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This Roll, Read and Write Comparatives and Superlatives pack is designed to help students become confident adding -er and -ing endings. This file includes:★ A poster explaining the –er ending. ★ A poster explaining the –est ending. ★ A poster with the rule for doubling the final consonant (CVC and
This Roll, Read and Write Games and Worksheets Bundle is designed to help students become confident adding -ing, -ed, -er and -ing endings. This bundle includes:★ Words with a short vowel and one consonant after the vowel (CVC).★ Words with a short vowel and two or more consonants after the vowel (s
This collection contains 8 printable ar, er, ir, or and ur Phonics Board Games. These games review basic letter patterns that contain the r controlled vowels - ar, ir, or, ur, er.They are ideal as a Literacy Center activity, homework activity to be played with a parent or fast finishers activity. Th
Worried that your kids need more movement or engagement? This FUN phonics activity was specifically designed be used during instruction in the classroom or for digital learning! Get kids moving while staying safe and practicing the the r controlled vowels er (like water) and ir (like bird) and ur (l
A fun and engaging phonics game that practices the r-controlled vowels of ER, IR, UR. Directions: -Pass out the attached page to each student. -Pair up students and give them one 6-sided die. -One student plays the role as the “driver” while the other is the pit crew “coach”. -Teacher says…”Re
What do angry dogs say? RRRR!! Ernest will help your kiddos learn the sounds of er, ur, ir!!Inside you will find:*Ernest the Furry Dog poster*Ernest the Furry Dog - mini book (8 pages - have your kiddos highlight all the "er, ur, ir" words!) ~ 2 options for printing are included.*Ernest's Match - m
FRENCH VERB GAMES (-ER, -IR, -RE AU PRÉSENT) - DISTANCE LEARNINGAdd these slides to your Google Classroom™ to kick off some fun DIGITAL learning!Students can click and drag to match the verbs!Please click on the PREVIEW to see what the product will look like!INCLUDED:-ER verbes au présent (25):aimer
3rd - 8th
Practice suffix er, est skills with showdown. Student work in partners or table groups to write the base word + suffix that correctly matches the word meaning on the card. Showdown is played in table groups. One person is Captain and reads the card while everyone else secretly writes the answer. *
Piedra, papel, y tijeras. Students will love this rock, paper, scissors game that utilizes -ar, er, and ir verb conjugations and translations. Place students in groups of two. Students will play "piedra, papel, o tijeras" to see who can advance their game piece. If a student wins with "rock" they mo
5th - 12th
Give your kids a variety of experiences to become masters of the r-controlled vowels: ir, er, and ur. This is perfectly paired with the beloved read aloud Nerdy Birdy! ★ See preview for visuals for all included! ★ *Everything available in color is also included in printer friendly black and white!In
ar, er, ir, or, urR-Controlled Vowels Review Game. Great for Young Learners and ESL Kids!There are 7 game boards in this set.Game Board # 1: Bossy R:-ar- (28 words)Game Board # 2: Bossy R:-or- (28 words)Game Board # 3: Bossy R:-ir- (28 words)Game Board # 4: Bossy R:-er- (verb, fern, clerk...) (22 wo
·.·•This resource is included as both ·.·•a PDF•·.· and ·.·•a PPT.•·.· in a zipped file.Having a PPt version should make it easier to display the game boards on your Smartboard if you'd like to play a whole class game "matamoscas" style, or if you'd like to assign individual pages via your digital c
FRENCH -ER VERB GAME (AU PRÉSENT) GOOGLE CLASSROOM - DIGITAL RESOURCEAdd these slides to your Google Classroom™ to kick off some fun DIGITAL learning!Students can click and drag to match the verbs!This product includes 25 -ER verbes au présent for your students to conjugate.aimerarriverbougercorrige
This pack includes two fun and engaging games to help your students practice reading words with the –r controlled vowel sound /er/ spelled –er, -ir, and -ur. Our students love to practice skills with these games. Games included: one “I have…who has…?” game and one Connect Four game board for /er/.
1st - 2nd
FRENCH VERB GAMES (-ER, -IR, -RE AU PASSÉ COMPOSÉ) - DISTANCE LEARNINGAdd these slides to your Google Classroom™ to kick off some fun DIGITAL learning!Students will be able to click, drag and type answers for their verbes au passé composé.The games can be played with Google Slides™ or OneDrive™.Plea
3rd - 8th
French -er verbs task cards are perfect for practicing present tense verbs for the first time or as a great review for more advanced learners.There are 40 task cards, with versions in French and English, that vary in difficulty from multiple choice and conjugation to sentence completion and answerin
This game has students practicing conjugating regular -ar,-er,-ir verbs in Spanish. Players choose subject pronouns and verbs and attempt to sink their opponent's ships. These can be used again and again with any tense. Download includes one -ar verb game board, one -er/-ir verb game board and
7th - 10th
This game contains 28 cards related to beginning suffixes. This is a great activity if you are looking for an opportunity to engage your entire class!Suffixes include:-ful-less-able-er (as "more")-est-er (as "a person who") I tried to make the game a bit more challenging by using several base words
Need a fun way for your French class to practice conjugating regular present tense -er verbs? This fun game will get them speaking and conjugating verbs in no time!Students move their game pieces around the board and for each verb space they land on, they create sentences using the subject shown on
This is a fun little game for students to play in partners. It's aligned with Unit 1, Week 3 phonics lesson in the 2011 Reading Street (3rd grade) Edition, but you don't have to have Reading Street to use it! Students make their way around a baseball field to score as many runs as possible by makin
This digital, no print/no prep Vocalic /er/ Game Show Boom Cards™ deck provides a motivating way for your students to practice their articulation at the word and sentence level. This product includes vocalic /er/ targets in the initial, medial, and final positions of words. Want to see a preview? Cl
Some of my upper elementary students are struggling with the "bossy r" sounds, so I created this game. The game has multi-syllabic ar, er, ir, and ur sounds that students practice as they play. ALSO INCLUDED: Blank game board that you can adapt to anything your students need to practice!!!Direction
2nd - 6th
French jeopardy game: Verbes français en -ER - French -ER verbsYou're going to love this powerpoint -ER VERBS jeopardy game with all the bells and whistles. It even includes music, daily double and final jeopardy questions.This is a version that I’ve worked out the kinks on for the last 15 years of
Do you teach Suffixes -s, -es, -ed, -ing, -er, and -est word and sentence reading and writing?? If so this pack is for you!! Here are some GREAT games that you can try with your kiddos as tier 1 instruction or for use in small groups during RTI or small group time. What’s In This Pack? * BINGO *

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