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This ready to use product is a quick, fun way to have your students practice identifying equivalent expressions. Students will be given 27 different expressions to simplify using The Distributive Property and combining like terms. Positive and negative numbers are used so students need to have an u
Now includes addition AND subtraction!Give your students a bit of a variety in the math classroom with this Guess & Match! The game requires students to factor and apply the distributive property to identify equivalent expressions. There are 108 cards for student use (52 matches). There are 2
This bundled lesson includes a PPT (saved as a PDF) for introducing matching area models with equivalent expressions. In my classroom, I use CPS (clickers) and the students vote on which expression is equivalent to the area model shown. Each area model has a matching addition expression {72+ 81}, ex
This two-page student worksheet helps students learn about distributive property while creating equivalent expressions and understanding the role of GCF. Students fill in the missing columns and get practice in all areas of distributive property and generating equivalent expressions. This activity
Test if equations are equivalent by substituting values for variables. Students are given equations and choose values to substitute for the variables. Some equations are true, and others are false. This activity will helps students understand why distributing and combining like terms work. This acti
Make expressions concrete and real for your students with these task strips! Editable for your convenience! One way to help your students understand factoring & distributing is to show them what it REALLY means! Using area to find equivalent expressions gives them a visual model to understand
The expression word scramble is a great way to practice the distributive property and combining like terms. Students will need to begin by simplifying each expression. There are several problems that will simplify to the same expression. Students will need to organize these equivalent expressions in
Do your students need more practice using the Distributive Property? Use these worksheets to help them master using the Distributive Property to write equivalent expressions. Worksheet #1 has students multiply to write simpler expressions. Worksheet #2 requires students to find a common factor bef
Calculate and Apply Rewriting Expressions Using GCF and the Distributive Property with this Self-Checking PRINT VERSION set of Task Cards. Scaffold, Differentiate and Assess for your entire class ALL AT THE SAME TIME with TONS of computation and word problem practice. This Self-Checking PRINT VERS
Looking for a collaborative, self checking activity?! Check out this Equivalent Expressions using Distributive Property (Nonnegative Numbers, Only) Around the Clock Partner Scavenger Hunt Activity! These problems are great practice with basic type problems for combining like terms and distributive p
This powerpoint allows students to practice using the distributive property to create equivalent expressions. It also includes slides that have students finding a common factor between the terms to restate the expression.
This is a fun and engaging activity to practice Equivalent Expressions. The students can't wait to solve each problem to unveil the mystery picture! There are two mystery pictures included! The questions are the same on both pictures, however, two different outcomes are provided!This review focuses
6 worksheets of distributive property (8 problems each) and 5 worksheets of factoring (8 problems each). The first worksheets start out with problems such as 7(b-1) and 6a-9, but increase in difficulty as you get to other worksheets, ending with problems such as 12b(c+5d) and 7h+18h. Answer keys a
This task is delivered in PDF format, ready to print. Aligns with the following Common Core standards:6.EE.3: Combining Like Terms in Algebraic Expressions6.EE.3: Distributive Property in Algebraic Expressions6.EE.4: Identifying Equivalent Expressions
Equivalent Expressions using the Distributive Property - Dominoes Math ActivityThis fun and engaging activity is a great way to check for understanding of the Distributive Property. Students will create equivalent expressions using the Distributive Property to find the next puzzle piece. Each puzzl
Scaffold and Differentiate for students with TONS of practice Rewriting Expressions using the GCF Greatest Common Factor.This Self-Checking PDF DIGITAL VERSION set of 71 Task Cards has been formatted to be viewed on any technology device. Just upload the file to your classroom share site with restri
Equivalent Expressions Distributive Property - Color and Solve Math Activity - Perfect for Valentine's Day!This color and solve activity is a fun and engaging way for students to practice distributing in to parentheses to create equivalent expressions and factoring out the greatest common factor. St
Equivalent Expressions, Distributive Property, Order of Operations Can be used for homework or quiz.
An amazing in-class learning activity that contains 24 total questions and helps students build their proficiency with creating equivalent expressions through use of the distributive property and factoring. Students will need to use their knowledge of the distributive property, finding the Greatest
Equivalent Expressions using the Distributive Property: Christmas ActivityThis color and solve activity is a fun and engaging way for students to practice factoring out and distributing in to create equivalent expressions. Students must distribute in to create an equivalent expression and factor ou
This set of printables includes 30 task cards that use the distributive property to write equivalent expressions. The cards get more difficult as you proceed towards card 30. The last several cards have students look at the distributive property in reverse, commonly known as factoring. Answer key an
Students will sort the expressions in three ways-- Expression, Visual Model of Distributive Property, and Simplified Expression. It's a great interactive activity where students are engaging in math and working in groups or individually on completing a task. There is also a recording/response sheet
Double column notesDistributive Property on one side and Factoring on the other side.Page 2 has 14 additional practice problems.7 distributive property and 7 factoring
These PowerPoint notes introduce the idea of using the Distributive Property and area models to write and understand equivalent expressions. They help students to see how using a number in parts (breaking into smaller pieces) can help them to multiply or divide in their heads more quickly. The n

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