARTboard .notebook lesson presentation (11 slides) including interactive slides and vide
This is a powerpoint to teach high school aged students about food chains and ecological pyramids. Goes through auto and heterotrophs, how energy is transferred, and what happens to energy not transferred. This powerpoint comes with a notespage called "Ecology Food Chains and Pyramids Lesson Notes
9th - 12th
I commonly notice that my students struggle with the terminology associated with the energy pyramid. So this activity is created as a drag-and-drop to help them correctly identify vocabulary words for organisms on energy pyramids. It is ready to be shared with students through Google Classroom or
-DIFFERENTIATED CONCEPT NOTES -QUIZ -ANSWER KEYS -RIGOROUSDo your students love to doodle while taking notes?  Don't fight it, embrace it with Doodle Notes (aka Squiggle Sheets)!!!These notes are not only fun but help students to meet Next Generation Science Standards.Notes are differentiated. 3 ver
*ALL CONTENT, NO FLUFF*This PowerPoint is perfect for an introduction or review of all the major land Biomes and how energy moves within them. Each biome has its own dedicated slide and the PowerPoint introduces food webs and energy pyramids and shows examples of each.Also included:-Lesson Objectiv
This interactive PowerPoint includes all you need to cover energy flow in the ecosystem with your ELL Spanish students. Students will review the pyramid, food webs and food chains. Portions are translated to help the students, but most is in English. Keys are included. Check out the preview.
This interactive PowerPoint includes all you need to cover energy flow in the ecosystem with your students. Students will review the pyramid, food webs and food chains as they identify the players and the energy transfer through all ecological levels. Keys are included. Check out the preview.
This is a great way for students to apply content/instruction on Energy Pyramids during an Ecosystems unit. In the Google Slides file, you will find the following:Clear instructions on how to do the assignment.A chart for students to organize examples of consumers and producers from their selected b
6th - 12th
This worksheet contains basic conceptual questions about Energy Pyramid.You can access the answer key, also a word and PDF document of this content from the following Product:Energy Pyramid - WorksheetFor updates about sales and new products, please follow my store:Science WorksheetsYour feedback is
Make your teaching easier, less stressful and more enjoyable for your students with these ready to use or upload teaching resources. Teaching Topic: Energy PyramidsWhat the resource includes?PowerPoint that teaches energy pyramidsGuided Cornell notes so students can easily follow along with you.Full
This product is designed to accompany "Energy Pyramid Doodle Notes". It can be used to guide a class through completing the notes or can be shared with students through tools like GoogleClassroom, allowing students to work at their own pace or to complete the notes as homework.Associated Item:Relate
This PowerPoint introduces the food chain/energy pyramid. It discusses producers, consumers, decomposers, predators, prey, herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores.
This lesson explores the reasons why there are always more prey vs. predators in a given ecosystem and has writing prompts built in throughout the PowerPoint. It is rich in images and has easy to understand explanations. It starts off with an engaging do now. Look at the preview. This PowerPoint
This is a week's worth of powerpoint notes for my 7th grade Life Science Class. We reviewed what the food web and began learning the trophic levels. I also have a power up (warm up) for each day as well and a handful of activities on the presentation.
This Google Slides Presentation is filled with activities and editable informational slides to supplement your unit on ecosystems and food chains! Students will begin by filling out a KWL chart so students can share what they want to learn. Then select from a number of engaging, high-interest activi
Ecosystems Interactive PowerPoint & Interactive Google Slides! ***UPDATE: Now includes Interactive Google Slides for Google Classroom and Distance Learning! This resource is part of the Earth Science (Entire) Curriculum.***Watch this quick PREVIEW VIDEO to see the PowerPoint in action!This teach
How do organisms interact with one another and their environment? Find everything you need to teach with this ecology and ecosystems unit bundle that is complete with a guiding PowerPoint, tons of activities, graphic organizers and more, plus one of our favorite projects, the Biorama! WHAT'S INCLUDE
This science graphic organizer includes illustrating energy pyramids, how they are used, and how energy is transferred through the pyramid. Students will define producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer, tertiary consumer, top predator, herbivore, carnivore, and omnivore. This fun, NO PREP acti
Do your students struggle with scientific literacy? Do you find yourself at a loss for how to promote vocabulary retention? Are waning attention spans becoming a larger and larger problem in your classroom from year to year? If you answered yes to any of those questions then this resource is for you
This colorful and engaging 83-slide PowerPoint presentation, "Ecosystems: Energy Flow and the Recycling of Matter", will provide your students with interactive lessons on the ecological principles concerning the flow of energy through the ecosystems as well as the biogeochemical cycles (carbon cycle
Unit Lesson Plans complete with guiding PowerPoint and student pages? ✓Word walls? ✓ Interactive Notebooks? ✓Task Cards? ✓You're ready to teach with this comprehensive bundle for teaching Ecology and Ecosystems. Engage your students with our animated PowerPoints and aligned lessons, 30+ Interactive

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