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Results for engineering design challenge

5,700+ results

STEM Space Moon Crater Design Challenge (Engineering Design Process)

Created by
Vivify STEM
Can your team of astronauts work together to land a rover in the center of a crater on the Moon? This engaging STEM challenge is a fun way to incorporate the engineering design process into your classroom or afterschool program! Students use the engineering design process and explore the forces of motion to place a ball in a cup at the center of a 6 foot diameter circle without entering the circle. This challenge represents placing a NASA rover into the middle of the Apollo lunar crater for expl

Engineering Design Process Rubric for STEM Challenges

Use these expectations for engineers, self-evaluations, and rubric to foster growth mindset conversations and to track student progress over time with any STEAM challenges- no formal grading required.  These materials were developed to give teachers and students specific language and criteria relating to each step of the engineering design process. They can be used for professional development, guiding the planning of STEM curriculum, or setting expectations and encouraging reflection with stude

STEM Challenge Build a Catapult - Engineering Design Process

Would you like your students to build a catapult? Students will learn about mangonels and trebuchets. Using the design process, students will build a catapult, test it, evaluate it according to the criteria and constraints, compare it with other design solutions, and improve their own design solutions. Students will learn about the mangonel, which uses tension to power the launch and the trebuchet, which uses a counterweight and gravity to launch the projectile. Students will love this engaging

Roller Coaster STEM Challenge - Engineering Design (Grades K-5)

Created by
Vivify STEM
Roller Coaster STEM ChallengeWho doesn't love roller coasters? Using the Engineering Design Process, student teams are tasked with designing a thrilling roller coaster ride! Students learn about the science of roller coasters including various forms of energy, and then using common materials such as craft sticks, paper, and tape, students need to design a track for a ping pong ball to land safely in a cup at the bottom. The student packet also includes STEM career highlights of civil engineering

STEM Drag Device Parachute Challenge (Engineering Design Activity)

Created by
Vivify STEM
Drag Device STEM Parachute Activity Students use the engineering design process and explore the forces of gravity and air resistance to design a drag device to slow down a payload. This challenge uses a ping pong ball to represent a rover landing on Mars. The rover must remain inside an uncovered cup during drop and impact testing. This hands-on activity is an engaging design challenge that allows students to work in teams, apply the engineering design process, and connect math topics to real-wo

Learning the Design Cycle Process with a STEM Engineering Challenge

Created by
Smart Chick
Let me start by saying that we use the design cycle on a daily basis in all content areas. I made these and they hang up in our classroom. We use post-it notes to show our thinking and where we are in the cycle/process at any given moment! Students also have their own copies of the design cycle organizer to use during our STEM challenges and other STEM activities. Learning how to use the design cycle is a process for the students, let them find their way through it over the course of the year!

Halloween STEM Challenge - October Science STEM Activities - Engineering Design

These Halloween STEM challenges are designed to help your students think outside the box and learn how the world works. These STEM challenges help students explore the engineering design process using common materials.The STEM Process:Present the STEM challenge. Then students imagine, explore, reimagine, plan, create & test, improve, reflect, and evaluate their designs.STEM challenges included in this bundle:Spiders Challenge: Use the provided materials to build a web. The web must be able t

Sound STEM Challenge Musical Instrument Engineering Design STEAM Activity Unit

This week-long STEM challenge integrates science and music lessons about sound, pitch, volume, and vibration. Students investigate properties of sound, use the engineering design process to build pitched and non-pitched musical instruments, and write, notate, and perform a short musical composition to demonstrate their understanding of pitch, volume, and vibration.A differentiated reading passage and quiz about the use of gourds as a material in traditional musical instruments will set the stage

STEM Activities - Wildlife Bridge - Engineering Design Process - STEM Challenge

Do your students love STEM engineering activities? Students will love this STEM Engineering Challenge: Build A Wildlife Bridge. Students will learn how wildlife crossings save animals’ lives and protect drivers. Students will design a wildlife bridge using the engineering design process and engineering skills to help the animals cross the highway. A two-page informational text passage on wildlife crossings is included. ❤️Includes:Lesson PlanTwo-page informational text articleFollow-up pagesClaim

Force STEM project (Egg Drop Challenge) | Engineering Design Process

Looking for a fun way for students to use their knowledge of force, Newton's laws, and practice their engineering skills? This egg drop STEM engineering design process challenge will get your students designing, testing, investigating, thinking like a disciplinarian, and acting as engineers as they improve their egg structures to mimic the Mars rover landing. ✎Print and digital versions This engineering design STEM project includes:✅ Teacher guide for doing the activity✅ Student handouts for t

Balloons Over Broadway: Picture Book Engineering Design Challenge ~ STEM

Created by
Smart Chick
This Engineering Design Challenge is based on the picture book, Balloons Over Broadway, by Melissa Sweet! Can your group create a Thanksgiving parade balloon float that appears to float over the cardboard base? Materials: (per group) Assorted balloons (shapes and sizes) Copy paper box lid (as an optional base) Craft sticks Plastic Balloon Sticks or Bamboo skewers Dowel rods (we got the skinny ones) Tape and scissors Yarn This packet contains all the information you need to make this a grea

STEM Engineering Challenges - Design Thinking - Stem Activities

Students will love these STEM Challenges!  Teachers will love that the materials for STEM Engineering challenges are inexpensive and easy to find. These NGSS STEM activities will have students using engineering design thinking and conducting fair tests for these engineering challenges. Great for Summer STEM Activities! ✅Challenges Included: Sound SandwichStacking Cups ChallengeZipline ChallengePing Pong Ball LauncherFlashlightBalloon RescueFloat the BoatBuild a BridgeTeachers Love this Integrate

Antarctica Shelter STEM Challenge - Engineering Design

Created by
Vivify STEM
Take your students on a educational journey to Antarctica with this complete lesson! Read the letter from fictitious travel guides explaining weather conditions and the hazards of living in Antarctica. Students will learn about "insulation" and "freezing point" as they complete introductory activities using dry ice (optional) and simulating animal blubber! An icebreaker activity facilitates teamwork as students must "cross the ice" to travel across the classroom while only touching sheets of p

Engineering Design Process Worksheets for 10 Simple Challenge Activities

Created by
Brenda Kovich
Use engineering design challenges to get kids thinking! This set offers graphic organizers that guide kids through the steps of the process. Worksheets support 10 specific projects. A blank template, review material, and a test are also included.Open the preview to take a closer look.Each engineering design activity uses simple materials and requires minimal set up. Tasks are open-ended and student-driven.Few limits are established on the student sheets. Instead, you may impose limits (amount of

STEM Challenge Make a Flashlight - Engineering Design Process

STEM challenge: build a flashlight. Students will love engineering their own flashlights out of a craft stick! Students will use their knowledge of circuit electricity and insulative and conductive materials to engineer a small flashlight. Students will identify the criteria and constraints and use design thinking to build a flashlight. ✅This STEM Activity includes:Step by Step Directions with photosReading passage on circuit electricityFollow-up pagesCER FormGreat Reviews!Jennifer ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐

What To Do With a Box: Picture Book Engineering Design Challenge ~ STEM

Created by
Smart Chick
This Engineering Design Challenge is based on the picture book, What To Do With a Box, by Jane Yolen and Chris Sheban! This book is a great introduction to engineering! Can you create something using a cardboard box that serves a specific purpose? This packet contains all the information you need to make this a great engineering activity in your classroom! Also includes a homework option for the project! Lab sheets, student and teacher instructions, and challenge signs are all included! U

STEM Challenge - Engineering - Design Thinking - STEM Activities - Bundle

This bundle includes my STEM engineering resources for upper elementary and middle school. You can save 20% by purchasing these resources here together. Each resource has students using design thinking to develop solutions. This set is perfect for a STEM class, an after-school engineering program, or a STEM camp. The following resources are included in this bundle:Copper Tape STEM Challenge ActivitiesSTEM Engineering: Criteria and ConstraintsBuild a FlashlightChristmas STEM Activities for Decemb

Middle School STEM Challenges and Engineering Design Process for Middle School

Middle schoolers can be a tough crowd. Are you struggling to keep your middle school students engaged in rigorous STEM learning? You can promote critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and communication skills by teaching the engineering design process with these engaging STEM challenges!  Each middle school STEM project guides students through the engineering design process, while they work toward solving interesting, real-world problems. Students will demonstrate their mastery of the NGS

STEM Balloon Rocket Design Challenge (Engineering Design Process)

Created by
Vivify STEM
We have added an engineering twist to the classic balloon rocket demo! This engaging STEM challenge is a fun way to incorporate the engineering design process into your classroom or afterschool program! This hands-on activity is an engaging design challenge that allows students to work in teams, apply the engineering design process, and connect science topics to real-world applications. The teacher will provide the structure to the project, but students will take an active role in designing and

STEM Activities - Engineering Design Thinking - Engineering Challenges

Students will love these STEM Challenges! These NGSS STEM activities will have students using engineering design thinking and conducting fair tests for these engineering challenges. Teachers will love that the materials are inexpensive and easy to find. These are not just crafts! Students will use real engineering skills and design thinking!Challenges Included: Balloon Powered CarPaddle BoatToothpick TowerWhirlybirdPendulumIn this second set of STEM challenges, students will experience differen

Ocean Debris Engineering Design STEM Challenge

Created by
Vivify STEM
Ocean Debris Engineering Design STEM ChallengeAfter learning about ocean pollution, students use the engineering design process to build an ocean debris cleaner that has buoyancy and can pick up microplastics. Lesson Sequence: Relay Recycle Bin Sort: Students will be given a garbage bag of mixed recycling items - paper, glass, plastic, and metal.  Students will have to relay back and forth separating/grouping the like items one item at a time without talking to their relay partners!Learn about t

Building Bricks STEM Winter Engineering Design Challenge

Created by
Vivify STEM
30 Winter Building Challenges! Your students are earth scientists on a mission to study Antarctica. They will first construct their winter wonderland (either using building bricks or paper). Then, students will receive one of the 30 challenge cards to solve a problem or add a creation to their landscape. They might need to save a polar bear stuck on an iceberg or build a home for walruses!This activity works well as an introduction to the engineering design process, in centers, or a makerspace.

Kindergarten STEM STEAM Challenges, Makerspace Activities, Engineering & Design

Created by
Roots and Wings
These 3 types of STEAM STEM challenges are my favorite way to encourage engineering & design thinking in my kindergarten classroom and makerspace, but can also be used in preschool, first grade or homeschool. Use these makerspace activities as an independent STEAM STEM activity, station, bin, or for morning work, choice time or small group science lessons. Read 3 Types of Makerspace Challenges to Use Across the Kindergarten Year to see how I use this in my own kindergarten classroom for play

STEM Engineering Design Thinking Challenges (40 Challenges)

Woohoo! This bundle is jam packed with 40 different and creative design thinking challenges for K-5 learners. It is perfect for introducing the engineering design process at any grade level. Choose to just brainstorm and sketch to build individual design process skills, or complete the whole design process cycle with the note taking page included in the bundle. No need to buy special materials for the design challenges. With so many challenges you will be set for the whole school year. *
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