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Snowmen adapted books are a great way to engage beginning readers. This interactive book targets action words demonstrated in a silly manner by Snowman. The actions included in the book are:eating, drinking, skiing, skating, snowboarding, fishing, shoveling, swimming, sledding.Each page has the same
There are so many activities you can do with these cards and warm ups! Practice action verbs and verb tenses (present tense, present progressive and past tense) with 60 flash cards or 60 pictures cards with 60 matching words. Use warm up/task cards as speaking or writing activities for extra practic
This verb product has 106 cards teachers can use for literacy centers, intervention, or their ELL small groups. The verbs are in the present progressive tense (base word + -ing). I created this so that my students would become comfortable with using verbs with -ing instead of just the present tense.
By using Verbs Photo Cards you are making the targeted Vocabulary more concrete and understandable for Speech Therapy, Autism, Special Education and ESL students. Verbs Flashcards used to develope your students Receptive and Expressive Languages skill. The real pictures of verbs used in these photo
This is the digital version of my Learn then Write Action Words set. This product is part of a set of ESL activities to help expand vocabulary and promote language skills both orally and in writing. It is perfect for all stages of language development includingESL Newcomersor Beginner ELLs.In this s
Oral language practice with action verbs!These task cards were designed to get English learners speaking and practicing their new language using the vocabulary for action words. Two types of cards are included for differentiation for a total of 72 cards (36 unique images). These are great for prac
Beginner Action Verbs, Movements and Verbs Flashcards! Great for your young learners, these are fun for getting everyone up and moving!Freshly updated with over DOUBLE the verbs! A few updates on the cards in simpler, clearer pictures, cleaner and smaller branding and most notably, new sizes availab
Add some fun to your vocabulary and grammar lessons with your ESL students by using these real life flashcards. Help ESL students understand new vocabulary by matching the word with the photo. These flashcards were made to be used by mature/adult ESL students but younger students in elementary schoo
This product is part of a set of ESL activities to help expand vocabulary and promote language skills both orally and in writing. Perfect for all stages of language development including ESL newcomers or Beginner ELLs.In this set, teach your students action word vocabulary through the use of visual
This ESL pack is great to introduce action verbs to your students. Your ESL students will love to learn action verbs with engaging pictures and a variety of activities to practice. This unit pack includes:FlashcardsTask CardsWorksheets for practice:- Fill in the blanks - Fill them and match them- Pi
If you want to boost your students vocabulary and practice speaking at the same time, this set of 26 flashcards and 5 dice is exactly what you're looking for.Your Daily Routines Flashcards and Dice Set in detail:Here is a nice set of 26 daily routines flashcards and 5 dice. You will find different v
FAMILY : This People In A Family set of cards is designed to teach children the names of the different members of a family. Families are made up of many different people who have different titles. This is a useful teaching resource when students are learning to name family members (mother, father, s
This action-packed resource includes:18 action verb photo cards with labels (like: texts, pays, eats, jumps, swims...) 18 action verb photo cards without labels (same verbs as above)18 action word cards in an easy to read font Sentence frame to build sentences via oral rehersalSuggestions for use
This pack contains 13 sets of flashcards on the following topics:- actions- animals (wild & farm animals / pets)- parts of the body- clothes- colours- feelings- food and drinks- jobs- nationalities- place prepositions- school objects- toys- transportation
Build your English language learners' vocabulary with these activities for 24 different action words. Get printable flash cards, posters, games, and more!You will also receive three no-print activities that you can use in Google Slides or on a tablet.Real photos make the resource perfect for learner
This pack is full of activities to introduce and review common activities and verbs ESL/EFL/ELL students need to learn with engaging pictures and a variety of activities to practice. This unit pack includes: Flashcards Emergent Reader Sentence Frame Task Cards Build a Sentence Worksheets for practi
These sentence frames illustrate the vocabulary frames ELD strategy developed by the Arizona Department of Education and used by ELL learners everywhere. Students identify the names of objects and are then given sentence frames to support them in verbally expressing the objects appearance and/or f
6 Flash Cards• Video Preview• hop• jump• run• swim• tip toe• walk• Related products• Sports Song 1• Actions Song 1• Actions Song 2Useful links• The Magic Crayons website - song videos, free games, lesson plans and crafts, blog• Follow me in TpT• PinterestThank you - Tim Sensei
This Back to School ACTION VERB (-ing) photo and word card set includes: 12 action verb school photo cards (no clipart) with labels all 12 are action verbs ending in -ing (reading, studying, teaching, learning...) 12 action verb school photo cards without labels 12 word labels to use for matching
This is a PowerPoint game for easy verbs of action. The PowerPoint show flashes through action verb flash-card pictures until the student (or teacher) presses "S" on the keyboard to stop the show on an action verb picture. Students then have to say what the verb is. A click-box next to the picture r
Bundle of Beginner English Verbs for teaching ESL, ELL and Young Learners! Enjoy a discount off of my current Verb packs!Beginner Action Verbs, Movements and Verbs Flashcards! Great for your young learners, these are fun for getting everyone up and moving!Beginner English Chores and Daily Routine Ve
A fun & ready-to-go resource that can be used in distance learning or for a traditional classroom, now with added audio support! Practice basic English action words and gerunds with these self-correcting task cards, great for young learners and those new to English. You get:-a PDF with clicka
A great unit starter for EL newcomers or an easy way to get your EL kids reading! These activities center around action words and use great visuals and repeated opportunities to interact with new vocabulary. Included activities: -Emergent reader -Sentence scramble cards with pronouns and many ac
Song written by myself and three other Teacher Musicians while working as ESL, EFL, and International School Preschool, Kindergarten and Elementary English Teachers in Japan. All songs have been tried, tested and refined in classrooms. We feel confident they will be fun for you and your students !Do

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