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The Era of Reform and Sectionalism Full Unit Bundle
The Era of Reform and Sectionalism - 11 separate lessons including a Slave Life Stations Activity, comprehensive coverage of the compromises before the Civil War, a Mini-Play about the Women's Rights Movement and much more.☆☆☆Engaging, student centered, and make for the middle school mind!☆☆☆Click o


Progressive Era Reform Gallery & Letter
Students are given a challenge from their Aunt Bessie and are asked to select three American progressive reforms worthy of a million dollars. Students examine popular progressive reforms with this gallery. Each reform has a quick synopsis, primary sources, reformer's profiles, and effects including

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Progressive Era Reformers Primary Source Analysis Activity CCSS
Use this Primary Source Analysis Activity to address the CCSS while helping your students gain a better understanding of the Progressive Era Reformers. Students can inspect vivid images, decipher varying quotes, and investigate original documents with guiding questions. A wrap-up question asks stude

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Progressive Era Reforms and Anti Trust
This worksheet works on a number of different skill sets: reading comprehension, multiple choice questions, political cartoon analysis, and reading excerpt analysis. This worksheet would go best with a lesson on the Progressive Era reforms (Ida Tarbell, Jacob Riis, Ida B. Wells, Jane Addams, Theodo

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U.S. History Flash Cards - Jacksonian Era, Reform Movements 1820-1850
This is a flash card review page for the Jacksonian Era in US History during the years 1820-1850. Sometime referred to as the antebellum period. It covers the Jackson Presidency, Manifest Destiny, and the early reform movements. This is an excellent review activity that can be used to prepare for

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Era of Reform in the U.S.
This powerpoint and guided notes focuses on the Era of Reform in the U.S. between roughly 1800-1850. The topics include the Second Great Awakening, transcendentalism, model communities, and prison and education reform. Important contributors to these movements mentioned include Dorthea Dix, Horace M

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Progressive Era - The Reformers Journal
This is a teacher-created "newspaper" from the Progressive era that provides a general overview for a number of significant Progressive-era topics such as muckrakers, workplace safety, government corruption, and greed in business. The newspaper also comes with questions based upon the reading and wo

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Great Minds Unite: Progressive Era Reformers Research and Gallery Walk
Essential Questions: What were the most pressing issues facing the United States during the Progressive Era (1900-1920)? To what extent were Progressive Era reformers and the federal government successful in bringing about reform on a national level (think socially, politically and economically)?

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Era of Reform and Abolition Primary Sources Activities 6-Pack
Challenge your students to wonder what was really meant by the famous words, “In Order to Form a More Perfect Union,” by exploring the arguments of antebellum abolitionists, women’s rights activists, and others in this engaging primary source collection that asks, “Why not us, too?” The effective HI

Also included in: 1600s to 1800s Early America US History Primary Source Analysis Bundle


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Progressive Era-Reforms at the State and Local Level
Keywords/Places/People: Municipal Reforms, State Political Reforms, corruptions, National Municipal League, Charles Bonaparte, Progressive Mayors, Samuel M. "Golden Rule" Jones, Seth Low, Mark M. Fagan, James D. Phelan, Tom Johnson, Lincoln Steffens, The Shame of the Cities, Public gas and water sup

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Progressive Era Reforms Group Assignment
Here's an assignment for the Progressive reforms. I split kids into groups and (for my class) assigned them 5 reforms. They worked together to create a poster for the laws and then completed a gallery walk, matching the problems on the attached chart to the reforms. They seemed to enjoy it and did a

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Progressive Era Reformer Jacob Riis
This is a short but compact presentation that introduces students to the work of Jacob Riis and the social issues that his work addressed, pictures included.

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U.S Era of Reform -- Second Great Awakening, Slavery Reform
This Era of Reform product contains two PowerPoints as well as a reform worksheet and a Thematic Essay Prompt discussing the major movement to abolish slavery. Students will learn about how the idea of reform spread through the United States in the 19th Century --PowerPoint on Reform --PowerPoint o

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Era of Reform Unit
This is a 6-part unit of 18th century reform movements and their leaders. It is based on chapter 18 in TCI's "History Alive! The United States Through Industrialism", but can be used independently. Topics included in this unit are: -The Second Great Awakening (including Transcendentalism): Ralph

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APUSH Period 7: Progressive Era Reform Report Card Analysis Activity
Teaching the historically jam-packed Progressive Era can be a challenge under the time constraints of the APUSH redesign curriculum. This analysis activity was built for the redesign and has been effective in my class for covering a lot of content with a strong level of understanding in a fairly sho

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Progressive Era Reform Charts
This activity is designed for students to both learn and teach about Progressive Era Reforms in the United States. For the first part, students are typically assigned one Progressive Reform. They research it (we use an old text section as a starting point, but there are plenty of online resources

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History Alive 8th Grade Chapter 18: Era of Reform Study Guide
History Alive 8th Grade Chapter 18: Era of Reform Study Guide Students can use this to take notes while working in Chapter 18.

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Progressive Era Reforms
This activity centers around the ability of students to be able to research information about two of Progressive Era Reforms, and debate the significance of them. The first part of this 1-2 day lesson is the students using either their textbooks or another source to look up the information for thei

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GRAPHIC ORGANIZER-The Age of Jackson-An Era of Reform
The study guides, known in teacher-talk as graphic organizers, are designed to cover the material essential to a real understanding of U.S. history and focus on forcing the student to analyze the content and help them memorize and retrieve the enormous of amount of information required of them. Thes

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Progressive Era Reform Digital Interactive Notebook
This interactive notebook allows students to explore the concepts of the Progressive using text, colors, and images. It was created to be used in Google Slides - simply click on the link in slide two and have your students make a copy of the slideshow so that they can edit it on their own. This note

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Progressive Era-Reforms at the National Level
Keywords/Places/People: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Square Deal, Newlands Reclamation Act 1902, Mediation of Coal Strike 1902, Elkins Act 1903, Hepburn Act 1908, Pure Food and Drug Act 1906 (Amended 1911), Meat Inspection Act 1906, Conservation, John Muir, Sierra Club, G

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Muckrakers Progressive Era Reform PowerPoint (U.S. History)
United States History - Reform - Progressive Era Reform / The Muckrakers PowerPoint Presentation. This presentation includes Jacob Riis Photo Journalist, Thomas Nast Political Cartoons, Ida B. Wells, Upton Sinclair , and More... A great supplemental resource to include with a Reform Unit in United S

Also included in: Progressive Era Unit Bundle (U.S. History)


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Progressive Era Reforms Vocabulary & Scavenger Hunt
The Progressive Era reforms vocabulary and scavenger hunt is a great way to introduce the Progressive Era, or engage students in a fun and competitive review at the end of the unit. The vocabulary activity challenges students to identify a working definition for each vocabulary term, use the term in

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US Economy: Industrial Revolution Stations & Progressive Era Reforms
Hello there!Are you looking for an engaging, student centered approach to teaching the Second Industrial Revolution to your US History students? Are you looking for interesting primary sources for students to analyze and understand? You've come to the right place!This resource has everything you nee

Also included in: US Economy Thematic Bundle for US History


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