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Equivalent fractions on a number line is where it is at! Looking for a great in-depth way to explore and learn more about equivalent fractions and comparing fractions on a number line? This best-selling set of ready to print practice worksheets is perfect for you and your class! Your students will m
This item asks students to determine if two fractions are equivalent by placing each on a number line. The number lines are then compared to see which point is the furthest from zero. For the first few problems, the number lines are complete, so students only have to plot the points and compare.
Use this worksheet to help students visually see fraction equivalencies. Students can use the number lines on the front to solve the equivalencies on the back. Other products you may be interested in: - Fractions on a Number Line Worksheets & Posters - Fractions on a Number Line Cut & Past
Get these equivalent fractions on a number line worksheets and save time creating your resources. These are fun coloring sheets that you can use to supplement your lesson, provide practice for your students, or to gauge their understanding. To uncover the mystery pictures, they must first correctly
This set of 12 equivalent fractions worksheets will support your students in using the number line to find equivalent fractions. These worksheets are ideal for extra practice, morning work, math centers or homework. Included you will find: 4 equivalent fractions on a MARKED number line worksheets. 4
I have created this for my 4/5/6 classroom to demonstrate fractions as a part of a whole. This pack includes 3 worksheets, differentiated to cater to different learning abilities within my classroom. This aligns with the Australian curriculum for Year 5: Compare and order common unit fractions and l
DIGITAL AND PRINT: You will download fraction worksheets for your students to practice fractions on a number line, comparing fractions, equivalent fractions and more.If you prefer a black and white version for more economical printing, please click HERE for the exact same packet in black and white.I
Are you new to teaching fractions on a number line? I felt like this was a big switch in my instruction and I didn't have enough fraction number lines for my students to practice on. For many of my fourth graders, having them draw number lines was too time consuming and confusing to be worth it, s
This complete lesson packet connects equivalent fractions to the number line. Best of all it requires NO PREP! Just PRINT and TEACH!What's included? ✔ Instructional Guide✔ Teacher Lead Problem-Set✔ Partner Practice✔ 3-page Independent Practice✔ Challenge Page for Early Finishers✔ Exit Quiz✔ Answer
This fractions on a number line unit includes everything you need to help introduce your 3rd grade students to number line fractions. This resource was designed for third graders, but would work great for high second graders or as a review for fourth graders as well. Students practice with fraction
EQUIVALENT FRACTION GAMES. During games, kids match number line models to fractions. The games are great for small groups or for parents to play with their children. Just print on plain paper, cut, and play your choice of four games. WHAT YOU WILL GET• Set of 40 Printable Math Cards• Recording Work
Are you looking for an instructional resource to introduce how equivalent fractions using models? This non-editable PowerPoint lesson is designed to show students how to use a number line to explain equivalent fractions. Create in class conversations about number lines, equivalent fractions, fra
Common Core Aligned: 3.NF.A.3.aUnderstand two fractions as equivalent (equal) if they are the same size, or the same point on a number line.Use these worksheets to help teach, practice, or reinforce the concept of finding equivalent fractions on a number line. The first 2 pages ask students to find
This product includes two different ways to use: as a worksheet or as task cards! Your students will have to identify equivalent fractions on a number line. Answer choices are given, but students will need to use what they know about finding equivalent fractions to correctly complete this assignmen
This resource will allow your students to find equivalent fractions less than one whole on a number line. It is formatted to allow for cooperative learning structures such as Rally Coach. An additional copy of the same file is also included for individual practice. An answer key is also provided.
This bundle includes all of our third grade Common Core equivalent fractions on a number line activities. It includes task cards, practice worksheet bundle, daily math, Google Classroom™ activities, I Have… Who Has game, and a QR Code scavenger hunt. All of these activities are ready to print and wi
Equivalent Fractions Activities covering CCSS for 3rd Grade 3. NF.A.3; 3.NF.A.3.A 3. NF.A.3.B;3.NF.A.3.C Equivalent Fractions for Practice and Fluency: • Compare Simple Equivalent Fractions with Models • Compare Fractions to Whole Numbers • Fractions and the Number Line • Compare Fractions Using
In this activity, students label 9 number lines to show halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, sevenths, eighths, ninths, and tenths. Then they answer questions using the number lines to find equivalent fractions, to compare fractions, and to order fractions with unlike denominators. An optional e
I made these worksheets for my 3rd graders to practice using Cuisenaire Rods when creating equivalent fractions. In this activity students can cut out Cuisenaire Rods and use them on each number line. Sometimes materials are limited so if you don't have enough rods to pass out to all students the
This document is intended to support students' fractional understanding by relating equivalent fractions via their location on the number line. This particular sheet has all of the fractions labeled, but not in simplest in form.
This product is perfect for teaching equivalent fractions on a number line! I use this in my own classroom and it really helps the students to grasp this concept. All questions are aligned to CCSS 3.NF.2 and 3.NF.3.
These worksheets can be used when teaching students how to identify equivalent fractions on a number line. There are two differentiated versions: one in which the students must fill in a partially labeled number line and identify equivalent fractions, and the other in which students must label the
DIGITAL BOOM CARDS AND PRINTABLES: You will receive 30 BOOM Learning cards (digital task cards) for student to practice equivalent fractions on a number line. The students must determine the equivalent fraction on the given number lines. You will also receive 30 printable task cards with different p
On this multiple question format worksheet, students will use number lines to find equivalent fractions. Some number lines are not labeled. Students must problem solve to determine which fraction should be at each tick mark. Answer key is included.

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