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The Era of Reform and Sectionalism - 11 separate lessons including a Slave Life Stations Activity, comprehensive coverage of the compromises before the Civil War, a Mini-Play about the Women's Rights Movement and much more.☆☆☆Engaging, student centered, and make for the middle school mind!☆☆☆Click o
Challenge your students to wonder what was really meant by the famous words, “In Order to Form a More Perfect Union,” by exploring the arguments of antebellum abolitionists, women’s rights activists, and others in this engaging primary source collection that asks, “Why not us, too?” This 6-pack also
Reform Movements of the Progressive Era No Prep Lesson: PowerPoint, Reading Passage, Activities, QuizThis resource pack is a no prep complete lesson (GOOGLE version included!) about the reform movements that took place in the U.S. during the Progressive Era that includes 3-5 days of materials. Audio
Placards for a walkabout / gallery walk on the social reform movements of the Jacksonian Era. Each placard focuses on a reform leader and their movement. A matrix for gathering and summarizing information is included. Elizabeth Cady Stanton -- Feminist Movement William Lloyd Garrison -- Abolitionis
7th - 12th
Do you want to give your students a fun way to review the Era of Reform? Use these Reform Era Question Cards on Boom Learning℠. There are 25 question cards that are a combination of recall, primary source quotes, and images. Students will answer multiple choice questions, fill in the blank, and drag
This powerpoint and guided notes focuses on the Era of Reform in the U.S. between roughly 1800-1850. The topics include the Second Great Awakening, transcendentalism, model communities, and prison and education reform. Important contributors to these movements mentioned include Dorthea Dix, Horace M
This is a 28 slide, highly animated, power point presentations on the Era of Social Reform. Each of the presentation slides are editable so you can change it to fit your individual needs.In the second quarter of the 19th century Americans built a number of institutions and social movements dedicated
7th - 12th, Adult Education, Staff
This is a graphic organizer and writing assignment that looks at the Presidents of the Progressive Era and their major social, economic, and political reforms. Students use their textbook to complete this handout, detailing the basics for each President’s political biography and to list AT LEAST TWO
This is an attractive and professional-looking PowerPoint presentation for lecture and/or reference. It also makes nice handouts for students to study from. It is packed with carefully researched information about 7 major progressive issues during the Age of Reform in the U.S. Concise and easy-to
Assessing Critical Thinking in Social Studies!This purchase includes two different versions of an assessment for the 3 lessons in my Era of Reform unit and a review worksheet for the entire unit.  Those lessons are:The Seneca Falls Convention and Women's RightsIrish Immigration and Bias in CartoonsR
This is a 6-part unit of 18th century reform movements and their leaders. It is based on chapter 18 in TCI's "History Alive! The United States Through Industrialism", but can be used independently. Topics included in this unit are: -The Second Great Awakening (including Transcendentalism): Ralph
This Era of Reform product contains two PowerPoints as well as a reform worksheet and a Thematic Essay Prompt discussing the major movement to abolish slavery. Students will learn about how the idea of reform spread through the United States in the 19th Century --PowerPoint on Reform --PowerPoint o
This 12 slide power point covers the major government reforms of the Progressive Era: initiative, referendum, recall, the 17th and 18th amendments, Women's Suffrage movement, and the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. Video clips are embedded to expand on the women's suffrage movement and the trian
The Wizard of Oz: Symbolism in The Reform Era Worksheet & Answer Key The Wizard of Oz: Symbolism in The Reform Era Worksheet & Answer Key is a worksheet activity that lets students compare The Reform Era to The Wizard of Oz. This is a great use of about two hours of class time for middle
The study guides, known in teacher-talk as graphic organizers, are designed to cover the material essential to a real understanding of U.S. history and focus on forcing the student to analyze the content and help them memorize and retrieve the enormous of amount of information required of them. Thes
9th - 12th, Higher Education
Many of us who teach struggling readers sometimes find it difficult to use the textbooks provided. This is primarily because our students read two or three grades below grade level. For these students, using a textbook is a daunting task. So, to help, I created a digital text that is written clos
This resources include primary and secondary sources, student response, interactive features. This can be used for Regular, Honors or AP United States History (APUSH)
Lesson 11 - The Age of Jackson and the Reform Era This lesson was written as a two week lesson for junior high and ESL students. The lesson covers Andrew Jackson and his new style of politics; challenges to Jackson as the President; Reform movements against slavery and immigration; movements for Wo
7th - 10th
All materials needed to remediate or review the social, economic, and political reforms of the Progressive Era with an emphasis on Women's Suffrage.
This is a 40 minute lesson, #4 of 7 in the Progressive Era unit (Unit 8) in US History and Government 11. (Lessons 5-7 have students working on an immigrant letter). It is fully comprehensive (no books needed) and contains: a presentation, reading material with correlating graphic organizers (classw
HS EA11 - The Age of Jackson and the Reform Era This lesson was written as a one week lesson for high school students. The lesson covers Andrew Jackson as a new style of President; the new Democratic Party; political machines and the "spoils system"; the Nullification Crisis; the banking crisis and
9th - 12th
History Alive 8th Grade Chapter 18: Era of Reform Study Guide Students can use this to take notes while working in Chapter 18.
Age of Reform Unit | Temperance, Education, Abolition, Women's Rights, Bloomers!The Age of Reform Unit is bundled with the much larger American History Super Unit Version 3/4, located here:The American History Super Unit: Version 3/4!Buy Super Unit Version 3 and receive an additional 10% off!-------
Do you need to update your activities, but don't have the time? Are you looking for "state of the art", innovative, and engaging activities to help your students comprehend the Gilded Age and Progressive Era in America? Do you want to convert your class into a "21st century" learning environment? Th

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