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Word Sort er, ir, ur Story On the Way to the Pond
Thank you for your interest in my product! All New Products are Half Price for the First 48 Hours! Be Sure to Follow Me to get Notifications when New Products are Posted! Please check out the preview to see the complete product. Included in this product: 3 Header Cards (one for each er, ir, ur)

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R-Controlled Vowels (Bossy R) ER, IR and UR Words
R-Controlled (Bossy R) words can be can be tricky for kids to read and spell. This packet makes reading and spelling those words a breeze. Engaging, FUN and NO PREP worksheets help students become fluent and confident readers and spellers with the ar bossy words! ***SAVE BIG WITH THE R-CONTROLLED BU

Also included in: R-Controlled Vowels (Bossy R) THE BUNDLE!


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R-Controlled Vowels: Er, Ir, Ur
In this packet, you will find: -A Mini Superhero Story {to teach students all about er, ir, and ur} -Anchor Charts {to refer to while introducing each superhero} -Practice Activities {Cut and Sort, Super Sentences} -Two Word Hunts {includes recording sheet and words} -Mask Template {for students to

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Furry Forest Friends! r-controlled er, ir, ur Literacy Centers
Here are 5 different r-controlled er, ir, ur activities to use in your word work center. Activities include: -Read the Room (sort er, ir, ur words and not er, ir, ur words) -ABC Order -Rhyme Time -Word Scramble -Fill in the Blanks This unit goes great with the story I'm a Caterpillar in the

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Rev It Up with the ER IR UR Race Car Pack
I created this pack to help my kids become more familiar with the er, ir, ur spelling pattern. It can be tricky! The pack includes a Racing Story read aloud, racing story student booklet, fill in the missing patterns in the story, practice writing er, ir, ur words. R controls the car poster, picture

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R-Controlled Vowels er, ir, ur Word Work Bundle
R-Controlled Vowels er, ir, ur Word Work Bundle is a packet of er, ir, and ur activities to practice and reinforce phonics skills. Use these activities for guided or independent practice or at a literacy center. The activities lend themselves to differentiating phonics skills practice for your stude

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ER IR UR Sound - Phonics Fluency Assessment
I created these to use as a weekly fluency assessment with my students. Each set includes a real word, nonsense word, and story passage which focuses on a specific sound. Each assessment is worth 15 points. For the story, only the bolded words are counted toward the score, though I do highlight any

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Butterfly's Surprise Birthday er, ir, ur, Word Game RF.1.3, RF.2.3
Your students will have a great time helping the bugs read the words to surprise butterfly for her birthday. Students roll the dice and read the word to his or her partner. He or she then writes the word in a sentence to earn a point. Whoever earns the most points by the end of the game wins! *This

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Skirt Girl - Reading passage for er, ir, ur, wor words
After having them copy, sort, and read in isolation all those /er/ words, give the students a chance to demonstrate their skills of recognizing /er/ patterns in context! Here's an original story full of words spelled with er, ir, ur, and wor. Students should be able to decode all these words after

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Amazing Animals Promethean Board Flipchart- Journeys- words with er, ir, ur
Amazing Animals Promethean Board Flipchart- Journeys: ir,er,ur words, dictionary skills, conclusions, I & me 10 flipchart pages of interactive skill practice!!!! Created using ActivInspire…To be used on a Promethean Board. This flipchart can be used as a center where students can work with budd

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Let's Learn Er, Ir, Ur ( a phonics unit)
R-controlled words can be tricky to read and spell. When teaching r-controlled word patters I start with or and ar becasue each of these patterns make an unique sound. Then I teach er, ir, and ur together since these three separate spelling patterns make the same sound. The best way I have found to

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Under Water Explorer - A game and activities about er, ir, ur
This game and activities are to help with those bossy 'r' words. Included in this packet are: 1. game with cards and directions 2. 4 worksheets to use 3. Sticky Crab Spelling Activity 4. A little story to read aloud and highlight bossy 'r' words You can use these ideas as a small group, whole gro

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The /er/ /ir/ /ur/ Sister Stories
Use these three short passages when teaching /er/ /ir/ and /ur/ to help students remember which phonogram is used to spell different words with these sounds.

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Bossy R Triplets - er, ir, ur and Other Literacy Activities
It's Baby Week and All About Those Bossy R Triplets, Er, Ir, and Ur! This pack includes all kinds of activities to teach key concepts while incorporating the baby theme. I designed this to go with our school's reading series, McMillan McGraw Hill and The Story of a Blue Bird. However, it can be u

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Let's Learn er -  Er, Ir, Ur Phonics Bundle!
Are you teaching students the /er/ sound? This pack contains 55 pages worth of activities to help teach the /er/ sound using the er, ir and ur spellings. Included in this bundle is the er, ir, and ur phonics pack as well as pages that combine the sounds.'This bundle is full of fun and engaging activ

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Promethean-er, ir, ur words flipchart Fruit is a Suitcase:Treasures First Grade
er, ir, ur words flipchart Fruit is a Suitcase Treasures McGraw/Hill First Grade 10 flipchart pages of interactive skill practice!!!! Created using ActivInspire…To be used on a Promethean Board. This flipchart can be used as a center where students can work with buddies without teacher assistance or

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Spiral Up Phonics SMARTBOARD Unit 10 er (er, ir, ur, ear)
This Smart Board file correlates with Spiral Up Phonics Grade 2 Unit 9. This is designed to be used in conjunction with the lessons. Included: Frieze pictures Sorts Vocabulary Games Reading Words Comprehension Questions for each fluency story OVER 20 slides to be used for whole group instruction,

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Activities For Reading Wonders First Grade Unit 5 Week 2 er ir ur or
87 pages ACTIVITIES FOR READING WONDERS FIRST GRADE UNIT 5 WEEK 2 er ir ur orThis resource consists of NO PREP printables for students to practice new skills each week and review previous skills learned. It will save you many hours of work because I have followed each week’s lesson plan. These print

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r-controlled vowels activities Superheros theme -er -ir -ur craft
This phonics unit for r-controlled vowels activities is a craft and activities for -er, -ir-, -ur. This is a fun way to keep your students excited and engaged in working with vowel sounds. Included in this resource are the following:Craft (black and white, and color options)boy and girl hair choices

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ER, IR, UR (R-Controlled Vowels)  No Prep Phonics Pack
This no prep phonics pack has plenty of activities to help your student practice reading and writing words with ur sound. Please provide feedback! This 47 page pack includes: Writing words Drawing words Matching words to pictures Writing rhyming words Reading Comprehension Sentences Memory Matching

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Bossy R Games ar, or, er, ir, ur
Learning the controlled vowels is easy with these 7 different games, Pirate ar, the Door of or, and the Bossy R sticks. The games are: 1. Uno with Bossy R: match the picture or vowel 2. I Have R, Who Has R- 2 versions: 1 with just er, ir, ur, and 1 with er, ir, ur, or, ar 3. Write the Room: find,

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Spelling - Combinations er, ir and ur  - 1st Grade
Lesson Twenty-Eight Have you ever wanted to become a spelling expert? This First Grade Edition Lesson 28: Combinations er, ir, and ur is a ready-to-go lesson with everything you need at your finger-tips to introduce, practice & assess your students with each important spelling rule to build a

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R-Controlled Vowels er, ir, ur (Bossy R) Book: Think and Respond! 2 versions!
Illustrate your own book and respond to the text - Text Connections! And what a great way to promote diversity (no two will be the same)! Great for fluency and comprehension! 2 mini-books on a page. 2 books included! The 2nd book has the students sequence the story, so use the version you prefer! Gr

Also included in: Bossy R (er, ir, ur) Bundle!


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-ar, -er, -ir, -ur Word Family Fluency Charts, Stories, Comprehension Worksheets
This Heidi Songs packet contains word family fluency stories and comprehension question worksheets for the -ar, -er, -ir & -ur word families and phonics rules. These worksheets are a part of our Word Families Fluency Stories & Comprehension Worksheets Bundle, which has 46 stories and 46 comp

Also included in: -Ar, -Er, -Ir, -Ur Worksheets, Songs, & Fluency Bundle | NO PREP - HeidiSongs


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