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This Roll, Read and Write Comparatives and Superlatives pack is designed to help students become confident adding -er and -ing endings. This file includes:★ A poster explaining the –er ending. ★ A poster explaining the –est ending. ★ A poster with the rule for doubling the final consonant (CVC and
This Roll, Read and Write Games and Worksheets Bundle is designed to help students become confident adding -ing, -ed, -er and -ing endings. This bundle includes:★ Words with a short vowel and one consonant after the vowel (CVC).★ Words with a short vowel and two or more consonants after the vowel (s
There are 4 different activities to work on adding er and est for adjectives that compare. Activity 1: 4 worksheets - There are 2 worksheets (one has y needing to be changed to i and one does not) with 2 different ways to do the worksheet. The first way, all of the base words are given and studen
This colorful and animated PowerPoint will help your kids learn the rules for adding er and est to compare two more things. First review how it is used and then engage them in practice. Includes a link to a free printable and an online game for more practice.
This packet included hands on activities to help students master the use of comparative endings! These activities are great for small groups, stations, centers and more! Included in this packet: Compare and Match: Students match the words with comparative endings to the pictures. There are five
*PLEASE READ - This is an easier version of the other comparative ending task cards that I have listed in my store. I edited these for my 1st grade class. The sentences are basically the same, but some names have been changed for easier reading. I also took out any words that end in y where it would
This set of 24 boom cards cover words ending in er or est. This set of Task Cards provide a fun and interactive way to practice working with words. Students will read the sentence and then choose one of the 3 words at the bottom of the card that makes sense.These Digital task cards are the perfect s
Here are some quick activities to do with your kids when you are working with inflectional endings! Here is what you will find... -Fluency Race (read the words as quickly as possible) -s -es -er -est -ing -ed says d -ed says t -ed says ed Ending Sort Cut and Paste -s -es -er -est -ing -ed says t
This adding er or est activity is designed for the interactive digital classroom using Google Drive (TM). Your students will drag and drop a highlighter to show the correct adjective to fill in the blank. These work great for distance learning or online learning. This activity set includes: * 30
There are 24 task cards where the students need to decide if they should be using the word with the ending -er or -est. There are also cards that ask what word mean more happy and students need to pick the correct choice. Can be used as a SCOOT where you place the cards around the room and student
Adjectives That Compare - ER and EST Endings- Common Core. This is a great activity to help your students recognize when to use an ER or EST ending. This is a great resource for classwork, learning centers, homework or extra support.
This BOOM Learning Digital Task Card set has 30 cards to practice word endings -er and -est. Students can play this game from a computer or iPad/tablet. The game is ready to play! Nothing to print out! Nothing to cut out! The perfect way to have fun and continue distance learning.See the PREVIEW HER
1st - 2nd
This item includes 24 word cards that can use the endings-er and -est. These cards can be used on as a scavenger hunt, whole/small group lessons on comparative endings, or a center activity. There are also two different worksheets included with this item.
1st - 3rd
This resource includes 8 slides that review comparative (er) and superlative endings (est). It contains some examples tall, taller, tallest - fast, faster, fastest - nice, nicer, nicest (drop the e and add ending) - big, bigger, biggest (double consonant) -tiny, tinier, tiniest (change the y to
1st - 2nd
This is a fun little game for students to play in partners. It's aligned with Unit 1, Week 3 phonics lesson in the 2011 Reading Street (3rd grade) Edition, but you don't have to have Reading Street to use it! Students make their way around a baseball field to score as many runs as possible by makin
Enjoy the 9 center activities to use with the comparative endings -er and -est! Activities can be used in guided reading groups or for independent center work. Activities include: 1) Highlight a Word 2) Cut and Sort 3) Write in Color 4) Unscramble the Word 5) What's Missing? 6) Study Cards 7) Sla
This unit will help your students learn about the comparative endings of -er and -est. I have included a teaching poster, word cards, sorting cards for -er, -est, and base word. It also includes a recording sheet.I have also included 12 task cards with sentences for students to read and decide the c
1st - 3rd
Help students master adding -er and -est endings with this bundle of two Boom Digital Learning Decks.The following word structures are included: ★ Words with a short vowel and one consonant after the vowel (CVC). ★ Words with a short vowel and two consonants after the vowel (CVCC). ★ Words wi
This little pack will help teach your kiddos about comparative endings -er and -est. It includes a poster, center, game, and a few practice pages!Enjoy!You might also like:Miss Lovely and Mr. Wonderful (-ly and -ful)Oat the Goat (oa and ow)Aww It's Paws & Auto (au and aw)
This is a packet of 10 worksheets/activities to help students practice spelling and recognizing er and est words. The packet includes the following activities: a spin and spell, write the word in all 3 forms, picture/word writing, circling the correct spelling of the word, using er or est in a sent
1st - 3rd
This resource includes 6 pages of word work printables and activities for your students to practice working with the comparative endings -er and -est. Please be sure to rate this product! Thank you for your purchase!
1st - 4th
Your students will have a great time helping Freddy Fox read the words to find his way through the forest to find his brothers and sisters. Students roll the dice and read the word to his or her partner. He or she then writes the word in a sentence to earn a point. Whoever earns the most points by t
1st - 3rd
This is fun "scoot" activity to get your students up and moving while they work to add inflected endings to the words they find! Students locate cards posted around the classroom and, building their foundational skills, fill in their sheet by writing the word made when the endings are added! Some
Comparative & Superlative Inflectional EndingsSUFFIXESWord Endings ER EST ED ING Past Present Future Reading Fluency 150 word cards One suggestion play go fish I have cold do you have colder I have hardest do you have hard Card games are always a win. Students build fluency while practicing i

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